SaaS landing pages: the ultimate plain-English guide to high conversion

A plain English, bullshit-free guide detailing how to plan, design, execute, measure and refine your SaaS’s landing page

This a bullshit-free guide detailing how to plan, design, execute, measure and refine your SaaS’s landing page 💩❌

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Olly and I am a SaaS, ecommerce and B2B landing page expert who has worked in digital marketing and conversion-rate optimisation for 15 years. Put simply I help SaaS startups turn more visitors into customers.

In this guide, my focus is to walk you through my process of creating a high-converting SaaS landing page, as simply and quickly possible.

Who is this guide for?

Founders, marketers, developers, makers, and indie hackers, this jargon-free guide will walk you through the fundamentals of building a landing page for your startup, and optimising its performance.

For beginners, you’ll discover simple, step-by-step instructions to plan, publish and measure the performance of your first landing page. For experts, you’ll explore new conversion philosophies and optimisation processes to add to your CRO (conversion rate optimisation) toolkit.

Before you start

Tip! Landing page conversion optimisation is a continuous exercise, not do it and done. My recommendation is to work through each stage of this guide as quickly (lean) as possible, to get to the measuring part of the cycle. Measuring us the first stage in which you are learning what works for your audience and business – and these insights power the next steps for your business. Make sure you read this guide’s final chapter which explores this theme in more detail.


  • Chapter 1: Landing page basics
  • Chapter 2: High-converting SaaS landing page examples
  • Chapter 3: The philosophy of conversion
  • Chapter 4: The anatomy of a SaaS landing age
  • Chapter 5: What landing page builder to use
  • Chapter 6: How to find a landing page designer
  • Chapter 7: Expected SaaS landing page conversion rates
  • Chapter 8: What to measure and tools to use
  • Chapter 9: The landing page optimisation process
  • Chapter 10: Landing page experiments
  • Chapter 11: You’re Done

Chapter 1: Landing page basics

What is a SaaS landing page?

A SaaS landing page is a website page that is focused on persuading visitors to perform a specific action – usually known as a call to action (conversion event).

What are conversion events?

A conversion rate is can be a sign up, free download, free trial registration, purchase, or link click.

We can also look at other conversion events that might not be our ultimate goal, but indicate interest. These could include:

  • Visitor views pricing page
  • Visitor spends over 60 seconds on the page
  • Visitor watches a video
  • Visitor starts (but doesn’t finish) the sign up flow

Chapter 2: SaaS landing page examples

Here are some example of high-converting SaaS landing pages annotated with the unique things they are doing to increase conversion.

Chapter 3: The philosophy of conversion

Desire vs friction

There are two parts to the anatomy of a SAAS landing page. The first is the philosophy that underpins visitor conversion. This is two conflicting drivers of user behaviour: desire and friction. When constructing your landing page, your job is to:

  1. increase desire
  2. reduce friction

We can assume visitors to your landing page have some desire to explore your product, because they have clicked an advertisement or comment, or searched for your business. How can we increase that desire to get them to convert, and also reduce any friction that might prevent it? Simple, use my visual guide: