Best Explainer Video Examples for SaaS Company in 2021

Explainer videos, as the name suggests, explain a product or a service. In the context of SaaS companies, Explainer videos are used to communicate the value proposition of the product.
Explainer Video Examples

7 SaaS Explainer Video Effect Examples

A lot of things go into making an explainer video. A small yet significant part of it is the effects. If you templatize these effects, it will save you HOURS at the least.

Mouse Click Effects

Here we have compiled an exhaustive list of mouse click effects used in SaaS explainer videos. Mouse clicks are indicative of what the user needs to do. Making them better than your boring cursor never hurts.

User Interface Effects

User interface can give the prospects a feel for the product without them actually logging into the actual product. Here is a compilation of User interface effects usually used in SaaS explainer videos. These also tend to be tricky since you are constantly shipping updates and improving on the UI. Hence getting a template and reusing them will do wonders.

Impactful Text Messages Effects

Text messages help drive the point home by emphasizing a said topic or highlighting a feature, use case, or best practice. Here you find a compilation of the best text message effects used in impactful SaaS explainer videos.

Storytelling using Icons Effects

Storytelling is one aspect of a video that retains and engages more than any other format. Whether it is the problem-agitation-solution approach or a character living the same problems as your target audience, your viewers need to feel some degree of relatability to view the video till the end.

Add on top of these aesthetic icons and you have the recipe for a perfect video that will help drive the point home.

Show Process Steps Effects

It is important to show what are the topics that you are going to talk about if your user is looking for something specific or to give them the whole picture. Even the top YouTubers have gone on record to say that you should tell whatever you are going to do first and keep resolving it till the end.

In this video, you will find various effects used in the SaaS industry to show these processes.

Use Simplified User Interface(SUI)

You are shipping features faster than ever and with that comes the problem of ever-changing UI. You have to constantly update help docs and educational videos. One way to solve this is by using a simplified UI of your product.

Keep watching the video to find more.

Show Client logos Effects

Social proof is a must if you are in the SaaS space. Logos and testimonials from big companies give some legitimacy to your brand like nothing in this world can. Here are some ways you can choose to put out your client logos in your Explainer videos to drive those conversions up.

How to Create your own Explainer Video?

Here’s a sweet and simple way to do this

  1. Create a script on your own
  2. Visualize it on Canva or Powerpoint
  3. Use a screen-recording software like Loom or Camtasia
  4. If you want to go the extra mile, hire a video editor who can execute music and graphic elements
And if you want to be awesome you can always check out Content Beta.

Ready to get started?

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