11 Inspiring Presentation Designs Examples for Data Privacy

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May 28, 2024


Are you trying to stuff all the industry-specific terms while creating presentation designs for SaaS and web graphics?

I know what you’re trying to achieve.

You want your presentation and web graphics to be both informative and visually appealing at the same time!

However, your designers are struggling to find the right balance.

They are thinking: should we go for a minimalist design or a design with many complex elements? We get it! Finding the sweet spot between text and pictures is not easy.

So, here is what we did to solve that problem.

We studied hundreds of designs from data privacy companies (Consent Management Platforms). This way, you have a ready directory of presentation designs covering complex areas such as:

  • Collect user consents
  • Ensure GDPR, CCPA compliance
  • Consent storage, retrieval
  • Track consent changes
  • Customize consent requests
  • Opt-in, opt-out options
  • Integration with other tools
  • Analytics, insights
  • Cookie management
  • Privacy policy updates
  • User-friendly consent UX
  • Data breach notifications
  • Consent audit trails
  • API support
  • Localization
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    Top 11 Presentation Designs Examples for Data Privacy

    We curated a list of 10+ presentation designs and wrote a short description of each. This way, you can get ideas for your presentation designs.

    Let’s get started!

    1. TrustArc

    TrustArc is an all-in-one privacy management platform helping businesses automate and simplify privacy tasks. It offers unique privacy tools, insights, and intelligence for complete privacy control in a constantly changing environment.

    Example 1:

    What is so special about this design?

    This graphic design uses a Simplified User Interface (SUI) with vector graphics (human characters). SUI eliminates unnecessary elements, keeping only what matters. This provides more visual clarity for users.

    What is so special about this design

    Here is another example from a Forrester report on TrustArc.

    Example 2:

    Let’s see what’s the WOW factor in this design.

    Displaying key SaaS metrics & business KPIs, using flat icons and connecting them with a common line. The factor that sets this design apart is its minimalistic approach.

    Summary 1
    Summary 2

    Let’s see some more examples of minimalistic designs from the same report.

    Source: Economic report of TrustArc by Forrester

    2. MineOS

    MineOS is a highly rated data privacy platform, offering fast implementation time and high ROI. It features various technologies, such as email navigator, data classification, and consent management, to streamline and automate data privacy management. It supports various privacy regulations.

    Example 1:

    What’s the Eye-catching element in this design?

    This presentation design uses a combination of client logo, key metrics & statistics, and basic chart visualization on a clean canvas. It results in a clean and practical design.

    Team Viewer

    Example 2:

    Let’s study more examples and observe what sets these designs apart.

    This design defines a complex risk assessment concept using simple visual infographics. This image also used the layering of two floating panels with dashed arrows. Colors used include soft tones of primary hues.

    Team Viewer 1

    Example 3:

    Let’s continue and find out what makes this design unique.

    The design features multiple layers along with an arrow to direct users to the next step. The CTA or call to action button is placed strategically to catch attention.

    Team Viewer 2

    Example 4:

    Below is an additional instance of presentation design example.

    Let’s observe what makes this design a perfect combination of functionality and visual appeal.

    This design showcases a comparison matrix in a minimalistic visual format. This results in a clean yet engaging design that is easy to understand.

    Team Viewer 3

    Example 5:

    What is the outstanding characteristic of this design?

    This design uses color psychology by using one logo in a larger size and color, while the others are grayed out. This strategy ensures that the primary logo is the focal point of the design.

    Estimated ROI

    Example 6:

    Let’s find out what makes this design functional and visually captivating.

    This design captures the data sources, the process, and the outcome in a single infographic without cluttering it. This effectively uses ample whitespace, enhancing readability and maintaining a clean, uncluttered appearance.

    Privacy Reeport

    Example 7:

    Now, let’s see what is the defining feature of this design.

    The design uses layering of multiple UI panels, along with a drop shadow effect, to create a sense of depth. The annotation circle around the “Allow all” button particularly draws attention.

