11 Best Educational Video Production Companies of 2024

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Rishabh Pugalia

June 24, 2024

11 Best Educational Video Production Companies of 2024

According to a survey by Wistia, educational and instructional videos engage audiences more than any other type of business video content in 2023. This comes as no surprise, as video-based learning has proven highly effective.

Here are some questions to think about before we go more into the blog:

  • How will AI and automation change how an educational video production company makes and shares videos?
  • In what ways can educational video production incorporate gamification and interactive elements?
  • What challenges do small educational video production services face compared to larger ones?

This article has a curated list of the leading educational video production companies. These companies are known for creating innovative and impactful educational content.

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    What is Educational Video Production?

    Educational video production is the process of creating videos designed to inform, instruct, or educate viewers on a particular topic or subject. These videos can be used in various settings, including:

    • Classrooms,
    • Online courses,
    • Corporate training programs,
    • Marketing and promotional purposes.

    B2B educational videos aren’t about pushing products onto customers. Instead, they empower businesses with knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and achieve growth.

    11 Best Educational Video Production Companies

    Here are some of the best educational video production companies:

    1. Content Beta

    Content Beta is a video production agency that creates content for B2B tech companies’ marketing needs. They have an on-demand Creative Crew of designers, motion artists, and video editors. It guarantees swift project completion.

    This team ensures high-quality content while keeping educational video production costs in mind.

    • Industry: B2B, Software, Tech
    • Services: Product Demo Video, Remote Video Testimonials, Explainer Video, Educational Video, Podcast
    • Clients: ServiceNow, Recurly, PeopleVine, Searce
    • Pricing: Content Beta provides three subscription plans – Standard, Pro, and Custom. Exact pricing is provided upon request.
    • Rating: 4.7+ (G2, Clutch)

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    2. NextThought

    Next Thought Studios is a great choice for custom-made training and educational video production. They are known for their creative abilities, and client-driven and results-focused approach.

    • Industry: Education, Healthcare, Supply chain and Logistics
    • Services: Corporate Training Videos, Interactive Training Videos, Onboarding videos, Animated Explainer Videos
    • Clients: Amazon, Cummins, McDonald’s, Waratek
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.7+ (G2, Clutch)

    3. Clum Creative

    Clum Creative is a Cleveland-based video production and creative agency. They partner with marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives worldwide. They help to produce engaging videos and animation to deliver impactful solutions. It helps with diverse marketing and corporate needs.

    • Industry: Advertising and marketing, Business services, Education
    • Services: 2D and 3D animation, Explainer videos, Brand videos
    • Clients: Samsung, Sherwin Williams, AMC theaters
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.7+ ( Clutch)

    4. Demo Duck

    Demo Duck is an educational video production agency that specializes in SaaS explainer videos. Their team has diverse talents, from marketers and writers to animators and directors. It makes them a versatile partner for video content creation.

    • Industry: Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Non-Profit
    • Services: Animated Explainers, Customer Testimonial videos, Live Action Videos
    • Clients: Dropbox, Google, FEMA
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.8+ (Clutch)

    5. Blue Carrot

    Blue Carrot is an educational video production agency that specializes in educational content. They produce a wide range of videos – from short explainer videos to large-scale e-learning courses in many languages. They have served clients worldwide.

    Their team is passionate about creating immersive media experiences that educate and interest audiences.

    • Industry: Education, Advertising and Marketing, Finance
    • Services: Explainer video, Promo videos, Corporate videos
    • Clients: USE, Takeda, Charite, DNB
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.8+ (Clutch)

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    6. Lemon Light

    Lemonlight is one of the leaders in the elearning video production industry. It combines traditional production expertise with modern AI tools. Its innovative video production platform integrates human creativity with AI.

    • Industry: Software and Tech, Education, Health and Fitness
    • Services: Explainer Videos, Tutorial Videos, Video Ads, Product Videos for Marketing
    • Clients: UCLA, Google, Facebook, Mac
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.7+ (Clutch)

    7. Vidico

    Vidico has a proven track record of effective educational video production. They manage the entire production process from start to finish. They also help their clients with content repurposing.

