15 Best Examples of Training Videos for Employees

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June 11, 2024


In this guide, we will learn how employee training videos can help B2B businesses to maximize their productivity.

Internal training is crucial in corporate sectors today. Most B2B companies see the value of offering their employees the opportunity to complete their work innovatively. This need is fueling a training revolution in the corporate sector.

Training videos for employees can be a valuable asset, but how do you know if it’s a good idea?
Before you start your project, it is important to first decide whether a video will meet your needs.

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    What are Training Videos for Employees

    Training videos for employees are short video tutorials created by companies to educate and instruct their workforce. It is an essential way to equip team members with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to succeed in their roles and contribute to company goals. They provide an effective, targeted learning experience.

    These short video tutorials created internally serve a variety of purposes, like onboarding new hires, developing skills, reinforcing policies, and aligning teams with organizational values. New employee training videos allow for digestible lessons that are entertaining and consistent across all locations.

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    Why Create Training Videos for Employees?

    Internal training provides employees with the skills and knowledge needed to do their jobs effectively.

    • It provides employees with the opportunity to get a better understanding of their jobs and how to do them more effectively.
    • It allows employees to be on the same page with other departments in the company.
    • It is key for companies to invest in internal training so they can¬†work towards the same goals.
    • It makes your company run more efficiently because employees will have a better understanding of what is expected of them.
    • It provides employees with a better understanding of how to market and increase your company‚Äôs sales.

    What Makes a Good Training Video for Employees?

    Good training videos for employees will have :

    • Clear and engaging narration¬†‚Äď The narrator should have a friendly yet professional tone that keeps employees interested. Enthusiasm and some subtle humor can help the information seem less dry.
    • Industry-specific examples and case studies¬†‚Äď Training videos shouldn‚Äôt feel too generic. Use examples and case studies relevant to the employee‚Äôs everyday work to help connect the concepts. Show how skills apply directly to their roles.
    • Pacing and Structure¬†‚Äď Information should be broken down into small digestible sections to maintain attention. The logical progression is good but the pacing and visuals vary.
    • CTA to conclude¬†‚Äď End each video for corporate training with a clear call-to-action, whether it‚Äôs to schedule more training, take a quiz, read a resource, etc. Give them an obvious next step for retaining knowledge.

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    Impactful Employee Training Video Examples

    Before creating a video, it’s useful to refer to a variety of training video examples, which shows how effectively animation and clear, interesting content can communicate.

    1. Outreach - Repurposed Webinar

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Channel: Content Beta
    Time: 1:49
    Company: Outreach is the top sales execution platform assisting market-facing teams in effectively generating and consistently closing more deals.

    Webinars are a form of virtual training that provides real-time interaction between a trainer and participants. They can be used to bring trainers and participants together in the same space or to retain trained participants.

    Webinar-based employee training videos can be conducted every once in a while to educate customers on the company’s new practices.


    2. Employee Training Video for Cisco

    Channel: Broadcast2world
    Time: 2:46
    Company: Cisco is a multinational corporation based in America that specializes in digital communications technology.

    This employee training video uses simple whiteboard animation. In employee training videos like these, the concept is simplified and explained in a digestible form.

    This video talks about how they came up with a fast and efficient solution to get Wi-Fi working for more businesses. The video is neither long nor short and makes a good example of internal training videos.

    3. Uber Driver Training Video

    Channel: Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Time: 13:36
    Company: Uber is an American transportation company that mainly provides taxi services. It has now expanded to almost all major cities and is used by customers globally.

    Training videos for employees like the one above are fairly common. This video’s main goal or intent is to initiate the driver into his role. Good narration, along with a live interface showcasing how to use the app, makes this video an effective example of employee training videos.

    4. Pry

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Channel: Content Beta
    Time: 1:50
    Company: Pry is a single platform that offers financial forecasting, headcount planning, and KPI dashboards.

    This video training for employees addresses both employees and customers to get a better understanding of how the system works.

    More than 100 B2B have produced 1250 minutes of product videos with Content Beta.

