15 Best Ecommerce Video Ads Examples

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June 12, 2024


Gone are the days of lengthy product descriptions. Today, consumers crave immersive experiences. They want to see, understand, and get a feel of your products before deciding. And ecommerce video ads can do exactly that.

90% of buyers admit that videos significantly impact their decision to buy a product. However, according to a Facebook study, younger viewers, especially those aged 18-24, have an attention span that is 75% shorter than users over 65.

As a result, they turn to social platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for short-form ecommerce video ads. Hence, it becomes necessary for digital advertisers to create short-form video ads and prioritize eye-catching visuals.

With a strong blend of visuals and sounds, ecommerce video ads offer something unique that other content forms cannot provide.

Here are a few things to remember when creating these videos:

  • How can you use emotions, like urgency, in your video to drive potential conversions?
  • How can you make your ecommerce video trendy but keep it true to your brand?
  • Where and how will your customers be using your product or services?

With this, let’s move on with our blog.

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    What are E-commerce Video Ads?

    Ecommerce video ads are short videos made for selling products online. You see these videos on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

    They not only showcase a product’s features and benefits but also vary in style.

    Some show how to use a product, others have customers talking about how great the product is, and some tell a story about the brand.

    These videos are meant to make people interested in buying.

    Why do You Need to Create E-commerce Video Ads?

    Creating ecommerce video ads is vital for a few reasons.

    • Attention Grabbing:¬†Videos play automatically on all social media platforms when scrolling online. Therefore, creating eye-catching videos can make people stop and watch.
    • Product in Action:¬†Video ecommerce platforms are changing the course of online shopping by allowing customers to see products in action. This helps people imagine using it, making them want to buy it.
    • Easy to Share:¬†If someone likes your video, they might share it with friends, meaning more people will see your¬†ecommerce product video.
    • Brand Awareness:¬†A well-made video can make your brand seem professional and trustworthy, which is crucial to help you sell more stuff online.

    Bonus: Videos that look real and show actual customers using the product are very effective for ecommerce video marketing. They make people feel connected to the product and trust it more.

    Additionally, many people watch videos on their phones, so videos shot on mobiles can seem more genuine and relatable.

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    What are the Different Types of E-commerce Video Ads?

    Here are the top kinds of videos that ecommerce companies use for effective marketing:

    1. Unboxing Style Product Demos

    These videos show unboxing videos with how a product looks and works.

    2. Feature/Product Announcement

    It aims to inform and excite viewers about the new feature or product while integrating it into the company’s existing brand narrative.

    3. Customer Testimonials and Reviews

    These videos have real customers discussing how they like the product. It’s like hearing from a friend. This can make potential customers trust the product more.

    4. Brand Storytelling

    These videos tell a story about the brand, like how it started or what it stands for. It’s like sharing a bit of the brand’s journey. This can make people feel more connected to the brand.

    5. Comparison Videos

    These videos show the pros and cons of two products. It’s like helping customers choose between two things by showing them side by side.

    6. Lifestyle Videos

    These videos show the product as part of a lifestyle. For example ‚Äď a coffee machine in the kitchen or an umbrella on a rainy day. It‚Äôs about making people feel a certain way about the product and the life they could have with it.

    7. User-generated Videos

    These e-commerce video ads are videos made by customers, not the brand. People might film themselves using a product and share it online. This approach feels real and can be more convincing than professional ads because of its authenticity.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Top 15 E-commerce Video Ads

    Here are some of the best ecommerce video ads examples. These ads range from product demonstrations to customer reviews. Let’s begin:

    1. DollarShaveClub

    Title:¬† ‚Äď Our Blades Are F***ing Great
    Duration: 1:33 minutes
    Type: Brand Storytelling, Business Concept
    Why it’s worth watching: It conveys the brand identity and business concept funnily and engagingly.

    Title:¬† ‚Äď Our Blades Are F***ing Great
    Duration: 1:33 minutes
    Type: Brand Storytelling, Business Concept
    Why it’s worth watching: It conveys the brand identity and business concept funnily and engagingly.

    2. LG

    Title: 2023 LG gram SuperSlim : Official Unboxing | LG
    Duration: 1:00 minutes
    Type: Unboxing video, Lifestyle
    Why it’s worth watching: This video showcases the product unboxing in trending ASMR style. It showcases the product from every angle with playful music in the background.

    3. Warby Parker

    Title: Nice to See You
    Duration: 30 seconds
    Type: User-generated Video, Lifestyle Video
    Why it’s worth watching: This short, fast-paced video uses multiple user-generated clips. It showcases the product in action.

    4. Samsung

    Title: Galaxy S23 Ultra: Official Unboxing | Samsung
    Duration: 1:16 minutes
    Type: Unboxing Videos
    Why it’s worth watching: This video showcases the unboxing of the product from every angle possible. The production quality is excellent, and upbeat music accompanies the video.

