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Transform PDFs, Case-studies, Presentations, or Blogs into professional videos that engage your audience quickly.

What our Customers Say

I liked how fast they picked up our product, which to their credit might look simple but is rather nuanced. On top of that our UI keeps changing, CB provides us with a maintenance cycle that helps us keep the videos updated.
Kalyan Chakravarthy
Product Enablement Manager, Kissflow

Use cases for B2B & SaaS customer service videos

Sign-up walkthrough
Customer support videos are used to help new users in signing in and set up their accounts for the SaaS product or service.

Quick answers
The most frequently asked questions of my customers can be addressed immediately With the help of prerecorded.

Smooth onboarding
Video support ensures that help can be provided at every step of the onboarding journey for new users via videos.

Customer Service Video Examples

How can we help you

A variety of Customer Service Video under one roof

We saw how customer service video can benefit both customers and customer support reps. But what kind of videos should you be creating to improve the quality of customer support?

FAQ videos

Problem-solving videos

Walk-through videos

Onboarding videos

Promotional videos

Live-support videos

How-to videos

Tutorial videos

Product Training Videos


Case Study: ChiroTouch

Watch how Content Beta helped ChiroTouch upgrade their 1:1 Training from Zoom calls to effective How-to videos?

Frequently Asked Questions

We DON’T need your time in explaining how your product works. We have tried and tested process for knowledge transfer. All we need is your product docs or loom video and demo account credentials.

Yes. In fact, we prefer to record the screens ourselves since it helps us with getting the screen resolution right. We typically request for your product’s sandbox access and product docs or raw loom videos.

If you’re product involves complex integrations or features we may not be able to replicate easily, we will request for screen recordings in specific formats. We will recreate the scripts and sync it with your recordings.

Yes. Our scriptwriters work with instructional designers to create a perfect learning experience. We’re a believer of “telling ain’t teaching”. Your audience also doesn’t enjoy “click here-click there: style videos. We mix it with quick wins, best practices, etc.

We get it. You're not comfortable with investing in product videos today. You're thinking they'll become outdated in the next six months or so. Instead of throwing outdated product videos when you have new product updates, we update the videos to keep up with your product's speed.

We call it video refresh - get your videos refurbished when you want. Schedule a call with us to learn more.

All of our content is made from scratch and you have full legal ownership of the files as soon as we deliver them to you. However, ownership to illustrations, vector files, stock videos, and images belong to third party and have license to use without crediting the creator.

We shoot for video delivery within 8-12 days. The two things that hold up delivery are

1. How well-defined is the scope of the project
2. The number of iterations of feedback given to our editors (it is best to give a large amount of feedback in the first or second iteration as opposed to many small points of feedback over many iterations).

If for some reason, the review time is more than 5 business days, the request is marked inactive and sent to our archive pipeline where the delivery is 25-30 days.

Any video draft delivered will be marked complete is no review within 5 business days.

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