Unlocking GIF Power: Prime Spots for Business Marketing

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Rishabh Pugalia

May 16, 2024


GIF Marketing is a thing in the modern ‚Äúattention economy‚ÄĚ! According to¬†Marketing Sherpa, Dell‚Äôs experiment with GIFs in emails showed:

  • 6% more people opened the email.
  • 42% rise in clicks.
  • 103% increase in conversion rate
  • 109% hike in revenue

GIFs (an animated image format) use images that run frame-by-frame in a loop. Unlike a video, a user does not have to click on it to start playing it. This is why marketing GIFs are useful for promotions on social media platforms, within email campaigns, and on websites.

Have you considered ‚Äď

  • How business GIF can improve your CTR in email and ad campaigns?
  • How can GIFs impact Customer Success for your software product?
  • How can GIFs feed more qualified leads into the top of your marketing funnel?

These are questions we’ll dive into as we explore the potential of commercial GIF in the domain of digital marketing.

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    Benefits of GIFs in Marketing

    GIFs can grab attention faster than static images, helping your message to stand out. Here are the benefits of GIF marketing, examined through various lenses:

    1. Google Engagement Metrics

    • Click-Through Rate (CTR):¬†Advertising GIFs in emails and ads can enhance CTR by providing more appealing visual elements.
    • Stay Time:¬†GIFs can make visitors stay longer on your page, increasing dwell time ‚Äď a factor that impacts SEO. Check out Google‚Äôs latest update on Engagement Metrics (GA4).
    • Page Load Time:¬†Well-optimized GIFs can load quicker than video, improving page speed ‚Äď a factor Google considers for ranking.
      For example, one of the Core Web Vitals metrics is LCP (Largest Contentful Paint). It measures how long it takes for the main content of a page to load.
    • User Engagement:¬†A higher engagement rate can indirectly improve your SEO.

    2. Marketing Funnel

    • Awareness:¬†Marketing GIFs in social ads can increase brand recall, feeding more qualified leads into the top of the funnel.
    • Conversion:¬†At the middle of the funnel, a business GIF on a landing page can guide users towards conversion goals like sign-ups.
    • Retention:¬†In post-purchase or customer service stages, instructional GIFs can improve user experience and increase retention rates.¬†
      Example ‚Äď Have a look at this blog about ‚ÄúEnable Teachers to Create Rewards‚ÄĚ by LiveSchool

    3. SEO

    • Shareability:¬†GIFs are highly shareable. They can drive more traffic to your site. Increased traffic can lead to better SEO results.
    • Reduced Bounce Rate:¬†Engaging content, like GIFs, can reduce the bounce rate. A lower bounce rate can be a positive ranking factor for search engines.
    • Alternative Text:¬†You can add alternative text (alt text) to GIFs. This provides an opportunity to include relevant keywords, which can be indexed by search engines.
    • Link Building:¬†If you create unique and interesting GIFs, other websites might use them and give credit to your site with a backlink and significantly improving your SEO.
      GIF marketing can offer various psychological, SEO, engagement, and funnel-related benefits.

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    Where to use GIFs for Business Marketing?

    Using GIF for business marketing can be highly effective, whether you’re working with D2C, B2C, or B2B brands. Here’s how you can use GIF marketing:

    1. Ads

    Social Media Ads: Use trending GIF to make your ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter more effective. They can help explain a product or service feature in a quick, digestible format.

    Google Display Ads: Animated GIFs are allowed and can catch the eye more effectively than a static image.

    Hulu animated text to spotlight options gif example

    2. Landing Pages

    Product Demos: Use GIFs to demonstrate how your product or service works. This can be particularly useful for software products where you can show the user interface in action.

    Example ‚Äď The¬†DocuSign¬†landing page exhibits a similar GIF example.

    Testimonials: Incorporate GIFs into your customer testimonials to add some dynamism to what might otherwise be a static page.

    3. Email Campaigns

    Newsletter: A GIF can break up the text and make the email more visually appealing.


    Product Announcements: Use GIFs ads to introduce new products or features. This can also be used in pre-launch or GTM campaigns.


    Connect with our team at Content Beta to learn more about how we assisted 13+ SaaS clients with their GTM campaigns.

    Sales and Promotions:¬†A very popular GIF like countdown timer, discount, or a flashing ‚ÄúSale‚ÄĚ sign can catch attention.

    GIFs have transformed our email marketing approach, adding a dynamic touch to our campaigns. But have you considered the potential of video content? explore into our article on How to use video to grow your email list and discover another dimension of visual email marketing.