    5. Casper

    Title: This Is Where Dreams Begin
    Duration: 30 seconds
    Type: Brand Storytelling, Product Demo
    Why it’s worth watching: This hybrid video is a combination of animated and live demo clips. It clearly describes the production process and boasts about the outcome.

    6. Chanel

    Duration: 30 seconds
    Type: Lifestyle
    Why it’s worth watching: With movie-level production quality, this video showcases the lifestyle value of the product. A model is shown as the main lead in the ad, with background music and a voiceover at the end.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    7. Amazon

    Title: Don’t Get Caught | Amazon
    Duration: 59 seconds
    Type: Promotional Ad
    Why it’s worth watching: The video advertisement is attention-grabbing due to its unique approach and parody.

    8. Audi

    Title: A year of progress | 2022 at Audi
    Duration: 1:39 minutes
    Type: Brand Storytelling
    Why it’s worth watching: The video showcases Audi’s brand values and identity in high production quality. Voiceover and strong background music that evokes emotion accompanies the video.

    9. OpenSea

    Title: OpenSea | The NFT marketplace with everything for everyone
    Duration: 1:25 minutes
    Type: Product Announcement
    Why it’s worth watching: The video is excellent in production quality and explains the features of the product. The background music and voiceover complement the overall feel.

    10. Nothing

    Title: Ear (2). Mighty little things.
    Duration: 23 seconds
    Type: Product Announcement
    Why it’s worth watching: The video showcases the product in 360-degree view with the brand’s storytelling elements. A fun, hip-hop style music plays in the background.

    11. Etsy

    Title:¬†Etsy Has It ‚Äď Lamp | Search by Image
    Duration: 30 seconds
    Type: Feature Announcement, Product Demonstration
    Why it’s worth watching: This video strikes a balance between humor and emotion, showcasing the product feature in a lively and engaging manner. A gentle chorus of background music and voiceover accompany it.

    12. Red Bull

    Title: Whale
    Duration: 15 seconds
    Type: Product Features
    Why it’s worth watching: The video showcases Red Bull’s classic animated commercial style. Playful music in the background and a voiceover in the ending accompany it.

    13. Instacart

    Title: Everyday surprises with Instacart
    Duration: 30 seconds
    Type: Lifestyle
    Why it’s worth watching: This video aligns with the brand’s guidelines, such as color palette, typography, etc. It is accompanied by upbeat music in the background.

    14. Brilliant Earth

    Title: Introducing The Sol Collection.
    Duration: 30 seconds
    Type: Lifestyle
    Why it’s worth watching: This video showcases a woman talking about a new collection of jewelry by Brilliant Earth. It uses the brand’s identity and design elements along with gentle music and voiceover.

    15. Grubhub

    Title: Go for Grubhub: Late Night
    Duration: 15 seconds
    Type: Brand Storytelling, Commercial Ad
    Why it’s worth watching: The video showcases the brand’s storytelling for its commercial. A humorous take on real events and music in the background accompany the video well.

    Now that you’re done with the best ecommerce video ads, let’s move on to the next section of the blog.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Tips for Engaging E-commerce Videos

    Creating engaging ecommerce video ads is crucial for capturing the attention of your target audience and driving conversions.

    Here are some tips to help you make them engaging:

    1. Focus on how your product improves lives. Show your product in action through relatable scenarios. Highlight key benefits that customers care about instead of just listing features.
    2. Aim for 15 to 30 second videos for social media. Craft a brief narrative that emotionally connects with viewers within this time frame. Design for mobile users with clear visuals, readable text, and bold calls to action.
    3. Experiment with different elements, monitor performance and adjust accordingly. Use analytics to understand what resonates with your audience and refine your strategy.

    For expert guidance and innovative approaches, you can also explore the services of an ecommerce video ad service. These professionals can assist you in making the most of your video marketing efforts.

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    In conclusion, ecommerce video ads effectively showcase products, engage with customers, and drive sales.

    With the right ecommerce video marketing strategy, length, and platform, video ads for ecommerce significantly boost your ecommerce business.

    Remember, creating concise, compelling content that resonates with your audience is the key to success.

    As consumer behaviors evolve, adapting and innovating with video ads will keep your brand relevant and help build lasting connections with your customers.

    Consider seeking the expertise of ecommerce video ads maker who can help you craft compelling content. And for that, you can either hire a freelancer or an agency.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The ideal length for an eCommerce video ad is between 15 to 30 seconds long. Most ads are within this range. But some can even be 1 to 1:30 minutes long.

    To create an ecommerce video ad, it typically costs around $500 to $3500. The prices can vary depending on the quality and time taken. A professional ecommerce video ads maker costs more.

    The best platforms to share eCommerce video ads include social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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