Top 10 Employee Testimonial Examples: Valued Voices in Video

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June 11, 2024


Good feedback can lead to improvements. But great feedback can be turned into testimonials.

People today are smart and curious. They can do their research and find the answers to what they are looking for. More importantly, they want to know who they are working for and who they are buying from.

So what is our role? We have to be more prepared.

Using employee testimonial videos offers a genuine glimpse into your company’s identity, as seen through the experiences of those who work with you daily. Therefore it becomes a valuable asset to use for promoting your company values, culture, and expertise.

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    What Are Employee Video Testimonials?

    In simple words, employee testimonial videos give us a sneak peek into the lives of the team members. Through each employee video, you get a look at the company’s work culture, its approach to employees and customers, and the day-to-day experiences.

    It’s not just about showcasing the brand; it’s about letting the people tell their stories, making it a must-watch for anyone wanting to truly get the feel of a company.

    79% of people have watched a video testimonial to find out more about a company, product, or service.

    This isn’t surprising. Feeling connected to a company is the first step for anyone to trust the brand. Watching video testimonials will give prospective employees as well as customers an idea about the company and its culture.

    Employee testimonial videos are strong tools, but they are just one type of video testimonial. For a complete understanding, check out our guide on different types of video testimonials. It’s a quick read that can broaden your perspective on video testimonials.

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    What are employee testimonials used for?

    Employee Testimonials are used for :

    • Building Trust: Authentic employee testimonial examples can instill confidence in potential employees about the company’s work culture and values.
    • Recruitment: They serve as a tool to attract top talent by showing positive experiences of current or past employees.
    • Branding: Testimonials help in shaping the company’s image and reinforcing its brand in the market.
    • Feedback Loop: They provide insights into areas of improvement, helping the organization to evolve.
    • Diverse Perspectives: Testimonials from a range of employees can highlight the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
    • Authenticity Check: Companies need to ensure that testimonials reflect honest experiences to maintain credibility.

    Simply Employee Testimonial Videos can,

    1. More engaged employees = more productivity (higher job satisfaction, lower turnover rate)
    2. More productivity = better workplace trust (higher team collaboration, more innovation)
    3. Better trust = sustained organizational growth (enhanced team performance, high employee retention rate)

    Real creative testimonial videos provide transparency. This will lead to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rate which in turn helps the company to grow.

    Now the next question comes as to how employee video testimonials help to grow the company. The statistics below show that testimonial videos significantly improve conversions.


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    Examples of Employee Testimonial Videos

    We have curated the top 10 employee testimonial videos. Let’s have a look.

    1. What's it like to work at Google?

    By: Life at Google

    Time: 2:10

    Company: Google is a tech company known for its search engine and products like Android, Gmail, and YouTube.

    Why this video: In a 3-minute video, diverse team members share snippets of their Google experiences. The montage in such employee testimonial videos emphasizes company diversity and blends employee insights with vibrant scenes of Google’s workspace, showcasing a positive Google life.

    2. Content Beta - Mashup

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    By: Content Beta

    Time: 1:36

    Company: Content Beta is a company that offers video production and design services on a subscription basis.

    Why this video: Although the above video is a customer testimonial video, they have also worked with the company and are eligible to share their work experience. The smooth transition, beat sync and engaging typography are some elements that stand out in the video.

    3. Our employees have spoken

    By: Intuit Careers

    Time: 1:02

    Company: Intuit is a software company that specializes in financial software like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint.

    Why this video: This type of employee testimonial videos start with their ranking on the Glassdoor announcement which adds credibility. They have 5 employees speak on what is their favorite part of working at Intuit.

    4. Grow with Cisco Culture

    By: We are Cisco

    Time: 0:30

    Company: Cisco engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of Internet Protocol-based networking products and services related to communications.

    Why this video: This video is short and is centered around the Customer Delivery Manager who talks about what her work life is like. She talks about the environment and the team of her company. This employee testimonial video closes with a catchy tagline ‘Be You, with us’.

    5. ZOOM

    By: Zoom

    Time: 3:16

    Company: Zoom is a platform that we all use. It is a cloud-based service that allows you to conduct video meetings with others online.

    Why this video: Such employee testimonial videos have diverse employees talking about what they find the best about Zoom as a company. They included scenes where they were not just working but also enjoying and connecting.

    6. Life at Atlassian

    By: Atlassian

    Time: 4:48

    Company: Atlassian is a software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and other software development teams.

    Why this video: This employee testimonial video talks about their culture and mission to reinforce it with various employees calling out the same. Different backgrounds, snippets of their office, and a brief touch upon the locations give us a perspective of how life is at Atlassian.

    7. What's It Like to Work at Semrush?

    By: Semrush Life

    Time: 6:57

    Company: Semrush is an online tool that helps businesses optimize their websites for search engines, analyze competitors, and monitor their online presence.

