15 Consulting Presentation Examples from Industry Leaders: Bain, Deloitte, and McKinsey

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June 5, 2024


Consulting presentations are more than just a collection of slides. They are tools used by consultants to share their findings, insights, and suggestions with clients.

If you’ve reflected on –

  • What sets apart a consulting presentation from a regular one?
  • How do top consultants manage to convey complex information in a clear and compelling manner?

Then you’re in the right place.

These presentations play an important role in decision-making and organizational changes.

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    What is a Presentation?

    A presentation is a way of sharing information. You can use it in different settings, such as group discussions, meetings, or when you’re explaining something to your team. It could be a demonstration, a talk, a lecture, or a speech. It’s usually set up to share information systematically to an audience.

    The aim is to share information effectively with listeners. It should be interesting, easy to understand, and convincing. It’s an important skill in many fields, such as business, teaching, science, and public speaking.

    What is a Consulting Presentation?

    A consulting presentation is a document that outlines their findings, analyses, and suggestions for a client. It is typically used as a tool to explain the work in a structured and logical way.

    The goal is not just to present information. It is to persuade the client to take action based on the consultant’s suggestions. Therefore, it needs to be clear, impactful, and based on solid data and analysis.

    15 Examples of Consulting Presentation

    Here are 15 examples of consulting presentations. Let’s explore their unique characteristics and the elements that make them stand out.

    1. BCG

    The consulting presentation is a detailed financial analysis of NYCHA. It includes the current financial situation and challenges faced by the organization.

    The unique element of this presentation is mapping out how to implement recommendations in detail. It includes a timeline, key milestones, and roles and responsibilities.

    The presentation is neat and consistent in terms of font and color palette.

    2. McKinsey

    This consulting presentation talks about the impact of past technologies and potential impact of future technologies on the minerals industry.

    The unique elements are detailed case studies on specific commodities and the outline of specific implementation strategies.

    It delivers important information that isn’t readily available elsewhere. They used interesting graphics to easily show changes and movements over time.

    The white background with simple design minimizes distraction from the key points.

    3. Deloitte

    This consulting presentation provides a comprehensive analysis of the global, regional (East Africa), and local (Kenya) economic outlook.

    The features that stand out in this presentation are a detailed agenda and a list of speakers with their roles.

    A specific layout is followed by all the slides of the presentation. The vibrant color palette resulted in vibrant visuals that work well together.

    4. Bain

    This consulting presentation talks about the scope and the process of the Operational Excellence diagnostic. It includes a detailed discussion on the five opportunity areas and two enablers found by the Operational Excellence Steering Committee.

    It provides a detailed timeline of the Steering Committee meetings, which is not commonly seen in many presentations.

    The presentation layout is neat and uncluttered. The typography and colors are consistent throughout.

    5. Accenture

    The consulting presentation includes a detailed analysis of intelligent operations. It discusses the importance, components, implementation steps, and benefits of the concept.

    The presentation talks about the five essential components of intelligent operations (Innovative Talent, Data-Driven Foundation, Applied Intelligence, Leveraging the Power of the Cloud, and a Customer-First Approach) and the role of each of these components in creating it. It provides a clear roadmap for businesses looking to implement these operations.

    The consistent use of the same colors and typography keeps the presentation harmonious.

    6. Alvarez & Marsal

    The consulting presentation provides a thorough list of distressed credits.

    This list includes a wide range of details (the company name, country, sector, debt instrument, maturity, total debt, percentage of total debt, EBITDA, and debt/EBITDA) that is not commonly seen in presentations.

    Another unique element of this presentation is the forward-looking view of the situation presented here.

    Every slide includes the company logo. Although a small detail, it builds brand affinity and familiarity.

    7. Roland Berger

    This consulting presentation is an analysis of the supply chain risks associated with the Lithium-Ion battery market. It discusses the impact of recycling in mitigating supply chain risks and provides insights into risk mitigation strategies.

    It discusses the role of different stakeholders (including OEMs, cell and CAM suppliers, mining companies, and legislators) which serves as a unique feature.

    The most unique element here is the slide design on a dark background. The color palette consists of various tones of blue and gray that compliment the background perfectly.

