Cloudradial Academy Overview

CloudRadial delivers the complete set of tools you need to bring order out of the chaos of service delivery.


Number of courses:


Average course duration:

4 mins

Supported Languages:


Key features

Tips from Ricky Cecchini, Director of Product Services, CloudRadial

What are your favorite tools and gear?

Camtasia for screencapping, Yeti mic for voiceovers

Biggest lesson learned creating video content for Academy?

Leaving spaces to edit in additional content allows for the courses to remain dynamic without needing to change up the whole course. Ex: Adding a new feature to software? I can inject it between two talking points to make it seem like it was always there.

How many students go through the Academy per year?

We have ~1,300 learners (and growing) visiting per year

What does your program receive praise for?

Easy to understand the content, extremely thorough, easy to navigate

Make a similar academy around your product

Transform all your product knowledge into professional video courses that convert users into champion super-users

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