10 Best Financial Explainer Video Examples

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June 14, 2024


For busy executives in B2B, time is a limited resource due to their extensive commitments.

They receive hundreds of emails, calls’ and sales pitches from vendors daily. If you just seem like another “nice to have” financial product or service, your potential customers might not pay attention.

But if you show them why they really need your product for their business, they’ll want to work with you. And that is what an explainer video solves for you.

For example, a company offering embedded finance solutions could produce a simple finance explainer video. This video will show how their financial tool will help retain new buyers at online store checkouts for e-commerce businesses.

A report from HubSpot states that 89% of customers made a purchase after viewing a video that explained the product.

So, now let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider when creating these finance explainer videos:

  • Does your explainer video clearly show the ROI on using your financial product?
  • Can your explainer video replace the traditional financial brochures for new clients?
  • Are you clearly demonstrating the ease of integration of your finance product with existing business systems in your explainer video?

With this, now let’s move on to the next section.

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    What is a Financial Explainer Video?

    A financial explainer video is among the types of explainer videos that explains and demonstrates the use of financial products and services. The goal is to showcase the key features and benefits to the potential business clients.

    Financial institutions and fintech start-ups make these videos and are typically 60-90 seconds long. The aim is to target specific client personas like CFOs, finance managers, and accountants.

    Financial explainers speak directly to their pain points and offer a solution as their product.
    They focus on the tangible benefits the software provides the clients. These include time/cost savings, improved reporting, increased efficiency, better insights, etc.

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    Benefits of Financial Explainer Videos

    There are many benefits of using financial explainer videos:

    1. Increase brand awareness and recognition

    Explainer videos are a great way to tell people about a company and what it offers. They use visuals and storytelling to show why people should be interested in it.

    2. Educate prospects on products/services

    Explainer videos enable companies to explain how their financial products or services work. This helps prospects better understand the offering and builds trust.

    3. Highlight specific features/benefits

    Videos allow companies to focus on the specific features and benefits that make their offering unique. They can emphasize key differentiators and selling points.

    4. Improve conversion rates

    Explainer videos can capture attention quickly and convince viewers to take action. It can be signing up for a product, requesting a demo, or learning more about the product. The right video can boost conversion rates.

    5. Increase SEO and social engagement

    Videos help increase visitors from search engines and social media. They are highly shareable content that spreads brand awareness.

    6. Provide customer support

    Videos can also offer customer support, by providing how-to instructions, FAQs, and troubleshooting. This can reduce customer questions and increase satisfaction.

    7. Cost-effective marketing

    Well-produced videos have a high return on investment compared to other marketing mediums. You can create them on a reasonable budget and use them across many platforms.

    8. Highlight unique value proposition

    Finance explainer videos are an effective channel for fintech companies to clearly highlight their core differentiators versus competitors. A few minutes focused solely on why a fintech offering is uniquely valuable for clients.

    Now let’s move on to the section on the top ten examples of finance explainer videos.

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    10 Best Financial Explainer Video Examples

    The following collection has products that range from big institution lenders to loan assistants to SMEs focused on the shopping experience. Let’s look at the examples:

    1. Brex - Brex Business Account

    Duration: 1:41 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • On-screen typography to emphasize product features
    • Clean and professional visuals, color palette
    • UI elements from the product
    • Energetic background music with narration

    2. Pine Labs One - A one-stop app for all things business

    Duration: 35 seconds

    What do we like about it?

    • Short yet conveys the message effectively and tells you who this product is meant for
    • Modern, flat design 2D animation
    • Smooth transitions
    • Background music with on-point narration

    3. Frictionless Ownership - Knox Financial

    Duration: 1:38 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • Addresses the problem within the first few seconds and presents its solution
    • Lists down what benefits users get
    • Uses storytelling approach
    • Simple yet effective minimalist flat design 2D animation
    • Gentle background music with narration

    4. What Is Chime?

    Duration: 2:16 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • Answers the question “What is Chime” in a storytelling way
    • Organized and clean visuals with a modern professional color palette
    • Shows what the product does
    • Gentle background music with friendly narration

    5. Visa Direct - Payment Channels

    Duration: 3:03 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • Focuses on how banks/institutions can get the benefits from the product
    • On-screen typography is highlighted with narration
    • Gentle background music
    • Modern flat design 2D animation
    • Slightly long but covers important sections of the benefits it offers

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    6. Fundbox Flex Pay

    Duration: 1:31 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • The clean color palette emphasizes a modern and professional approach
    • Seamless motion graphics and transitions
    • On-screen typography emphasizes problems and solutions making it more relatable
    • Gentle, playful background music with friendly narration

    7. Who is LendKey?

    Duration: 2:31 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • Clean, minimalist design of visuals
    • Clearly explains who it is meant for and what they are solvingOn-screen typography is highlighted with synced narration
    • Gentle background music

    8. Nav Finds The Loans You’re Most Likely to Get Before You Apply

    Duration: 57 seconds

    What do we like about it?

    • Colorful visuals yet minimalist and modern-looking
    • Subtitles are already there in the video
    • Addresses problems with the product’s solution
    • Highlights how it benefits the users
    • Gentle music with narration

    9. TrueAccord

    Duration: 1:26 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • Addresses problem within the first few seconds with great visuals
    • On-screen typography with highlighted parts
    • Storytelling approach with simple 2D animation
    • Clearly conveys how it helps businesses with the problem
    • Gentle background music with friendly narration

    10. Pay Later Options from PayPal

    Duration: 1:00 minutes

    What do we like about it?

    • Modern looking flat design 2D animations with a brand color palette
    • Detailed sound and animations like coins chiming, confetti, and ‘hooray’
    • On-screen highlighted typography
    • Lists benefits for the users in a clear and fun way
    • Playful background music with good narration

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    To summarize, explainer videos simplify complex offerings and showcase specific differentiators versus alternative solutions. Videos are a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience as most people consider watching a video before making a purchase.

    These videos help you spread brand awareness and also build trust through content focused on customer success. In the competitive finance industry, an explainer video that educates clients and stands out is essential.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Key elements in a finance explainer video are:

    • Clear explanation of financial concepts
    • Engaging visuals and animations
    • Concise and easy-to-understand language
    • Call-to-action for viewers

    You can expect a budget of $2000 to $5000 for producing a high-quality finance explainer video.

    Some common mistakes to avoid when creating a finance explainer video are:

    • Overcomplicating the content
    • Neglecting the target audience’s needs
    • Poor audio or visual quality
    • Lack of a clear call to action
    • Not conveying the message clearly

    To choose the right production company for your financial explainer video:

    • Look for experience in the financial sector
    • Check their portfolio for quality and style
    • Ensure good communication and understanding of your goals
    • Compare pricing and services offered

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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