Top 5 Crowdfunding Video Examples

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June 12, 2024

Top 5 Crowdfunding Video Examples

Crowdfunding zones are extremely competitive, so much so that even the most innovative concepts struggle for attention and funding. In such cases, a well-made video can make a huge difference. Because a winning crowdfunding video is not just an ad; it is a carefully crafted story.

To know what the previous statement means truly, let’s think about some questions:

  • At a time when building trust is important, how can a crowdfunding video establish credibility and reduce perceived risks for investors?
  • How can B2B crowdfunding videos create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) among potential investors, encouraging them to act quickly and decisively?
  • How can crowdfunding video production strike the right balance between emotional storytelling and data-driven evidence to connect with analytical and emotionally driven investors?

Let’s see in detail the key components, explanations, and examples to understand more about videos created for crowdfunding.

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    What is a Crowdfunding Video?

    A crowdfunding video is a short promotional video designed to inspire viewers to support a project financially. It serves as a visual pitch, conveying the project’s purpose, goals, and impact.

    Crowdfunding videos typically introduce the team behind the project, outline the problem being addressed, explain how the funds will be utilized, and conclude with a compelling call to action, urging viewers to contribute and share the campaign.

    How Do Crowdfunding Campaigns Benefit from Applying Videos?

    Crowdfunding campaigns benefit from applying videos as they create crowdfunding examples that raise millions. Why? Let’s see some of the reasons:

    1. Videos Elevate Crowdfunding Campaign Performance

    According to Fundera, videos can increase the performance of a crowdfunding campaign by up to 105%. This significant increase comes from videos’ ability to quickly and effectively communicate the project’s value proposition.

    2. Videos Make Your Project Unforgettable to Interested Investors

    A crowdfunding pitch video can make an impression on potential investors and help the campaign become more memorable. Well-made crowdfunding videos can tell a compelling story about the product or service, and they can help to build trust with potential backers.

    Take a look at this LinkedIn post by Adam Dodds, CEO and founder of Freetrade:

    If you need shareholders and investors to back you up, then you need a video powerful enough to convince people that you are unique and have potential for growth.

    3. Videos Bridge the Gap Between Concept and Reality for Potential Backers

    Videos can explain a product or service better than a sales pitch or a business plan. They can show how the product or service works and demonstrate its benefits.

    They showcase functionality, show real-world applications, and quantify potential return on investment. This makes it easier for investors to visualize the impact on their business.

    4. Videos Provide Multi-Platform Marketing Beyond the Crowdfunding Platform.

    Your crowdfunding video isn’t just for Kickstarter or Indiegogo. You can reuse the same content by content repurposing and sharing it across social media to build hype, check public opinion, and even obtain pre-orders.

    5 Best Crowdfunding Video Examples

    Here below are some of the best crowdfunding campaign examples for you to refer to and understand:

    1. Friend

    Caption: Friend: Open Source AI Wearable Recording Device

    Duration: 1:11

    Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

    Backers: 576

    Overview: This is an example of live-action crowdfunding videos with a powerful beat sync that complements the video. The video features bold, kinetic typography and ends with a short message from the three founders.

    2. Omega

    Caption: Omega: World’s Smallest 100W & 200W USB-C Charger

    Duration: 2:22

    Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

    Backers: 22,055

    Overview: This is Omega’s 9th campaign crowdfunding video, and they have successfully compared the charger’s features with those of other competitors in the market. The video has a good music background and keeps changing the scenarios, which makes the video attractive and interesting.

    3. Mode Mobile

    Caption: Building the next disruption in smartphones.

    Duration: 2:35

    Crowdfunding Platform: Seedrs

    Backers: 1,541

    Overview: This crowdfunding pitch video has an engaging narrator, vibrant colors, and soft music in the background. It discusses some statistics and the app’s USP and even includes some customer testimonial video clips at the beginning, which makes it one of the best crowdfunding videos.

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    4. Mindstone Learning

    Caption: Invest in Mindstone Learning Limited
    It’s free, quick and easy to sign up.

    Duration: 3:13

    Crowdfunding Platform: Crowdcube

    Backers: 69

    Overview: The video starts with the company’s CEO giving a few details about its pitch, the benefits, etc. It then continues with other people from the company talking about the platform and its integration with AI.