    4. Content Marketing

    Blog Posts: GIFs can make your blog posts more appealing, help explain complex topics, or offer quick how-to guides.

    Example ‚Äď Have a look at Content Beta‚Äôs blog on¬†video to gif converters.

    How-to Tutorials: Create step-by-step GIF guides for more complicated processes. This GIF for business is often used to create post-sale content, especially for enabling the in-house customer success and customer education teams.

    Example ‚Äď This educate GIF by Asana teaches the basics of Cloud App + Asana integration


    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    5. Connect

    Story Features: Platforms like Instagram allow for the use of GIFs ads in Stories, great for quick product demos or announcements.

    GIF marketing has transformed our Instagram story, making it more dynamic. But what about the technical side of things? Explore our guide on Instagram story dimension and merge it with your GIF knowledge for truly standout story content.

    Teasers: Use Advertising GIFs to give a sneak peek of an upcoming product, service, or feature.

    Polls and Quizzes: Social platforms such as Instagram have in-built stickers (read: animated GIFs). Those are used to make your interactive posts even more effective.

    GIFs are a trusty tool in captivating social media audiences. But the industry of B2B SaaS demands a broader approach. Dive into our article on how to improve your marketing via social media and discover how to seamlessly integrate GIF marketing into your social media strategy.

    6. Customer Service

    FAQs: Use GIFs to show how to solve common issues.

    Example ‚Äď This educate GIF was posted on the Hubspot community to solve a common query

    Onboarding: Welcome series with customers GIF can guide new users through your platform.

    GIF marketing has set a new standard for visual customer service, but there’s another layer of depth that videos can provide. Our guide on The Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating Customer Service Videos will ensure your video content is as effective and enjoyable as your GIFs.

    7. E-commerce

    Product Comparison:¬†Use GIFs to switch between ‚Äėbefore‚Äô and ‚Äėafter‚Äô images.
    Example ‚Äď you will quite a few such examples on our article about¬†ecommerce product videos.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    Wanting GIFs for GIF marketing purposes? Here are some ways to create them:

    1. Screen Recording

    Capture a part of your software or website in action. Convert this recording into a GIF to demonstrate features or guide users.

    Tools ‚Äď

    1. Snagit
    2. ScreenFlow

    2. Repurposing Video Clips

    Trim short, impactful sections from existing videos. Convert these into commercial GIF for social media teasers or email campaigns.

    Tools ‚Äď

    1. Giphy
    2. FFmpeg
    3. ClipConverter

    3. Animation Software

    Use tools to first create custom, high-quality animations. Then, convert them into GIF format.

    Tools ‚Äď

    1. Adobe After Effects
    2. Animate CC

    4. Slide Decks

    Convert PowerPoint or Google Slides into GIFs. This approach works well for presenting data or step-by-step guides in a more appealing format.

    Tools ‚Äď

    1. PowerPoint to GIF converter or Google Slides with third-party GIF makers.
    2. You can also use AI-enabled tools such as ________________

    5. Text Overlays

    Add short, compelling text to static images and animate them into a GIF. Useful for adding context or calls to action to visual content. This is relevant for SaaS and Software Tech companies where they often use screenshots of their product user-interface.

    Have a look at the GIF Content Beta created for Nectar HR’s website


    Tools ‚Äď

    1. Canva
    2. EZGIF

    6. User-Generated Content

    Collect and edit videos or images from satisfied customers. Transform these into customer GIF to use in testimonials or social proof sections.

    Tools ‚Äď

    1. Content Beta Services,
    3. Yotpo

    7. Stop-Motion Photography

    Take a series of photos and string them together into a GIF. Useful for showing the making of a product or a quick how-to guide.

    Tools ‚Äď

    1. Stop Motion Studio
    2. Dragonframe

    GIF marketing is only as good as the GIFs you produce. While we have discussed popular ways to create a GIF, it is essential to have the right tools to craft them. Check out our handpicked list of GIF Maker Apps that will set your content apart.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Where to find Pre-made GIFs for your Business

    GIF marketing requires a lot of time and effort. Finding pre-made GIFs for your business can be a time-saving strategy, especially if you need something quick and effective.

    But always be sure to respect licensing and copyright laws when using pre-made GIFs, especially for commercial purposes. Here are some sources:

    1. Giphy

    Huge library of GIFs that can be used for various purposes, from humor to reactions.

    Cost: Free

    Restrictions: Check for licensing if applicable

    2. Envato Elements

    Offers high-quality, business-oriented GIFs that you can pay to license.