    8. PwC

    The consulting presentation is about project management and its importance.It includes a brief profile of the presenters, outlining their experience and expertise. This provides credibility to the presentation.

    It lists out the warning signs of a failing project. This is a unique element as it provides valuable insights into the common pitfalls in project management.

    Another unique element is the section with key takeaways towards the end.

    The color palette, typography and visuals catches attention and highlights key points.

    9. Strategy&

    This consulting presentation talks about powertrain technologies in detail, including their advantages, disadvantages,techno-economic characteristics etc.

    The unique element here is the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis for different powertrain technologies. It also includes the effect of selected opportunities and threat

    Detailed market outlook, including sales projections and market diffusion, is not commonly found in many presentations either.

    The infographics are visually appealing and add value to the presentation

    10. LEK

    The consulting presentation provides a thorough report on the impacts of COVID-19 on various sectors of Australia.

    The report uses a unique framework. It is based on a wide range of public data and targeted consultation, making it a reliable source of information.

    The report does not only include the opportunities, challenges, and current impacts. It also talks about how it could affect the future. It is an unique element that provides valuable insights in the infrastructure sector.

    The presentation design is simple, precise and consistent. That makes it easy to understand.

    11. Booz Allen Hamilton

    This presentation design is a detailed investor presentation for Booz Allen.

    The most unique feature of this presentation is the company history illustrated as a timeline. This is a great way of establishing brand credibility.

    With a clean and consistent layout and muted colors, this presentation design showcases a professional approach.

    12. EY

    This consulting presentation is a report of ICOs, including their performance, the reasons for their success or failure, and the trends that have emerged.

    The report includes key takeaways and an outlook for the future. This unique feature provides valuable insights for investors and other stakeholders in the ICO market.

    Discussing the methodology is another unique feature of the report.

    The simple presentation design looks neat and keeps the focus on the data.

    13. Oliver Wyman

    The consulting presentation gives fundamental facts and recommendations for corporate leaders as an effect of covid-19.

    The table of contents (ToC) of this consulting presentation do not just mention the various sections. It also has a list of key topics and a brief summary of that section. It is a unique element.

    Another unique element is the executive summary. It is written in a table format and includes the unknown facts along with the known ones.

    The variety in colors and typography add visual interest to the presentation.

    14. AT Kearney

    This consulting presentation discusses the specific impact of COVID-19 on Turkey. It especially talks about economy in terms of sectors like, tourism, automotive, and textile.

    It provides a customized actionable plan for business owners. This approach adds a unique and personal touch to the presentation.

    The presentation design includes multiple visual elements, such as graphics, flat icons etc to make it more accessible to everyone. The consistent color palette throughout makes it even more appealing.

    15. KPMG

    This consulting presentation offers advice and tools to audit committees to enhance their skills and understanding.

    It includes a unique communications network diagram that shows the interaction between different entities (the listed company, institutional investors, sell-side analysts, and media).

    It highlights key areas. This unique feature provides insight into the areas that are important for clients to understand and consider.

    The presentation deck is basic and has a professional approach.

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    A well-built presentation can be very effective. Consulting presentations are about organizing your message, explaining complex details simply, and convincing your audience effectively. They guide decision-making and motivate action.

    Consulting presentations reflect the consultant’s understanding, analytical abilities, and capability to provide practical solutions.

    The main goal of a consulting presentation is to be of value to your client. Concentrate on their requirements, clearly present your findings, and make suggestions that result in significant improvement.x

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A presentation is a method of communicating information, ideas, or findings to an audience. It’s often a speech or lecture accompanied by visual aids such as slides, charts, or videos. The goal is to inform, educate, persuade, or share insights on a particular topic.

    The target audience for a consulting presentation usually includes decision-makers and stakeholders in a business. This could be executives, managers, team leaders within a company. Sometimes, it can also include employees, shareholders, or even clients and potential investors.

    The key objectives of a consulting presentation include:

    • Communicating findings and insights from a analysis of the client’s situation or problem.
    • Providing tailored, practical recommendations for improvement.
    • Persuading the audience of the value and feasibility of these recommendations.
    • Creating a dialogue for further discussion and refinement of the proposed solutions.
    • Building a roadmap for implementation, including next steps and potential challenges.

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