    Your Logo

    3. Segment

    Twilio Segment (Segment earlier) is the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provides companies with reliable customer data to personalize experiences, make real-time decisions, and accelerate growth. Its platform connects and activates first-party data across 300+ marketing, analytics, and data warehousing tools.

    Example 1:

    What is the defining feature of this design?

    This design offers a visual narrative that represents the methodology and workflow of the company. The defining feature here is the bilateral symmetry of the branches.

    design offers a visual

    Example 2:

    Let’s check out another similar example.

    CDP Report

    Example 3:

    Let’s look at a different example and find out what is particularly remarkable about this design.

    This design uses a Simplified User Interface (SUI) that presents a user-friendly experience. The layout features multiple floating UI panels that are layered seamlessly in a cohesive manner.

    Simplified User Interface

    4. Usercentrics

    Usercentrics is a global leader in Consent Management Platforms (CMP) that help businesses collect, manage, and document user consents to achieve privacy compliance, high consent rates, and customer trust. Its solutions cater to all enterprise sizes and serve clients worldwide.

    Example 1:

    What makes this design different from the rest?

    This presentation design converts complex concepts in an easy to understand infographics to effectively convey the benefits of the SaaS model.


    Example 2:

    Here is another example. Let’s observe the unique features of this design.

    This design is a visual representation of an instruction manual. It combines the use of flat icons and texts to effectively deliver the message.


    5. Data Grail

    DataGrail is a privacy platform that helps modern brands build customer trust and transparency by automating and scaling privacy, and staying compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA regulations. Its platform supports robust data mapping and privacy workflows and services millions of consumers everywhere.

    Example 1:

    What is so noteworthy about this design?

    This presentation visually describes the 8 elements of the central idea using an infographic. Using flat icons alongside text helps in better comprehension.

    Elements of Data Privacy Program

    Example 2:

    Here is another example. Let’s go through it and find out what makes this design different from the rest.

    This design breaks down the complex concept into various bite-sized groups and sub-groups. It uses simple shapes with an inbuilt pointer and multiple arrow branches.

    Data Grail Privacy

    6. Snowflake

    Snowflake is a cloud data platform that delivers the Data Cloud, enabling organizations to mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. It offers a single and seamless experience for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and data sharing.

    Example 1:

    What makes this design unique?

    The design uses a combination of UI panels, flat icons, text, and flow charts. All these elements are layered to create a composition. The layers are further defined by the drop shadow effect.

    Synchronize Metadata

    Example 2:

    Let’s continue and see what is particularly remarkable about this design.

    The design features multiple company logos in one frame. They are aligned and placed in a symmetrical manner to keep visual noise minimal.

    multiple company logos in one frame

    7. Securiti

    Securiti is the leading provider of Unified Data Controls that create a layer of unified data intelligence and controls across all major public clouds, data clouds, and private clouds. Its DataControls Cloud enables enterprises to fulfill key obligations around data security, privacy, governance, and compliance in complex multi-cloud environments.

    Example 1:

    What makes this design different from the rest?

    This design features multiple company logos, flat icons, and texts. Everything is organized around the center of the hexagon in radial symmetry.

    Assets and data recovery

    Example 2:

    Here is one more example. Let’s see what makes this design stand out.

    In this design, the CTA or call to action button is tactically placed right above the badges of the company. This increases the likelihood of a visitor clicking on the CTA button.

    Request a Demo

    8. Transcend

    Transcend is a privacy platform that helps leading brands encode privacy across their tech stack, from data discovery to universal opt-outs. It offers solutions for data mapping, privacy requests, consent governance, and data processing risk mitigation. Transcend provides an easy, efficient, and seamless privacy program that flows across the tech stack.

    Example 1:

    What is the outstanding characteristic of this design?

    The design combines 3D icons with statistics and texts. The title features typewriter font. The color combination is unusual but grabs attention.