    Why this video: This example of employee testimonial videos is slightly different from others. The primary setting is the studio where different employees take turns to sit and talk about their experience with Semrush.

    This employee testimonial video is slightly longer but has an interesting and friendly tone to it. There is laughter, fun, and live-action recordings and photos of company culture all combined to give a positive feel.

    8. Slack Internship Program | Working at Slack

    By: Slack

    Time: 2:32

    Company: Slack is a digital communication platform that allows teams to collaborate and chat in real-time, organizing conversations into channels and offering direct messaging.

    Why this video: This video can be a good example of employee testimonial videos. Here the focus is not on employees per se, but on the interns and the manager. The interns share their fears and experiences during the Slack internship program.

    Short video snippets along with the manager and interns’ views on the work and culture, make the video an interesting watch for employee video testimonials.

    9. What's it like to work at Figma?

    By: Figma

    Time: 2:37

    Company: Figma is a free design tool for teams who build products together.

    Why this video: Some employee testimonial examples have a casual approach and setting. In this video, all employees talk from a remote setting. Employee testimonial video production like the above can be a part of employee onboarding video examples as well since they are a valuable source in getting firsthand information about a company.

    10. MongoDB Enterprise Sales Culture

    By: MongoDB

    Time: 1:05

    Company: MongoDB is a type of database that stores data in a flexible way, different from traditional databases.

    Why this Video: In this example of employee video testimonials, the sales team at MongoDB, talks about their growth and support for each other. They beautifully incorporated their brand colors in the video for employee profile descriptions and video backgrounds.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    5 Employee Testimonial Examples

    Here are 5 employee testimonial examples:

    1. Google Review on Quora

    This Quora review discusses Google’s culture, work-life balance, and employee benefits. The credibility of the review is increased by the inclusion of the reviewer’s image and current professional status.

    2. Salesforce Review by Indeed

    Indeed is a renowned job recruitment platform known for its extensive collection of employee reviews, making it a valuable resource for individuals considering employment at a new company. The review in question is concise and to the point.

    3. Quote by ExactHire

    The quote is powerful due to the accompanying clear picture of the employee next to it, helping with its credibility and impact. Moreover, the quote effectively shows the distinctive qualities that set the former company apart from the new one.

    4. Oracle Campaign on Social Media

    Essentially, Oracle discovered that an “I Love My Job” campaign shared by one of their employees on Instagram had a higher performance than the identical advertisement posted on Oracle’s official corporate Instagram account.

    This illustrates that some employees might have significant social media followings, enabling them to amplify your company’s message and their personal endorsement to a wider audience.

    5. P&G Day 1 Employee Stories

    P&G’s global presence is highlighted through diverse employee testimonial examples from individuals working in various countries such as the U.S., Brazil, and Singapore. This demonstrates to potential candidates the possibility of traveling or relocating, appealing to the type of talent that P&G aims to attract.

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    To conclude, let’s look at some of the common elements in the employee testimonial videos:

    Frequency Elements Additional Elements
    High Frequency Diversity, employee profile examples, work-life balance Authentic background setting, use of company branding, employee achievements/highlights, behind-the-scenes glimpses
    Medium Frequency Casual talk, benefits and perks, cultural insights Team interactions, common background, mentorship and learning
    Low Frequency Tagline, Single-person narration Longer videos, home background, subtitles and translations, engaging typography

    Employee testimonial videos are a good marketing tool to help with your company’s growth. They showcase company culture, growth, and work accomplishments.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    An employee testimonial should be a reflection of an individual’s experience working at a company. It can include their journey, the work culture, opportunities for growth, and specific instances that made their experience memorable.

    An effective employee testimonial video should have:

    • A clear introduction of the employee (name, role, tenure at the company).
    • Authentic narratives about their experiences, challenges, and achievements.
    • Visuals of the employee in their work environment.
    • Any notable projects or milestones they’ve been a part of.
    • Feedback on the company culture, team dynamics, and leadership.
    • A conclusion that sums up their overall experience or future aspirations with the company.

    The maximum length for an employee testimonial video is usually between 60 to 90 seconds. This duration is long enough to convey a genuine experience and short enough to retain the viewer’s attention. However, shortening the video to 15 or 30 seconds is more ideal.

    The best platforms to share and promote employee testimonial videos include:

    • Company website (especially on the careers or about us page).
    • Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
    • During webinars, workshops, or recruitment drives.
    • Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

    To ensure high-quality production for employee video testimonials, one should:

    • Invest in good video equipment or hire a professional videography team.
    • Choose well-lit locations for shooting.
    • Use external microphones for clear audio.
    • Plan the shoot, including the questions and desired responses.
    • Edit the video to include relevant visuals, background music, and graphics.
    • Review the video with multiple stakeholders before finalizing and publishing your employee testimonial videos.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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