Convert SaaS Web Visitors into Loyal Customers Using Video

Every effort done by the marketing team of a SaaS company is aligned towards getting more conversions from all of the company’s platforms, especially their website. Even if you manage to get potential leads interested in your SaaS product, it is not necessary that they will progress to the consideration and conversion stages, let alone become loyal advocates of your product.

This can be very exasperating for the company as it results in loss of resources, time, and a decreased ROI. Studies of recent trends have shown that the average CVR for websites using video is 4.8%, compared to 2.9% for those that don’t use video.

In fact, a SaaS website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video.

SaaS video marketing not just builds relationships with prospects and boosts audience engagement by driving traffic, it increases the company’s content marketing ROI and improves customer loyalty by accelerating the sales cycle. As a matter of fact, users spend an average of 88% more time on your site when you include videos.

What exactly will the process of conversion through videos entail?

Video marketing is the preferred route taken in today’s time to boost sales and build a loyal audience For your SaaS. The first step is to spawn quality website traffic.

Running an ad along with an explainer video on different platforms can help in bringing attention to your SaaS and precisely targeting leads that will convert once they’re on your website.

A visually attractive website, with well-written value-giving blogs, will still not engage web visitors as much as a video will since they require less effort on the part of the viewer to understand and recall.

As soon as the potential leads come on the landing page, the right people can be filtered with the help of a good demo video that straight away explains the purpose of your SaaS.

The video should be able to outlast their attention span, should be educational, and provide value to your potential buyers. If your product overview video resonates with their problem and successfully demonstrates your SaaS product’s unique features and advantages, it will push them to act on the encouraging CTA and start a free trial or paid subscription of your SaaS.

As for the people who would drop out without proceeding to invest in your SaaS, you can engage them with the help of ad retargeting later.

Returning customers are the lifeline of your SaaS. Your website needs to be ready with an onboarding video that will help with product adoption, FAQ videos that can help with customer tickets, and announcement videos that can educate and engage existing customers about new product features.

Shoot up your SaaS web visitors conversion rate with these 7 lethal weapons for videos –

1. Display short clips or gifs of statistical percentages relevant to your product. Numbers tend to catch a customer’s attention far sooner than any text.

2. Displaying proof such as video, posts, and gifs from social media networks will help in navigating your customer’s decision in your direction. Reviews, tweets, reels, follower count will aid in showcasing your product in a positive light and impact the perception of your SaaS. 

3. Keep a small gif or video on your website that sequentially displays all the magazine and newspaper features and important reviews that your product has received.

4. Multiple short explanatory videos cleverly placed all over the website will help in creating better awareness for your SaaS as compared to large chunks of textual data.

It can help in transforming an average website into a highly interactive experience for the users by highlighting the different sections and benefits of your product. Learn more about boosting user engagement for your SaaS with videos

5. Create a sense of urgency in the psyche of the prospective customer by using strong CTAs after every video. CTAs that work best are the ones that set deadlines, use time-related words, sound tenacious, and show scarcity of the product. Click here to get a better understanding of CTAs

6. Use customer testimonials and case study videos to promote your company’s credibility and establish yourself as an authority in the field. Learn more about how your SaaS can benefit from customer testimonial videos

7. Keep a simple screen recording video on your landing page that shows how the customers can engage in virtual consultations on their own terms by setting appointments to experience your product from any place.

Study these factors before creating and incorporating videos into your website –

1. Conduct real market research to get insights into where your customers are in the sales funnel, what their spending capacity is, what problems your SaaS can solve for them, their age bracket, and the demographics they belong to.

2. The most important factor in having an excellent conversion strategy is to have a clear user flow right from the time when they land on your website till the time when they make a purchase.

It is not just imperative to have a good scrolling homepage, a navigation bar with access to all your main pages, and a CTA in place to start with the subscription, it is also important to guide your audience and make the decision easy with the right video content at every step of the way.

3. Use Google’s algorithms to review your website’s content and get it placed in the most relevant search results. Whether it is text, images, or videos- all content needs to be optimized using the right keywords that can attract higher quality prospects for your SaaS.

4. Try out different permutations of visual video and image content, and regularly analyze them to understand what works for your target audience. Conducting such tests on your website is the ultimate way to amplify conversions.

Types of videos that will accelerate conversions

1. Demo and Explainer Videos:

Critical in converting users to loyal customers, these videos are what keep a customer going. A good demo video is one of the most essential pieces in your SaaS marketing kit as it not just successfully gives the potential user a tour of the product, it subtly informs the user on the non-highlighted aspects like affordability, relevance, and usefulness, prodding the client into making a decision according to his needs and taking action sooner.