    Example 2:

    Here is another example from the same website. Let’s observe what makes this design exceptional.

    The design features a perfect balance of flat icons, statistics, and text. The typewriter font in the title adds charm while the bold colors and font keep it trendy.

    Transcend 1

    9. Monsido

    The Monsido Data Privacy Module helps organizations comply with data protection and privacy standards by enabling control of website data. It is an add-on by Optimere that facilitates personal data management.

    Example 1:

    What is the outstanding characteristic of this design?

    The design showcases illustrated user personas. The user profile is visually represented using flat icons and summarized data.


    Here is a similar example of an illustrated employee persona.

    Monsido 1

    10. Crownpeak

    Crownpeak DQM automates governance processes, delivering consistent content quality and legal compliance standards across enterprise environments. The customizable platform includes compliance monitoring for SEO, UX, mobile web, accessibility and localizations. It integrates with any CMS, enabling seamless quality assurance.

    Example 1:

    What is noteworthy about this design?

    This design uses a Simplified User Interface (SUI) to make an infographic. The design takes a minimalist approach to explaining complex concepts, using illustrations in a simple linear pattern and icons of a browser.


    11. Clarip

    Seller Clarip provides a comprehensive SaaS data privacy platform for social, web, mobile, cloud app and IoT devices, enabling brands to minimize privacy risks and engage customers better.

    Example 1:

    What distinguishes this design from others?

    The design features a visual representation of a timeline of events. One of the unique features is the yearly division of the timeline. The important dates and events are annotated properly.


    Why choose Content Beta to create a Presentation Design for a Data Privacy company?

    Here’s why Content Beta is the best choice for your Data Privacy company’s Presentation Design Service:

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    Unlike physical products, SaaS companies deal with abstract ideas, software UI, and concepts. They require a minimalist approach that conveys complex information concisely and clearly. Hence, creating presentation designs for them requires a different approach than traditional designs for companies selling physical products.

    Additionally, software companies may need to use technical terminologies in their presentation designs.

    With this in mind, our examples of presentation designs will provide you with many design ideas, all in one place. While each design is unique, all our examples prioritize a balance between text and visuals, resulting in clear and practical designs that are easy to understand.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Presentation designs are used in Market Research Presentations, Investment Pitch Proposal, Go To Market (GTM) Plan, User Personas of ICPs, Marketing Events Presentations, Marketing Blueprint, Marketing Funnel Playbook, Social Media Strategy, Sales Pitch Deck, Product Demo Videos, Web designs and infographics, Landing pages, Online Ads, Lead Magnets, Whitepaper, etc.

    The common mistakes to avoid in creating presentation designs are –

    • Not following branding guidelines
    • Not using minimalism, cluttering the design with too much text or too many images,
    • Not considering the target audience or buyer persona, using irrelevant visuals or graphics,
    • Not using call to action (CTA),
    • Not reviewing the design for errors or inconsistencies, and not focussing on the user experience (UX).
    The key elements of a presentation design are –
    • Clear and concise message,
    • Minimalist approach with a balance between text and visuals, consistent branding and use of color,
    • Proper use of technical terminologies,
    • High-quality images and graphics,
    • Easy-to-navigate layout,
    • Call-to-action (CTA) that encourages the audience to take action,
    • Mobile responsiveness,
    • Accessibility for all users,
    • Using data visualization to support key points.
    Using a storytelling approach with relevant case studies and testimonials can also help engage the audience and make the presentation more memorable.

    Here are some tips to make a good PowerPoint presentation –

    • Keep the message simple and brief.
    • Use engaging visuals to make the presentation more appealing
    • Keep all your branding elements consistent. It creates a professional look and establishes brand recognition.
    • Ensure the presentation progresses logically from one point to the next.
    • Add in some interactive bits – polls, quizzes, discussions. It keeps the audience engaged and stimulates interest.
    • Visualizing data can make complex ideas more easy to grasp.
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