10 Best Ecommerce Explainer Videos Examples

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June 13, 2024


How can we help prospects understand the ecommerce platform? Well, the most effective way to explain how it works is through explainer videos. In fact, according to GO-Globe, 97% of businesses say that explainer videos help users understand their business better.

These videos aren’t just about products; they’re about making you feel like an expert user.

What makes these videos effective? Including personal stories, testimonials, and UI snippets. These add more value to the viewer.

Ecommerce explainer videos break down the platform’s ins and outs. From managing online payments and chatting with customers to tracking sales, handling orders, and keeping inventory in check.

You can share them on social media, the website’s main page, and the FAQ section. They help with SEO, dwell time, and engagement.

Now, you might be wondering:

  • What are the key components of ecommerce explainer videos?
  • What style of video should I choose for my ecommerce business?
  • What should be the duration, visual elements, and narration style of these videos?

Below, you’ll find examples of the best ecommerce explainer videos that are suitable for your business.

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    What are Ecommerce Explainer Videos?

    Ecommerce explainer video introduces and persuades potential customers to use the product or platform. They are short, engaging, and communicate the value and benefits.

    Explainer videos simplify complex concepts and features. They help people easily grasp how the e-commerce platform/product functions and what makes it unique.

    Key Components of Ecommerce Explainer Videos:

    • Ideally, these videos should be 30 seconds to 2 minutes long.
    • Using animations, screen captures, and graphics simplifies complex concepts.
    • Explain distinctive features and value propositions (E.g., ease of use, pricing models).
    • Brief snippets of satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with the e-commerce platform.
    • Add 3D product photos/UI for an immersive visual experience.
    • Use eye-catching thumbnails with bold colors to make your content stand out on social media.
    • Ecommerce explainer video should be optimized for mobile viewing.
    • They should be concluded with a clear CTA(call to action) for prospects to take the next step.

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    10 Ecommerce Explainer Video Examples

    Here are a few examples of the best ecommerce explainer videos.

    1. Shopify

    Title: Shopify Explainer Video (Helpful!) What is Shopify and How Does it Work?

    Duration: 1 minute 38 seconds

    Type: Live-action Explainer

    Narration style: Upbeat and motivational. They use a conversational approach and a positive tone.

    Analysis: This ecommerce explainer video discusses themes, inventory management, retail solutions, etc.

    The video has vibrant colors and modern visuals, and each scene tells a story. Every scene ends with a close-up of a satisfied customer. The video also includes glimpses of the platform’s UI to show its user-friendly nature.

    2. Amazon

    Title: Amazon Business: Everything you love about Amazon. For work.

    Duration: 1 minute 3 seconds

    Type: 2D Animated Explainer

    Narration style: Informative and straightforward. They use a business-focused and professional tone.

    Analysis: This explainer video discusses Amazon Business’s evolution, accessibility, core features, and benefits. These ecommerce animated explainer videos are popular and easy to understand.

    The video has an animated character walking us through the platform’s importance. It also features graphics and has fast transitions from one scene to another. The colors used are bold and vibrant.

    3. eBay

    Title: eBay Refurbished Program

    Duration: 1 minute

    Type: 2D Animated Explainer

    Narration style: Informative, clear, and direct. The tone is trustworthy and encouraging.

    Analysis: The video focuses on the USP, product options, product quality, and benefits of using eBay.

    The video has multiple animated characters using products and shows how well they work. They also highlight their demanding performance standards. This shows prospects that the products are of high quality.

    4. Wix

    Title: Think It. Create It. | Wix

    Duration: 59 seconds

    Type: Motion design

    Narration style: The narration style is motivational and reassuring. The tone is informative and encouraging.

    Analysis: This ecommerce explainer video focuses on features, user-friendly processes, expansion opportunities, support assurance, etc.

    The video has 3D product visuals, snippets of the platform’s UI, and smooth transitions. The colors used are soft and pastel. The overall video has a modern aesthetic.

    5. JivoChat

    Title: What is JivoChat

    Duration: 1 minute 54 seconds

    Type: Animated with characters and infographics

    Narration style: Positive and crisp. The tone is professional and encouraging.

    Analysis: The video explains how JivoChat can assist e-commerce businesses and increase conversion.

    The video has simple transitions and uses both bold and pastel colors. Graphs, icons, and numbers to show the benefits of using JivoChat.

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    6. BigCommerce

    Title: BigCommerce is enterprise ecommerce, simplified

    Duration: 1 minute 58 seconds

    Type: Live-action Explainer

    Narration style: Confident and assuring. The tone is business-focused and informative.

    Analysis: This ecommerce explainer video has real people talking about bigCommerce. They highlight the performance, support, and operational efficiencies of the platform.

    The video also features a few statistics and quote testimonials. This shows the effectiveness of the platform.

    7. WooCommerce x Google Listings & Ads

    Title: Google Listings & Ads by WooCommerce

    Duration: 1 minute 46 seconds

    Type: Animated with transitions.

    Narration style: Energetic and positive. The tone is conversational.

    Analysis: The video focuses on advantages and features. The colors used are monochromatic. The video has animated characters, simple transitions, and a CTA (call to action) at the end.

    8. Alibaba

    Title: New Retail | Alibaba Cloud Retail Transformation

    Duration: 5 minutes 17 seconds

    Type: Animated with live-action

    Narration style: Informative and educational. The tone is analytical and thought-provoking.

    Analysis: The video has examples of new retail implementation, innovative solutions, and store transformation. The video uses stock footage and also has animated characters and products.

    9. Square Online

    Title: Square Online | Build a Free eCommerce Website

    Duration: 1 minute 14 seconds

    Type: Stock footage, Motion graphics, and kinetic typography

    Narration style: Direct and instructive. The tone is positive, encouraging, and convincing.

    Analysis: The video shows the features, ease of use, and success stories. They use a combination of stock footage, UI snippets, and bold text with minimal colors.


    Title: Start Your Online Store Easily | eCommerce

    Duration: 30 seconds

    Type: Live-action Explainer

    Narration style: Straightforward and informative. The tone is encouraging and supportive.

    Analysis: This ecommerce explainer video features a customer’s problem and presents itself as the solution. They focus the video on, being the one-stop solution for business owners. The video has advanced transitions and displays the user interface.

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    An Ecommerce explainer video is essential in introducing and promoting products or platforms to potential customers. They are best used to explain product launches, website redesigns, etc, and end with a clear call to action.

    Analyze customer journeys to identify gaps and opportunities for video integration. Create explainer videos showcasing features and benefits through characters, UI snippets, and storytelling.

    Finally, track video performance through views, engagement, and its impact on driving conversions.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Some common types of ecommerce explainer videos are animated, live-action, screencast, whiteboard, and motion graphics.

    The best platforms to share ecommerce explainer videos are YouTube, your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and email newsletters.

    Common mistakes to avoid in ecommerce explainer videos are overcomplicating the message, poor audio or video quality, making it too long, ignoring the target audience, and weak call-to-action.

    Explainer videos are important for ecommerce businesses. They simplify complex ideas, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates.

    A good ecommerce explainer video has a clear message, high-quality visuals and audio, engaging storytelling, and a strong call to action.

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