    Cost: Subscription-based pricing

    Restrictions: Licensing required

    2. Envato Elements

    Huge library of GIFs that can be used for various purposes, from humor to reactions.

    Cost: Free

    Restrictions: Check for licensing if applicable

    3. Tumblr

    A blogging platform, suitable for finding niche or unique GIFs.

    Cost: Free

    Restrictions: Ensure you have permission from the original creator if not under a free-to-use license.

    4. Imgur

    Popular image hosting site with a vast community-driven collection of GIFs.

    Cost: Free

    Restrictions: User-generated content; ensure you have the right permissions before use.

    5. Tenor

    Similar to Giphy, they integrate with many messaging apps, offering a wide variety of GIFs.

    Cost: Free

    Restrictions: Check for licensing

    6. Shutterstock

    Here you can find high-quality, professional GIFs, suitable for professional marketing.

    Cost: Paid

    Restrictions: Licensing required

    7. Meme Generator Websites

    Sites like Make a Meme or Meme Generator have GIF options, often with humorous or trending content.

    Cost: Free

    Restrictions: Likely not for professional use, check licensing

    8. Reddit/Discord Communities

    Online communities sometimes create and share free-to-use GIFs. Great for sourcing niche or trending GIF.

    Cost: Free

    Restrictions: Always ask for permission from the original creator and check for any licensing restrictions.

    9. Creative Market

    You can find unique, creator-made GIFs that you can purchase.

    Cost: Pay-per-GIF, prices set by individual creators.

    Restrictions: Licensing required, always check the terms before purchasing.

    10. Custom Agencies

    If you have a specific need, you can hire an agency to create custom GIFs for you.

    Cost: Varies based on the requirements of the project

    Restrictions: Depending on the agreement

    Why Content Beta?

    Content Beta is your go-to partner for all things creative, including the domain of GIF marketing. From video production, which can be turned into engaging GIFs for social media and email campaigns, to design tasks for informative GIF infographics, we do it all.

    Our Creative as a Service (CaaS) plan ensures you have a dedicated video and design team at a monthly rate. By choosing Content Beta, you benefit from:

    • Rapid turnaround and delivery times
    • Transparent Pricing structures
    • We can accommodate everything from last-minute GIF requests to extensive campaigns.
    • Our dashboard keeps you informed about the progress of your GIF projects.
    • Any unused hours can be dedicated to future GIF creations or other projects.

    Having collaborated with over 150 B2B brands, we have gained the expertise for video (product explainers, testimonial videos, product demo, etc), design (whitepapers, datasheets, infographics, etc), and even Podcast editing needs. Content Beta is simplifying the process for businesses.

    Ready to elevate your GIF marketing strategy? Schedule a call now for an in-depth discussion.


    GIFs have changed the way we communicate in the digital age. By integrating GIFs into your business marketing strategy, you can ‚Äď

    • catch your audience‚Äôs attention,
    • explain complex ideas in a digestible manner,
    • add a touch of personality to your brand.

    Perfect platforms for GIF marketing include social media platforms, email campaigns, and even your own website. These dynamic visuals can make your content stand out in a crowded digital space, leading to increased engagement and brand recall.

    So, the next time you’re brainstorming marketing strategies, remember to give GIF marketing a try. They might just be the answer to your business needs!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    GIF marketing is the use of GIFs in promotional and branding materials to engage audiences, convey messages quickly, and enhance digital content.


    It’s popular on social media, emails, and websites due to its ability to capture attention and convey information in a dynamic way.

    Using GIFs in your marketing strategy can:

    • Capture attention quickly.
    • Convey complex ideas in seconds.
    • Add a touch of humor or emotion.
    • Boost engagement and interaction rates.
    • Differentiate your content in crowded digital spaces.

    GIFs differ from videos in marketing in the following ways:

    • Length:¬†GIFs are shorter, typically lasting a few seconds.
    • File Size:¬†GIFs usually have smaller file sizes, making them quicker to load.
    • No Sound:¬†GIFs are silent, while videos can have audio.
    • Auto-loop:¬†GIFs automatically loop, continuously replaying their content.
    • Ease of Sharing:¬†GIFs are easily embedded and shared across various platforms without the need for a video player.

    Yes, GIFs are mobile-friendly. They are widely supported across various mobile platforms and apps, making them effective for marketing campaigns targeting mobile users.

    Platforms that support GIF marketing include:

    • Social media sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
    • Email platforms.
    • Websites and blogs.
    • Messaging apps (e.g., WhatsApp, Telegram).

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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