The explainer video also demonstrates upgrades on the product, how to use previously launched products, or even answer frequently experienced problems, thereby severely shrinking the churn rate.

2. Case Studies and Testimonials:

Case study videos give your leads the confidence to make the next move because it’s easier for them to relate to an example that talks about solving a problem they are interested in. Testimonials videos vouch for the company and the product.

Clients being interviewed, sharing their experience helps build trust like nothing else does. It humanizes the brand and gives a peek into the actual solutions the product provides. These videos also showcase your work, therefore proving to be a welcome mat to the new leads.

3. Onboarding Videos:

Onboarding Videos are powerful as they can improve customer allegiance and eliminate the potential frustration caused by difficulties that occur when a person uses a product for the first time.

The purpose of using an onboarding video for your SaaS is to evoke loyalty by focusing on your customers and not on yourself. The success of such videos is measured by the quality of the video which affects the behavior of the user after sign up.

Get Started, Subscribe, Book a meeting with an expert, Get pricing information is the commonly used CTAs.

10 Rare Tips to getting the best out of your web page via video/gifs –

1. Put an accurate-looking countdown clock on your website that shows the time limit of the offer you are promoting through your video.

This will attract the user’s attention and will create a sense of urgency to avail of the benefits of your SaaS. This clock will then help you leverage the conversion rate.

2. Try to include as many relevant videos as you can in all your articles and blogs. Reading text in excess is generally confusing and boring for any potential lead. Providing breaks with visual content helps keep them on the site.

3. Use geo-targeting to personalize your website according to the location of the viewer. Not only can you personalize website text to include their city or country, but you can also upload videos and posts based on their preferences and most importantly add multilingual subtitle options to all your videos, thereby assisting them in easily understanding your product.

4. Use short video clippings or gifs in your exit pop-ups. This peaks the engagement of the user and makes them more interested in your end offer before they exit the site, thereby resulting in better chances of conversion.

5. Initiate remarketing using Google, Facebook, or YouTube Remarketing, for visitors that have shown interest in your product but did not make a purchase. Here you have to track the potential leads and advertise your videos to them on different platforms so that they can reconnect with your SaaS and re-engage with your website.

6. Follow up with your web visitors by means of attractive newsletters that include videos and blogs explaining the benefits, usage, and new features of your SaaS.

7. Create a ton of content that provides great value to the web visitor without initially pitching your SaaS, to get them to spend more time on your site and hopefully consider buying your product later.

8. Creating gif-based quizzes and surveys can engage your web visitors. In fact, even including a short video on the web page before starting the quiz would nudge the user to engage and ultimately convert.

9. Engage in A/B and multivariate testing to understand the different combinations that work better for your website.

10. Keep a lead magnet ready on your website and try to include short videos in it to make it understandable and accessible. You can offer it to the traffic that comes on your landing page in exchange for their email and contact information which you can later use to nurture the leads.

Final words

Videos can prove to be pivotal in deciding the fate of your product’s success. Videos created based on analysis of your sales funnel and your target audience will increase conversions on your webpage and help in better product adoption, thereby helping you in growing your business and building a community of satisfied customers for your SaaS.

This in turn will help strengthen your reputation in the market, keep people interested in your brand and create even more awareness about the benefits of your SaaS.

FAQs on How to Use Video to convert SaaS Web visitors into Customers

Things that can be done are putting up a product demo or explainer video in the hero section, creating a landing page, deciding on the strategy you want to focus on- whether it is lead generation, educating potential customers with information, or promoting the SaaS product, assess different sections of the website to decrease the bounce rate, include a call to action, add customer testimonials and case studies videos, and keep monitoring the progress using testing.

Videos in the past few years, especially when used in the hero section of a website, have been known how to exponentially increase conversion rates, for example, a demo video can help in explaining the SaaS product better and in increasing recall value, onboarding videos answer questions about the UI the of the SaaS, testimonials increase trust and credibility of the brand and so on.

Most marketers in the B2B SaaS industry try to aim for a 3-5% conversion rate and try to plan their content marketing strategies to cross this range.

For any web visitor to watch an engaging video in its totality requires a site stay of at least 2 minutes, which in turn substantially increases the chances of understanding the product better, developing faith in the brand, connecting with the benefits that the SaaS offers and ultimately purchase of the product.

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