How Galley Created Studio Quality Remote Video Testimonials with Content Beta?




Remote video testimonials to build trust for a productivity platform for the food industry


Building Trust

Galley had enough text case studies, written testimonials and customers (in form of logos on website) to showcase credibility but still there was space to humanise and build trust.

An on-site testimonial not just costs 30 times more but also creates a lot more friction for the customer. Imagine asking your pating customer to block a full day to explain how seamless you are.



To create a studio quality remote video testimonial for Galley which improves visibilty, brand authenticity and most importantly conversion.


First we identified the happy customer who would like to share their experience. In this case it turned out to be Cate Smith, Corporate Chef from Meriwether Godsey.

Next we selected and rewrote a set of questions from our master list to ask in the interview.

While we sent Cate the recording kit :tripod, lights and mic, we also scheduled a 30-mnute interview according to Cate’s convenience.

Our producer recorder the interview with Cate on our platform and the team transformed the raw recording into a high quality video output by using transitions, B-rolls, licensed background music, etc.


At the end we produced an elegant and effective testimonial video that received a lot of praise from Galley for it’s contribution to increasing conversion.

Galley builds the leading software solutions platform for progressive food organizations, ghost restaurants, and disruptive food programs with features like recipe costing, menu planning, inventory control, purchasing and much more.

In short, Galley helps food businesses see the food data behind their operations to empower them to make more profitable decisions.


Food productivity software


Galley now has a wide variety of videos to tackle every objection and better convert leads.

A remote video testimonial puts a face to case studies and success stories. It not only humanises the solution but also helps convert prospects faster.

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The best marketing is proof and there’s no better proof than the real words and voices of your customers.

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