How Content Beta helped ChiroTouch upgrade their 1:1 Training from Zoom calls to effective How-to videos?




How-to videos for a Chiropractic practice management software to educate their users about theirproduct, looking to cut down time spent on support tickets and making the product more self-serve.


Perfecting onboarding

ChiroTouch is a fairly senior organisation, with years in the industry. While they have become the industry leaders, time has also led to outdation and a requirement for updating their process and application.

They wished to move ahead and have a special platform for all Chiropractic specialists to easily manage customers, billings, etc.
Even though a brand like ChiroTouch would get the best technical software upgrades, explaining the new process, system, etc to their chiropractic specialists was not a simple task.

Their success team spent hours onboarding customers with 1:1 training over Zoom calls. With this high touch, deep support for both new and maturing clients, they could come near the tipping point where higher staffing ratios just don’t make sense going forward.

They were exploring to create secure recurring revenue relationships with their clients by delivering the outcomes that are most important to them – quickly and consistently that will decrease both Times to Value and Churn?

Current Solution

They undertook a hybrid model of live training and pre-recorded video courses that the customers could refer to.

Here is a video they used before Content Beta


The Update

Being a senior organisation, they had a lot of experience with training customers. However, creating videos is a different ball game. Given their solid market share, they didn’t want it to look like Loom videos.



With Content Beta, ChiroTouch was able to produce a series of videos each delivered at a lightning-fast pace.


The process involved multiple steps:

1. Carefully exploring the app to figure out each process that we wanted to document via video.

2. Sharing templates on

    • On-screen text
    • UI Highlights
    • Screen Transitions
    • Cursor
    • Person Icons and Gender/Skin Color variations
    • Background Music
    • Voice Overs

Having a very particular requirement when it came to the smallest elements such as text or even screen highlights on interactions, the ChiroTouch Team was provided with a variety of options to choose from, so as to make the choices that suited them best.

Be it using smart click animations and mild compress/decompress, or even using spotlight effects to highlight elements, the Content Beta team made sure things were perfect down to the dot.

3. Extremely detailed conversations on multiple aspects of the video since they had a whole executive board to make sure that the process was followed right and no detail was missed out on by either side.

4. Creating a reference document with the color palette, icons, and creatives to be used for all videos so as to maintain an easy-to-access database and uniformity.

5. Screen recording the processes and editing the videos

6. Sharing of videos for review, changes if any, and providing final cuts.

This being a multi-video project, the complexity lay in setting up the constants and figuring out a process so as to deliver the videos exceedingly fast. In fact, once the process was set up and the storyboard for each video confirmed, we managed to deliver each video in timelines of under 3 days. With quite some of them being created, edited, and delivered in under 24 hours!


Here’s the result of all those hours our team put in.


ChiroTouch is a is a fully customizable, comprehensive practice management software designed specifically for the chiropractic practice. It sis one of the best chiropractic software systems out there.


Chiropractic Practice Management Software


Amazing improvements were shown across the board. Whether it was product adoption or a reduction in time spent on support tickets everything improved for Chirotouch with Content Beta’s tailor-made videos.

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