Drift Insider Breakdown

A Guide To Choosing The Right LMS Platform For Your SaaS Business.

Drift is a revenue acceleration platform. Well, they used to be a conversational marketing platform but through great marketing and an excellent team, they have been able to create a different category for themselves.

That’s a topic for another day.

Today we will be talking about the content platform of Drift- Drift Insider.

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Landing Page

Landing pages are the make or break deal for many of your visitors

So it is imperative that it is well designed without threatening to be overwhelmed with text

As we land on Drift Insider, it has this beautiful banner video running on a loop

Drift Insider - Landing Page

We scroll down to see a black background, also happens to be the brand’s colour, which makes everything in the foreground stand out.

Further down we go to see a lot of numbers about subscribers and video count

Drift Insider - Numbers

We even get to see faces of recognisable industry professionals with some tweets praising Drift Insider sprinkled over


  • Be consistent with brand palette
  • Use numbers to legitimize the academy
  • Use social proofs from audience reviews
  • Interview industry rockstars to increase reach

Drift Insider’s landing page impresses us. It ticks every box until now.

Inside the Insider

The content is grouped under various banners

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Growth
  • Product

We see a mix of fireside chats, podcasts, courses, live event recordings, newsletters, and most importantly drift training.

Drift Insider - Inside

One thing is for sure, there is no lack of content at Drift Insider.


  • Have a mix of long-form as well as short-form content
  • Have something for everyone
  • Thumbnail and title should complement the content and its theme

But our focus here would be the certification courses and Drift training videos.

Certified Insider

Drift Insider has three certification courses

  • The Playbook Basics Certification
  • Conversational Sales Certification
  • Conversational Marketing Certification

It won’t take you more than an hour to complete each of them.

Moreover, they are broken up into multiple classes which could be taken one at a time.

Plus each time you complete one you get to add a badge to your linkedin profile

Drift Training

When it came to product videos Drift pulled no punches

From integrating Drift with Zoom to best practices

Everything under the sun has been covered in the 30+ training videos

Drift Insider - Training

What We Liked

Drift Insider - Highlighter

We really liked that every single resource say PDFs or video transcripts were downloadable

Even the worksheets could be simply added to your Google drive with the click of a button.

Not to mention these were extremely well designed

Each class ends with a quiz which makes sure that the learnings are reinforced.

Surprisingly, there was no obvious brand plugin.

They did not talk about Drift for a second

These were more of trojan horses

Say when giving tips of “how to have a more engaging conversation” the examples were given on the drift chatbot interface rather than plain text

Very smart we would say


  • Have resources to complement videos
  • Be less ‘salesy’ with your product placement
  • Presentation is key

What We Disliked

Sometimes these were loom videos, sometimes interviews.

The text alongside the speaker was sometimes on the left, sometimes right, sometimes it covered three-quarters of the screen.

Even the presenters kept switching from lecture to lecture.

While we agree that at few instances it was needed but for the most part, this meant that there was no fixed template for these lectures.

Some of the videos were used under different banners.

For example “Launching your Pricing Page Bot” for used in the certification as well as drift training and referred to previous classes.

The problem here is that when it came to Drift training it didn’t have a previous class


  • Consistency builds comfort and trust
  • Double-check videos when it comes to recycling

Final verdict

here’s more content on sales and marketing than anyone of us could ever need. We need someone to cut through the clutter.

And that’s exactly the pitch of Drift Insider.

Drift Insider thrives on churning out content but they can definitely repurpose their key content for other platforms and uses.

Here’s how we do it at ContentBeta


Repurposing Webinars to Training Videos from Content Beta on Vimeo.

But apart from a few chinks here and there Drift Insider is how your company should organise their resources

It is the perfect example of how conversational marketing company can be conversational themselves

….Until next time

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