Get Creative: 15 Best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

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May 27, 2024


GIF, or “Graphic Interchange Format”, are short, looping animations. They have become popular on social media and messaging platforms.

GIFs have become a significant part of modern communication. They offer a unique and engaging way to express emotions, share humor, and convey messages.

In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best GIF maker apps available for both iPhone and Android devices. These GIF maker apps cater to a wide range of interests and purposes. They provide you with the tools to express yourself creatively.

For both seasoned GIF enthusiasts and beginners, these apps offer several features and tools to create captivating GIFs.

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    What Is A Gif Creator App?

    A GIF creator app is an application that allows users to create and customize animated GIFs. These apps typically provide a variety of features and tools to help users create, edit, and share GIFs easily.

    GIFs have gained immense popularity due to their ability to convey emotions, showcase short loops of video content, and add humor to conversations on social media platforms, messaging apps, and websites. As a result, the need for GIF creator apps has grown significantly.

    GIF creator apps come in various forms. This includes mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as web-based tools accessible through internet browsers.

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    15 Best Gif Maker Apps for Your Device

    We have curated a list of the 15 best GIF maker apps available for iPhone and Android devices.

    1. GIF Maker by Giphy

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    GIF Maker by GIPHY allows users to create captivating GIFs from videos, photos, or their device’s camera. GIF Maker also provides an easy-to-use interface with editing tools, stickers, and filters.

    Users can share their GIFs on social platforms or save to their gallery. It is an outlet to unleash your creativity with GIFs.

    2. Ezgif

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    Ezgif is a no-cost, web-based tool for generating and customizing GIFs. It provides numerous functions like converting videos or images into animated GIFs and effortless editing through resizing, cropping, and more.

    Additionally, it enables the splitting and merging of GIFs, making it versatile for diverse editing requirements.

    3. GIF Toaster

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    GIF Toaster is a flexible GIF creator that permits users to transform different types of media, such as videos, photos, bursts, timelapses, and panoramas, into GIFs.

    Apart from standard editing options, it also provides a distinctive photo collage feature. These features distinguish it from other apps in the market.


    Available on: Both iPhone and Android (web-based platform)

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases) is an online platform that enables you to convert videos into GIFs effortlessly. It offers editing tools such as cropping, resizing, adding text, and applying filters.

    You can enhance your GIFs with captions, stickers, and effects. Once created, you can easily share your GIFs on social media or through direct links.

    5. GIF Studio

    Available on: Android only

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    GIF Studio is a free gif maker that offers more than essential features like timing control, filters, and cropping, it provides unique capabilities. Users can merge multiple GIFs into a single animation, reduce file sizes while maintaining quality, and create collages for added creativity.

    The app features an intuitive interface that simplifies editing and hides technical complexities.

    6. GIF Pro

    Available on: Android only

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    GIFPro is an intuitive GIF animator, making it simple to create captivating animated GIFs. The tool offers a wide range of features, all available for free and without any watermarks.

    If you intend to share your GIFs on Facebook, GIFPro is the perfect solution.

    7. Gif Me! - Camera

    Available on: Android only

    Price: Free (Contains in-app purchases)

    Gif Me! is a top-rated app for creating and sharing short animated GIFs from videos. Users can capture a brief moment using your device’s camera and effortlessly share it on social networks.

    Users can also enhance your GIFs with image filters for added creativity.

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    8. Video to GIF

    Available on: Apple only

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    Video to GIF app is a user-friendly GIF editor app that stands out for its ability to convert YouTube videos into GIFs directly. Although you can buy extra features, the app’s main functions work well without adding watermarks.

    It’s a great choice for users who want a convenient way to use YouTube videos for creating GIFs. However, the app has limitations with text overlays, including limited color and layout options.

    9. Pixel Animator: GIF Maker

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    Pixel Animator allows you to create pixel art from scratch or by using existing photos or cartoons. It simplifies the process by automatically adjusting the next GIF frame based on the previous picture, saving you time.

    You can easily export your animations as GIF files, compatible with all versions of browsers on both PC and mobile platforms.

    10. Gifstory

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    This app is a straightforward tool where you can import your pictures and create your desired story.

    You have control over the display time of each picture, and the app supports manual, automatic, and loop playback. It works offline without requiring an internet connection and is ad-free.

    11. Tumblr

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    Tumblr is a highly popular microblogging platform known for its emphasis on visual content. Tumblr offers a built-in GIF maker feature that is efficient and user-friendly.

    It provides the ability to create GIFs, add stickers, overlay text, and perform other basic editing tasks.

    12. Screen to GIF

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android (web-based platform)

    Price: Free

    ScreenToGif is a free tool that combines screen capture, webcam recording, and sketchboard recording capabilities with an integrated editor.

    It serves as both a screen recorder and an editor, enabling you to edit and save your recordings as GIFs or videos.

    13. ImgPlay - Gif Maker

    Available on: Both on iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    ImgPlay provides a simple way to create GIFs from your photos and videos. Designed for effortless use, it brings your moments to life.

    With powerful features like Video to GIF, Photos to GIF, and a GIF editor, ImgPlay offers a versatile toolset for creating stunning GIFs.

    14. GifBrewery

    Available on: Apple only

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    GifBrewery is a powerful macOS app for creating and editing GIFs. It provides various features for effortless GIF customization.

    The app also provides several export options for saving and sharing GIFs effortlessly.

    15. Coubs - GIF with sound

    Available on: Both iPhone and Android

    Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

    Coubs are 10-second video mashups that combine popular culture and modern art. They are high-definition and seamless. If you enjoy loops but are tired of low-resolution GIFs, Coub is the ideal choice.

    Coubs can be created in various formats, including horizontal, vertical, and widescreen, giving you the flexibility to choose the format you prefer.

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    To sum up, there is an abundance of GIF maker apps available for both iPhone and Android devices. This wide range of options allows you to unleash your creativity and elevate your GIF-making skills to the next level.

    Whether you’re looking for user-friendly interfaces, advanced editing features, or seamless integration with social media platforms, these 15 best GIF maker apps offer a variety of choices to cater to your needs.

    These best GIF apps offer limitless possibilities for people who enjoy social media, create content, or run businesses. With them, you can easily create and share captivating GIFs that connect with your audience.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Decide on content (video or images)
    • Choose a GIF maker apps or create GIF online
    • Upload your content
    • Set the duration
    • Customize with effects (optional)
    • Create and save the GIF
    • Share on social media or messaging apps

    You can find GIFs on various platforms and websites. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr also have extensive GIF libraries. Additionally, many websites offer collections of GIFs for different themes or topics.

    GIF is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format

    GIF itself is not licensed or open source.


    However, it’s important to note that the Lempel–Ziv–Welch (LZW) compression algorithm used in GIF was patented, which led to some licensing concerns in the past. The patent has since expired, making the GIF format widely accessible and usable without licensing restrictions.

    Yes, GIF is a compressed file format. It uses lossless compression, which means it retains the original image quality without significant degradation while reducing file size.

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