    • Industry: Information Technology, Education, eCommerce, Finance
    • Services: Explainer Videos, Walkthrough Videos, Social Media Video
    • Clients: Vimeo, Spotify, Airtable, Square
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.8+ (Clutch)

    8. Wyzowl

    Wyzowl ensures that they provide clear, fixed timelines for each deliverable. It also offers unlimited revisions at every stage of the video creation process. This keeps the process simple and transparent.

    Additionally, they use a project management system for communication. This allows their clients direct access to the creative team.

    • Industry: Agriculture, E-commerce, Fintech, Software, Advertising and Marketing
    • Services: Explainer Videos, Animated Videos, App Demo Videos, Testimonials
    • Clients: DELL, Amazon, Deloitte, Oracle
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.7+ (Cuspera)

    9. Epipheo

    Epipheo creates animated explainers, testimonials, and social ads along with educational video production. They specialize in creating videos that show their clients’ unique value proposition.

    They firmly believe that video is the most effective way to engage audiences and build brand credibility.

    Industry: Information Technology, Software, Business Services, Financial Services

    Services: Explainer Videos, 3D Explainer Videos, Testimonial Videos, Live Action Explainer Video

    Clients: Microsoft, Google, Epson, Cisco, US Bank

    Pricing: Pricing by inquiry

    Rating: 4.8+ (Clutch)

    10. Yum Yum Videos

    They understand that every project has unique requirements. They are committed to finding the right solutions for their clients.
    This educational video production also prioritizes collaboration. They take the time to understand their client’s goals and values. This, in turn, ensures that the final product meets their expectations.

    • Industry: SaaS, Educational, Finance, Tech, Healthcare
    • Services: Product Explainer Videos, Animated Videos, SaaS Explainer Videos, Educative and Awareness Videos
    • Clients: American Express, Red Bull, Huawei, Amazon
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.8+ (Clutch)

    11. Synthesia

    Synthesia is an agency for educational video production. They have prioriti the secure, safe, and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence since 2017. They help you produce videos with AI avatars and voiceovers in many languages.

    • Industry: Information Security, Marketing, Tech
    • Services: Employee Training Videos, Instructional Videos, Training Videos
    • Clients: Zoom, Reuters, Heineken, Xerox
    • Pricing: Pricing by inquiry
    • Rating: 4.7+ (G2)

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    Educational video productions need expertise and time. Content Beta can help you with everything you need to create your educational videos.

    Have a look at our Video Portfolio (Product Explainers, Product Demo Videos, eLearning Videos, etc.) and Design Portfolio (Whitepapers, Presentation design, eBooks, etc.). We produce podcasts as well.

    We specialize in creating content for the B2B, Tech, and Software industries. We also have a Creative as a Service (CaaS) plan that includes a video and design team at a monthly rate.

    Some features we provide include:

    • We offer completely transparent pricing for video and design production.
    • We can accommodate demanding schedules and large projects.
    • We have a fast response and quick turnaround time.
    • Our dashboard provides you with real-time updates on project status.

    Schedule a call now for further discussion.


    Educational video production has a wide variety of formats. This diverse range allows for learning experiences that satisfy varied needs and preferences

    These companies can empower learners of all ages and backgrounds. They can reach their full potential by:

    • Embracing new technologies,
    • Collaborating with educators,
    • Prioritizing learner engagement

    Educational videos simplify complex concepts and inspire curiosity. This has the power to transform society and create a more informed population.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The benefits of working with an educational video production company are their expertise in -

    • instructional design,
    • storytelling, and
    • video production techniques.

    Educational video production costs can range from $2,000–$10,000 per minute. Costs vary depending on the complexity, length, and scope of the project.

    You choose the right educational video production company by reviewing -

    • the company's portfolio,
    • client testimonials
    • their expertise in your subject area.

    Then, make an informed decision according to your budget and specific needs.

    The process of working with an educational video production company typically involves initial consultation, scriptwriting and storyboarding, video production (animation or live-action), voiceover recording, editing and revisions, and final delivery.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    "Fast turnaround" "Easy to work"

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