    This training video for employees that we created for Pry is the first real alternative to Excel for pro forma financials. These employee training videos on Vimeo effectively teach employees and customers about their financial platform, marking a significant shift from traditional Excel use.

    5. Cyber Safety: What are your employees downloading?

    Channel: Mimecast
    Time: 1:37
    Company: Mimecast is a cybersecurity provider that helps thousands of organizations globally.

    Funny, entertaining, yet educational ‚Äď that is how one would describe this corporate video training. A real-life scenario with a valuable lesson is a good example of training videos for employees.

    6. Golden Rules of Safety‚Äč

    Channel: VGM Gasunie
    Time: 8:49
    Company: Gasunie is a Dutch natural gas infrastructure and transportation company operating in the Netherlands and Germany.

    This animated video among the staff training videos with faceless characters talks about the 10 Golden Rules of Safety in this video. As an instructional video intended mainly for their staff, it has received above-average views and likes.

    The ‘Golden Rules of Safety’ by Gasunie stands out as a prime example of effective employee training videos, showing the impactful use of animation and clear communication.

    7. Grubhub New Driver Onboarding

    Channel: Chris Vandervall
    Time: 1:53
    Company: Grubhub is an American online and mobile prepared food ordering and delivery platform based in Chicago, Illinois.

    This is a relatable example of training videos for employees. Why? A current employee is the one taking us through the process and workings. This helps to form a connection that feels both welcoming and friendly.

    8. Properly

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Channel: Content Beta
    Time: 1:27
    Company: Properly is a digital tool for short-term rental property managers, offering features for maintenance management, scheduling, etc.

    This short video talks about how the Properly checklist can help you complete the job faster. The video is short, clear and highlights the main features.

    This is an example of staff employee training videos and can be used as a reference to make similar videos.

    We understand that every client has different needs, use cases, and success metrics. We help B2B companies develop the best employee training videos to get prospects interested and engaged with their sales documents, training documents, blogs, and presentations.

    9. Etiquette for Conference Calls

    Channel: Vyond
    Time: 1:58
    Company: Vyond helps organizations to effortlessly produce animated videos that attract and educate both employees and customers.

    Such training videos for employees help them visualize similar scenarios. The guidelines in the video are easy to follow because of the animation and simple narration of the video.

    Among the diverse range of employee training materials, customer service training videos for employees stand out as essential tools for improving team performance and customer satisfaction.

    10. Persistent Vs Pestering by HSI

    Channel: HSI
    Time: 5:20
    Company: HSI offers e-learning content, training, and cloud software tools for safety, compliance, SDS management, and employee development.

    The video talks about the¬†‚Äėthis or that‚Äô situation¬†we all relate to. The narrator of the video engaged with the viewers by giving solutions to problems we all face in the workplace.

    Employee training videos are a great way to make your employees connect with your company. By using techniques like good beat sync and simple animation, as seen in the video, we can create effective online training videos for employees.

    11. Prepare for your first day at Amazon

    Channel : Inside Amazon
    Time : 3:31
    Company : A global e-commerce giant, Amazon also provides cloud computing services, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence technology.

    This animated video is a welcoming guide for new employees, outlining what to expect and how to prepare for their first day at an Amazon office. It provides practical advice on coordinating with managers, packing essential items like IT equipment and ID, and commuting options.

    12. How Airtable Does Customer Research | How Airtable uses Airtable

    Channel : Airtable
    Time : 9:50
    Company : Airtable offers a cloud-based platform. It combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, enabling organizational and project management.

    In this screencast video, the narrator demonstrates how Airtable is utilized for customer research, offering insights into qualitative research and its challenges. The video shows the importance of finding patterns and structure in customer feedback and how Airtable aids in this process.

    It stands out as an informative guide for employees and researchers, showcasing practical applications of Airtable.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    13. Employee Overview

    Channel: Zoho People
    Time: 14:21
    Company: Zoho provides a comprehensive suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications, including CRM, email, and office suite software for businesses.

