10 Best Explanation Video Examples for B2B SaaS

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June 13, 2024


How can you help prospects understand the value and use cases of the product or service?

It is through explanation videos. These videos have easy-to-understand content that shows how the product helps. Prospects that understand how your product works are more likely to purchase it.

Explanation-style videos educate the potential clients. This provides context as well as authority to the brand and establishes them as go-to industry advisors.

These videos do not overwhelm potential customers with too many product details. Instead, they focus on its use cases. In fact, according to SocialPilot, 43% of marketers say that customer support calls have decreased due to explainer videos.

Here are a few questions you may have before creating the video:

  • What kind of information should be included in an explanation video?
  • Can these videos be used for brand recall?
  • What are various formats of explainer videos that can be produced?

Explainer videos are brief, simple, and grab the audience’s attention. Let us discuss ways to make explainer videos much more effective.

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    What is an Explanation Video?

    An Explanation Video is a short and appealing piece of content. They help you understand complex concepts or products using graphics, animations, and simple explanations.

    Explainer videos can help understand the capabilities and use cases of the product. These videos can be in various formats, including Animated, live-action videos, Whiteboard explainer videos, etc.

    Use the sandwich method for a smooth and easy-to-follow video experience. Typically, the sandwich method involves placing a central idea between two brief summaries. They usually have a framework of:

    • Give a short introduction to the product and the brand.
    • Instead of in-depth features, focus on the core elements of how prospects can benefit from your product or services.
    • Clearly state the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product.
    • Include a summary and also emphasize your brand.
    • Include one clear CTA(Call to Action), urging viewers to act right away, or they might miss out.

    Key things to keep in mind while creating a video are:

    • The video duration should ideally be between¬†90 and 120 seconds.
    • The information provided should be easy to understand.
    • The video should directly address the¬†audience‚Äôs needs.
    • Include¬†motion graphics¬†and animations for creative storytelling.
    • Use a¬†warm, friendly, and persuasive¬†voice.
    • Include the problem first, then introduce your business as the solution.
    • Show your brand name and logo throughout the video to solidify brand recognition.

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    Benefits of Explanation video

    Explanation videos are highly effective for marketing and efficient information delivery. Here are a few advantages of using them.

    1. Simplified Information

    Products can sometimes involve intricate technical details and functionalities. Explanation videos break down the information and make it digestible.

    It is important as they can be the initial point of contact for potential customers with the brand.

    2. Easily Shareable

    Explanation videos can be easily shared on various platforms, including social media, landing pages, and email lists. This increases the chance to reach a wider audience.

    3. Engagement

    When shared on various platforms, prospects contribute to engagement through likes, comments, and increased website traffic. Also, include clickable buttons and quizzes that encourage viewers to interact with the content.

    4. Increased SEO

    Search engines favor video content as it increases engagement and the time spent on the webpage. This indicates to the search engine that the content is relevant and informative.

    5. Message Retention

    Explainer videos are highly retainable, with various graphics, animations, and concise information included in them. Prospects likely remember the core elements as explanation videos stick to the main points.

    6. Brand Recall

    When done right, these videos contribute to strong brand recall. Incorporating your brand colors, logos, and USP(Unique selling point) makes the video cohesive and memorable.

    7. Persuasive

    They can be used for subtle marketing purposes. They guide viewers with a strong CTA(call to action), encouraging immediate engagement. They can convince potential customers that your product is valuable and can solve their problems.

    8. Lower Support Costs

    Customer support ticket volume drops with more users’ self-serving education through videos. This noticeably cuts down total contact center and training costs.

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    10 Best Explanation Video Examples

    Here are 10 effective video examples.

    1. Recurly Video by Content Beta

    Recurly is a subscription management platform. This explanation video explains how Recurly accelerates subscriber acquisition, sends automated and personalized messages, and generates an automated invoice.

    The tone used in the video is professional, informative, and collaborative. The video focuses on the key features and benefits of using Recurly.

    Type: Animate

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    2. AutoDraw Video

    AutoDraw is a drawing tool paired with machine learning. It is particularly useful for fast sketching and doodling. The video explains how it assists artists in transforming rough sketches into visually appealing art.

    The tone of the video is casual and conversational. The video shows how to easily draw with the help of the platform.

    Type: Animated Line art style.

    3. myCOI Video by Content Beta

    MyCOI is an insurance tracking and certificate management company. This video explains how customers can streamline and automate communication, collection, and compliance reviews.

    The tone used is professional and reassuring. The video communicates the product benefits and value proposition.

    Type: Animated

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    4. Amazon Go Video

    Amazon Go is an advanced shopping store where customers can enter a store, pick up items, and leave without the need for lines or checkouts.

    The video shows how Amazon Go is an innovative and efficient solution that uses advanced technology to improve the shopping experience.

    The tone of the video is customer-centric and futuristic. The video focuses on transforming the traditional shopping experience into a seamless process.

    Type:¬†Live ‚Äď Action

    5. Asana Video

    Asana is a workflow management platform. This explanation video shows how Asana helps make marketing campaigns and manage team projects and tasks.

    The tone of the video is collaborative and positive. The video focuses on the advantages of using Asana for a seamless workflow.

    Type: Animated

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    6. Hootsuite Video

    Hootsuite is a social media management platform. The video explains how businesses can use Hootsuite to schedule content uploads, track trends, and access educational resources.

    The tone of the video is encouraging and positive. The video shows the versatility of Hootsuite for managing and expanding its social media presence.

    Type: Animated

    7. Peoplevine Video by Content Beta

    Peoplevine is a platform for members and hospitality operations teams. The video explains that members can book classes and rooms and reserve tables integrated with payment processors.

    The video communicates the use cases of the platform with interesting stock footage and UI snippets.

    Type: Stock Videos and Animated.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    8. Uber Eats Video

    Uber Eats has a business management platform for merchants. The video explains how merchants can use Uber Eats to manage business, stay in touch with their customers, and create loyalty programs.

    The tone of the video is encouraging. The video shows the benefits of using Uber Eats for merchants to understand customer preferences and grow their business.

    Type: Animated

    9. Zapier Video

    Zapier is a workflow automation platform. This explanation video explains how Zapier can be helpful in building, managing, and supervising critical workflows.

    This video focuses on the importance of having the right systems in place to handle growth and it places the name of Zapier as the perfect tool to do so.

    Type: Animated with motion graphics.

    10. Chargebee Video

    Chargebee is a revenue growth management platform. The video explains how Chargebee helps with subscriptions, recurring billing, and revenue operations in order with automation.

    The tone of the video is informative and compelling. The video focuses on the complexities involved in managing subscriptions and how they can be simplified with automation with Chargebee.

    Type: Animated

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    Explanation Videos are highly useful in communicating the value proposition of the brand. They are a combination of simplified storytelling, attractive visuals, and relatable examples.

    Explanation-style videos are particularly effective in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. They show how a product or service can meet specific needs.

    The impact of these videos can be maximized when they are shared on various social media platforms. This increases brand awareness and helps prospects move further in their buying journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A B2B SaaS explanation video should be 60-120 seconds long.

    The cost of producing a B2B SaaS explanation video ranges from $2000 to $5000. It can go higher depending on the video’s length, its complexity, and the quality of production.

    B2B SaaS explanation videos should be hosted and shared on social media platforms ‚Äď YouTube, LinkedIn, X(Twitter), and the webpage of the brand.

    Some common mistakes to avoid in B2B SaaS explanation videos are making the video lengthy, focusing too much on the features, and not relating it with the target audience.

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