    They show their expected growth rate and statistics, which form a convincing point for what they are vouching for.

    Note: Despite of having only 69 investors, they have exceeded the funding amount needed.

    5. Wyldfilms

    Caption: Don’t miss out next time!

    This opportunity is now closed to investment. Add Zoomcar Share Limited to your watchlist to hear about any future opportunities.

    Duration: 3:53

    Crowdfunding Platform: Crowdcube

    Backers: 569

    Overview: This crowd funding video is slightly longer than others and is not active now, but it is still a very good example for crowdfunding videos. It talks about the EV-sharing platform and its multiple benefits, like combating climate change, among others.

    The video has smooth transitions with mellow background music.

    How Can Crowdfunding Videos Be Used?

    Crowdfunding video production can be used in a variety of ways.

    1. On Crowdfunding Platforms

    • As the main campaign video: The primary way to introduce your project, team, and goals to potential backers.
    • In updates and campaign stories: To keep backers engaged and informed about the progress of your project.
    • In promotional materials: To drive traffic to your campaign page.

    2. Social Media

    • Shared on your social media channels: Short form videos can be used on social media websites to reach a wider audience and generate interest.
    • Used in paid social media advertising: To target specific demographics and increase visibility.

    3. Email Marketing

    • Embedded in email newsletters: To inform subscribers about your campaign and encourage them to visit your campaign page.
    • Included in personalized emails: To reach out to specific potential backers.

    4. Websites and Blogs

    • Embedded on your project website or blog: To provide additional information and context for visitors.
    • Featured in blog posts or articles: To promote your campaign and share your story.

    5. Other Channels

    • Shared on video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo: To reach a wider audience and increase visibility.
    • Presented at events and conferences: To pitch your project(crowdfunding videos) to potential investors and partners.

    Key Components of an Impactful Crowdfunding Video

    Key components of crowdfunding videos include:

    1. Targeted Hook

    Immediately address a specific pain point or challenge faced by your target B2B audience. Use industry-specific language and terminology to demonstrate your understanding of their needs.

    2. Clear Value Proposition

    Clearly show how your product or service directly benefits not only the B2B businesses but also their end customers. Quantify the potential impact on revenue, efficiency, or customer satisfaction for both parties.

    3. Data-Driven Evidence

    Use case studies, testimonials, or pilot program results from other B2B partners to show the real-world impact of your solution on both the business and its customers in your crowdfunding videos.

    4. Scalability Probability

    Emphasize the scalability and adaptability of your solution to different B2B verticals and their varying customer bases. Highlight how your product or service can be easily integrated into existing systems and workflows.

    5. Partner-Centric Approach

    Clearly communicate the benefits and support you offer to your B2B partners, such as co-marketing opportunities, training resources, or dedicated account management.

    6. Call to Collaborative Action

    Invite B2B businesses to partner with you in bringing your solution to market. Encourage them to join your crowdfunding campaign not just as investors, but as collaborators in a shared vision for success.

    7. Professional Industry-Specific Production

    Ensure your crowdfunding video production quality aligns with B2B expectations. Use professional visuals, concise language, and a tone that resonates with your target audience.

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    Data from platforms like Indiegogo shows that campaigns with crowdfunding videos are far more likely to reach their funding goals. A well-crafted video can elevate your project from a mere concept to a tangible reality, capturing the hearts and minds of potential backers.
    Let’s end with some tips for creating examples of crowdfunding videos.

    • Keep it short and sweet: Aim for 1-3 minutes to hold viewers’ attention.
    • Tell a story: Connect with your audience on an emotional level.
    • Show, don’t tell: Demonstrate your product or service in action.
    • End with a call to action: Clearly tell viewers what you want them to do (pledge, share, etc.).

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A crowdfunding video should be approximately 1-3 minutes long. This is enough time to capture attention and deliver your message without losing viewers' interest.

    The purpose of a crowdfunding video is to introduce your idea, build excitement, and motivate viewers to contribute. It is your project's elevator pitch.

    Some common mistakes to avoid in crowdfunding videos include making the video too long, focusing solely on the product without telling a story, ignoring good quality audio and visuals, and forgetting a clear call to action.

    You make a successful crowdfunding video by sharing a compelling story, using high-quality visuals, showing your passion, and clearly communicating the value and impact of your project.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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