    The video demonstrates how employees can efficiently manage their HR-related tasks. It emphasizes the software’s user-friendly interface and flexibility. This makes it an excellent training tool for new employees, simplifying their introduction to the organization’s HR processes.

    14. How Gong Uses Gong: Sales Leader

    Time: 1:58
    Company: Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help sales teams capture, analyze, and act on customer interactions and data.

    This video focuses on the importance of coaching in sales organizations. It highlights how sales leaders use Gong for deal forecasting, pipeline management, and especially for coaching. This video serves as an excellent training resource for sales teams, illustrating the practical application of Gong’s tools.

    15. Onboarding new team members | webinars

    Time: 31.28
    Company: is a cloud-based Work Operating System (Work OS) that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence.

    The above video is an extensive webinar focused on the effective onboarding of new team members using the platform. The narrator discusses the importance of matching new hires with organizational goals and ensuring their comfort with the company’s tools and culture.

    The above corporate training video examples demonstrate how humor, storytelling, and relatable situations can be effectively used to train employees on serious topics.

    How do Employee Training Videos Help Your Company Improve Employee Health?

    Business training videos help B2B companies to:

    1. Make internal training interesting and more fun for the employees.
    2. Tell stories and build the image of your brand.
    3. Share and allow remote people to follow the training.
    4. Use the same employee training video examples several times without getting bored.
    5. Demonstrate visually how things work. For example, video training on how to operate machinery.
    6. Deliver training with a more personal touch. With the help of AI-driven customization, you can make the training more relevant and impactful for each employee. GPT can analyze textual data, such as employee profiles and training histories, and help with customized content based on this analysis.)
    7. Deliver training on-demand, meaning that employees can watch it when they have time.
    8. Save money as the cost of delivering video training is significantly lower than producing more traditional training materials.
    9. Pace the training for the employees in a way that is most convenient for them.
    10. Use the training material across multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
    11. Potentially train employees all over the world. Employee training videos for employees that previously would cost thousands in travel expenses can now all be undertaken with a cost-effective video player and a short online course.
    12. Train a large number of employees at a fraction of the cost you might otherwise incur with more traditional training methods.

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    Types of Employee Training Videos

    Here below are the different types of employee training videos:

    1. Screen Recording Tutorials

    Creating these training videos for new employees for software and demonstration is uncomplicated and doesn’t demand high-end equipment. They combine on-screen actions with a voiceover explanation, allowing employees to easily follow and learn the steps, making the learning process more efficient.

    2. Instructor-Guided Training Videos

    These training videos for employees are straightforward to engage with, covering a variety of subjects. They usually have an effective presenter and a well-crafted script to maintain high engagement. Adding interactive elements makes the training more adaptable, improving learning with new scenarios and case studies.

    3. Step-by-Step Instructional Videos (How - to)

    These types of videos are simple to create and require minimal resources. They offer clear instructions, showing viewers how to begin a task, and enabling quick understanding through direct demonstration.

    4. Animated Explainer Videos for Complex Concepts

    Using animation, these videos break down intricate ideas, offering an effective learning experience for new processes and concepts. They are visually captivating and help in memory retention, though they do need some expertise and time to produce.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Steps to Make Effective Training Videos for Employees

    Here are some steps to make effective training videos for employees:

    1. Objectives -. Clarify exactly what skills, knowledge, or behaviors you want to teach. Align with specific business goals.
    2. Know who they are¬†‚Äď Consider employee roles, experience levels, locations, and learning styles to tailor content accordingly.
    3. Limit video length ‚ÄstShorter videos (2-5 mins) have the most engagement. Break complex topics into a series of quick videos.
    4. Use a conversational tone¬†‚Äď Write an easy-to-understand script that sounds natural. Avoid complicated jargon.
    5. Mix up visuals¬†‚Äď Combine screen recordings, graphics, animations, and talking heads to make it visually stimulating.
    6. Guide learners¬†‚Äď Provide clear guidance on what to actively think about or do while viewing the video.
    7. Summarize key points¬†‚Äď Recap the most critical takeaways at the end so they stick.
    8. Include interactions¬†‚Äď Insert knowledge check quizzes, prompts for reflection, or call-to-actions to keep viewers attentive.
    9. Cite examples and data¬†‚Äď Back up concepts with specific use cases and data points for credibility.

