Customer Training Maturity Report 2021

For G2 Crowd’s Best Software Companies

🏁 How do I start a Customer Training Program?

🚀 How do I scale my program?

The problem is we don’t know how much is enough.


We put down dozens of such programs from Top Software Companies by G2 Crowd and sliced it down to Technical readiness and Production readiness and mapped down these companies to see common patterns.

Developed by

Brian Childs

Founder and CEO

Rishabh Bhandari

Founder and CEO

Key Highlights


Learn what the best SaaS is doing. See what are they doing with Technology stack, Team structure, Process, and Prioritization


Evaluate where you are in your customer education journey. Whether you’re Tech-ready, maybe you’re people-ready or you’re growth-ready. Figure out where you are and where you want to go from there


Dive deeper into how to scale using real examples. Pick what you need to get into the Growth program or Tech Ready program or a Scale program.

Three types of programs

Scale Programs

Tech Ready Programs

Growth Programs

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