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7 Easy Ways To Create B2B animated product demo video

7 Easy Ways To Create B2B Animated Product Demo Video

Written by Rishabh Pugalia
Written by Rishabh Pugalia

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, a creative video and design agency for Tech & SaaS companies.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 7 easy ways to create B2B animated product demo videos.

In terms of creating animated videos, the primary objective is to enhance the engaging nature of your content by making it more engaging. In order to succeed in business, you should be able to present your product or service in an interesting way so that you will be able to attract leads and customers.

  • In the first part of the blog, we will learn about ‘Product Demo Videos’ and ‘Ways to Create B2B Animated Product Demo Videos.
  • Also, we’ll discuss how animated product demo videos can add value to your business, especially if you are a B2B company.

Before we walk through the different ways to create B2B animated product demo videos, let us understand –

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What are Product Demo videos?

Product demo videos explain the features of your product and show how it works in action in a way that is easy to understand. In today’s world where everything is possible online, product demo videos are a great way for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and are actually a preferred method by potential customers to learn more about their products.

Product demo videos do have the potential to enhance your company’s brand image and boost conversion rates for your product sales by a considerable amount. Inherently, consumers are more influenced by video content than any other form of content, and they get a greater sense of confidence about the product through a video.


7 Easy Ways To Create B2B animated product demo video

Animated B2B product demo videos serve the purpose of creating more engaging content for the customers and leads in the B2B market.

Ideally, a product demo video contains a detailed explanation of the product along with a demonstration of its use. Using the planned animation the creation of the video can be innovated. Some of the ways to create B2B animated videos are as follows –


1. Identify the aim of the video

The key to creating an animated product demo video more engaging is to keep it crisp and clear. During the production of the video, the producer is responsible for knowing how he intends to portray his product in front of the audience. The video needs to stay relevant to the subject matter in which it is presented, such as an illustration of a problem with a solution driven by the product.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to have an aim to start with. It is necessary to properly plan the video before you begin to produce it in order to achieve the best results.

2. Select a path

There are several formats in which product demos are available, so you have to determine which one will suit your needs and fit your budget in terms of presentation and price.

A classic demo allows the user to see the item from all angles, which is comparable with the experience of a real-life pre-shopping experience. On the other hand, you can create how-to videos, tutorials, or videos of product unpackings on the site.

In order for a video to be successful, it should have a flow that includes the right selection of animations, characters, and other resources.

3. Creating a video script

If you do not have a good video script, then it will be impossible for you to create a good animated product demo video or any other type of video for that matter. You need to design a plan of work that involves a compelling story, and the right style, all of which should stay within your budget, and you should have a timeline for completion.

It is important that a script is as tight and crisp as possible, with no unnecessary fluff, unnatural tone of voice, or stiff language used. Flow should be maintained throughout, and the choice of words should be considered in order to achieve the desired effect.

4. Storyboard

Animations can be pre-planned before the final production of the video takes place. A storyboard is something where you can play with your creativity. You design your animations and characters that will not sub-pass your budget and still be great. Multiple softwares are available to create storyboards, such as – FrameForge, StudiBinder, Visme, Storyboarder, etc.

Also note, by using a storyboard you can create a slide-by-slide presentation, which will make the video production process a lot easier. This would be really helpful for you budget as well.


5. Music augmentation

You can enhance your animated product demo video with audio augmentation to give it a life of its own. An important factor in designing graphics and animations is selecting background music that complements them. Hence, the selection of the right audio is quite important in order to achieve the best results.

There are numerous AI tools available to create the best audio, such as – AIVA AI, Musenet, Magenta, Musico, Humtap, LANDR, etc. Using these tools, you can create a creative track using multiple tracks.


6. Animation creation

There will be a lot of animations in your animated product demo video, which will make it stand out from the crowd. The selection of animations and graphics for your video has to be done selectively when it comes to making sure they fit the theme. Keeping your budget in mind, it’s important that you work with your designer to create a plan and make sure that there are plenty of options available to you.

The animation should be top-notch, with the latest references and humor. The way you portray your product with graphics will say a lot about your work.

Multiple animation tools are available online, such as – Adobe animate, Animaker, Pencil2D, Toon Boom Animation, Blender, etc. These tools will help to work on your creativity and create better animations.

The designer of your team favorably should have 3-4 years of experience then he can use tools well and will suggest multiple options.

7. Adding minimal graphic texts or elements

A good animated product demo video should contain some highlights, texts, or other elements that will help the user to remember some key points that have been highlighted in the video.
You must clarify the message and make sure that the entire video revolves around it in order to make it effective.

In order to showcase a product’s features, it would be helpful if you concentrated on the major advantages the product has to offer. It is also possible to display the purchasing options via text in addition to images.

In the case of an e-commerce site, the CTA (Call to Action) is extremely important. In this way, you will be able to guide your user on how to begin using your product or how to connect.

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Product Demo Videos: What value do they add?

There are many reasons why you should make a product demo video in order to help your customers understand how your product works. Today, people are more likely to learn from visuals than they are from written text. With visual content, people are more likely to connect, they are more likely to understand.

As a result of your product demo videos –

  • Customers will be able to get a better idea of what type of experience they can expect with your product or service when they actually use it.
  • Also, product demo videos are a great part of your branding and advertising.
  • You can portray your product the way you want it to, it’s that simple. You just have to have a good team and a proper pipeline for production.

It is important to note that these video representations of your product can add so much value to your product that you will be able to have a global network based on these representations of your product.


In the long run, animated product demo videos can be a powerful tool to raise brand awareness, generate new leads, and drive more conversions if you create them correctly. To be able to create a good piece of content, it is also important to have a good understanding of the basic principles of video production.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The purpose of animated B2B product demo videos is to provide customers and leads with greater engagement by creating more relevant content that is relevant to their needs. As a result of these videos, the product can be presented in such a way that customers would be able to get information about the product in the most convenient way for them.

In order to produce an effective product demo video, you should have graphics, animations, music, highlights, texts, or other elements in the video that help the user remember some of the most important points that are highlighted in the video as they watch it.

Multiple animation tools are available online, such as – Adobe animate, Animaker, Pencil2D, Toon Boom Animation, Blender, etc.

The top ten companies that might help you to create animated product demo videos are-
Yum Yum videos, Motion story, Eplipheo studios, Demo duck, Vidico, Dinos and teacups, Switch videos, Thinkmojo, Dot, Explainify, Yans Media, etc.

Also, Content Beta is well known Video Production Company that creates B2B animated product videos.

The use of product demo videos as part of your branding and advertising strategy is a great idea. It is as simple as that, you get to choose how you want your product to be presented, and it takes only a few clicks. To make this work, you only need a good team and a production pipeline that works properly.

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