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    What Should You Include in an Training Videos For Employees?

    Employee training videos should meet the training requirements of employees. So, what are some factors to take into consideration when creating workplace training videos?

    • Metrics:¬†Set clear KPIs to measure the effectiveness and ensure that training goals are achieved.
    • Format:¬†Decide on the most appropriate video type, be it a hands-on demonstration, animated explanation, or role-playing scenario.
    • Narrative:¬†Craft a well-organized script for clarity and relevance throughout the video.
    • Characters:¬†Use characters or real-life testimonials to create a connection with the viewers for your training videos for employees.
    • Quality:¬†Prioritize professional-grade production with clear audio and high-quality visuals.
    • Branding:¬†Integrate company branding elements for a cohesive look and feel.
    • Accessibility:¬†Add captions and annotations to improve understanding and cater to a wider audience.
    • Integration:¬†It is always a good idea to position the video within a broader training strategy, complementing other resources and sessions.
    • Feedback:¬†Regularly assess video performance using analytics and encourage viewer feedback for continuous improvement.
    • Hosting:¬†Use a professional platform for hosting, ensuring reliable streaming, security, and analytical insights.
    • Diverse Learning:¬†Address various learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, by employing a mix of teaching techniques in your employee training videos.
    • Interactivity:¬†Incorporate quizzes, knowledge checks, and interactive elements to maintain viewer interest and reinforce learning.
    • Resources and Updation:¬†Offer additional materials like PDF guides or checklists to complement the video content. Regularly revisit and update content to ensure relevance and accuracy.

    The best B2B corporate training videos are the ones that have a strong educational value. It offers plenty of useful information, incorporates eye-catching visuals, and reduces costs. The video:

    • Promotes engagement.
    • Reduces costs.
    • It is more effective than traditional training techniques.
    • Is a¬†time-tested and proven¬†approach to successful learning.
    • Provides a realistic,¬†interactive experience¬†for the learner and facilitator.
    • Gives you extraordinary reach‚ÄĒIt is available¬†anywhere and anytime¬†at no extra expense.

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    We are a design service with years of expertise in content creation for the B2B, tech, and software industries. We also have a Creative as a service (CaaS) plan, which includes a video and design team at a monthly rate.

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    Before we finish, let’s discuss more benefits and considerations for B2B companies using video training. It helps your employees to:

    • Learn and¬†implement best practices¬†in marketing, training, and customer service.
    • Spread the good word about your product or service without you having to pay for advertising.
    • Share their knowledge with the rest of your company and come up with ideas that you may not have thought of before. This helps other departments grow, promoting the¬†company‚Äôs overall productivity.¬†

    Here are some questions to ask before you start making employee training videos:

    • What is the message you want to convey through the training videos for employees?
    • Will the message be better conveyed by video or in person?
    • Who is the audience for your video?
    • What is the desired retention of your video content?
    • What is the size of your company, the topic, and the format of your video
    • How will it be viewed ‚Äď live or on-demand?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    To start creating employee training videos, we must:


    • Identify the training objectives.
    • Write a concise script.
    • Choose the right format (e.g., animation, live-action).
    • Use engaging visuals and audio.
    • Edit for clarity and brevity.
    • Include interactive elements if possible.
    • Test with a small group before a wider release.

    Well-crafted training videos for employees should offer clear instructions tailored to the specific task or process. Begin with defined learning objectives, present content with a structured narrative, and can include interactive elements like quizzes to ensure comprehension and engagement. The goal is to combine clarity and interactivity for effective learning.

    This is the basic structure of a training video for employees:


    • Introduction:¬†Start with a brief overview of the training topic.
    • Objectives:¬†Clearly state what the employee will learn.
    • Content:¬†Present the main instructional material in a clear, logical order.
    • Summary:¬†Conclude with a recap of key points.
    • Call-to-Action:¬†End with steps for applying the new knowledge or skills.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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