10 Best E-commerce Review Videos Examples

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Rishabh Pugalia

June 11, 2024


Text reviews are not enough. Audiences need to see products in action before buying. Today’s savvy shoppers look for real opinions from real people. It makes them confident to “add-to-cart”.

According to Salsify, 54% of consumers look for more product information or content while shopping online. Review videos bridge the gap and answer last-minute questions. They help consumers make smarter choices.

Now it brings us to these points:

  • Do you think your product descriptions are enough to make them buy?
    – Spoiler alert: it’s not!
  • Could review videos become a primary form of “social proof” rather than just a supplement to text reviews?
  • How might Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality (AR) change review videos?

Great e-commerce review videos show products through the lens of real customer stories. This creates an emotional connection with viewers. They can be in the form of unboxing, product demos, comparisons, and simply spokesperson videos.

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 examples of e-commerce review videos.

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    Why Create E-commerce Review Videos?

    As consumers increasingly rely on peer recommendations and video content, creating review videos is no longer an option, it’s a must-have. Here are five reasons why you should create e-commerce review videos:

    1. Cut through the noise

    Real people with real voices increase buyer confidence in your product. By featuring relatable individuals and their genuine reactions to products, you can use storytelling to engage and persuade potential customers. This is why UGC-style videos have been on the rise.

    2. Enhance Product Visualization

    Video reviews bring products to life compared to other forms. The product can be seen from multiple angles, and its features and benefits can be observed in action. It helps you get a better sense of its size, scale, and quality.

    3. Connect to their emotions

    Show your products through real customer stories and experiences. It humanizes your brand and makes it easier for viewers to see themselves using and benefiting from your offerings.

    4. Close sales by removing barriers

    Solve common questions, concerns, and objections. Make it easy for them to make a purchase decision. By tackling these issues head-on, you make your viewers say “yes” to your products.

    5. Improved Search Engine Visibility and CTRs

    Create optimized video reviews with relevant keywords, descriptions, and tags. Including E-commerce Review Videos on product pages can lead to higher conversion rates.

    Professionally created videos are not enough to get the attention of today’s consumers. With the rise of AI-generated content, brands must review their strategies and adopt new ones.

    This will help them stay relevant. Focusing on storytelling techniques and real customer experiences ensures the genuineness of their content.

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    10 Examples of E-commerce Review Videos

    These examples show various approaches to creating review videos. Consider how you can apply similar techniques to your own e-commerce review videos. It helps you make them specific to your products and target audience.

    1. Spencer’s Adventures

    Title: Yeti Rambler Mug | 1-Month Review

    Video Length: 5 minutes, 16 seconds

    Product: Yeti Rambler Mug

    What makes it special: This video shows an honest review by the creator who has used the mug for a month. He shows the quality of the mug and also breaks down the pros and cons in detail.

    2. Linus Tech Tips

    Title: Almost EVERYONE is Wasting Money on Dash Cams.

    Video Length: 17 minutes, 32 seconds

    Product: Dash Cams

    What makes it special: This E-commerce Review video shares a relatable story of a hit-and-run. The creator turns to his dashcams for evidence but finds them useless despite their cost.

    He reviews each dashcam’s flaws honestly. Then, he introduces a new product, endorsing its features and performance.

    He connects with the audience through a common experience and provides genuine reviews. This makes the creator’s review hold influence.

    3. My MONOS Travel Luggage

    Title: My MONOS Travel Luggage Review

    Video Length: 28 seconds

    Product: Travel luggage

    What makes it special: The creator passionately shares five reasons why she adores the product. Through her travel packing experience, she demonstrates the practicality and convenience of both the suitcase and the duffel bag.

    By visually showing each point while packing, the video effectively communicates the product’s benefits, making it an informative and engaging review.

    4. Neo’s Remote


    Didnt expect that at the end 😳 What should I test next time?

    ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

    Title: Didn’t expect that at the end 😳 What should I test next time?

    Video Length: 28 seconds

    Product: Remote Controller

    What makes it special: The creator puts a gadget to the test, which can be used as a remote controller for various electronics. He shows the product in action by using it with different electronics like TVs, lights, etc.

    This video is part 5 of a video series. They hook the audience with different viral TikTok products.

    5. Voltux

    Title: The most useful product 🔋🥰

    Video Length: 11 seconds

    Product: Portable Charger

    What makes it special: The video hooks the audience with the title and then shows the product. The portable charger is shown for use with various objects like phones, AirPods, PSP, etc.

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    6. On the go bottle

    Title: Best viral product 2024

    Video Length: 12 seconds

    Product: Expandable portable bottle

    What makes it special: This short E-commerce Review Video shows the features of the product – it is expandable, leakproof,etc. It uses interesting texts to give positive feedback.

    7. Effaciar Duo

    Title: Improve Skin in 11 Days?! Doctorly Reviews Effaclar Duo

    Video Length: 33 seconds

    Product: Skincare

    What makes it special: An expert analyzes a viral TikTok video of a girl who showcases improved skin after using a product for 11 days.

    The expert reviews the product and discusses its contents and benefits. He clarifies that the outcomes are positive even if they are not visible in 11 days.

    8. Sierra Zagarri

    Title: The COOLEST bubble machine EVER! | Sierra Zagarri

    Video Length: 29 seconds

    Product: Bubble Gun

    What makes it special: The video hooks the audience when the creator wants to test the bubble gun in a public place while no one’s around. She reviews the bubble gun in a fun and playful way.

    9. Dyson

    Title: Mission Unstoppable 💪

    Video Length: 11 seconds

    Product: Vacuum Cleaner

    What makes it special: The video in a short span conveys how the Dyson vacuum cleaner is great for any surface. In a fun way, the video shows the vacuum cleaner in use.

    10. Marques Brownlee

    Title: This is the Dumbest Product I’ve Ever Reviewed

    Video Length: 18 minutes, 31 seconds

    Product: Dyson Air purifying Headphones

    What makes it special: The video hooks the audience with an inquisitive title. Then he goes on to review this product in detail and gradually shifts into positive feedback.

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    Consumers rely on relatable content more than polished ads for their purchasing decisions. The bottom line is to make your audience NEED your product, not just want it!

    The examples in this blog show the various approaches to create great review videos. From testing viral products to real-world applications and addressing common concerns.

    Prioritize transparency, relatability, and emotional connection rather than polished ads. Create review videos that not only inform but also inspire your audience to take action.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Customer reviews are important in e-commerce as they help with the following:

    • Potential buyers make confident purchase decisions.
    • Provide social proof,
    • Increase conversion rates,
    • Improve SEO,
    • And offer valuable feedback for product improvement.

    A good e-commerce review video needs to be:

    • Authentic, relatable, and showcasing the product in action.
    • Focus on genuine customer experiences, address common concerns, and show features and benefits.

    User-generated content (UGC) plays the role of adding reliability and social proof to e-commerce videos. It builds trust, encourages engagement, and provides diverse perspectives on products.

    The best way to showcase products in e-commerce videos is by demonstrating the product in real-world scenarios is the best way to showcase it. Use close-ups and multiple angles, and explain features and benefits clearly.

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