3 Ready-to-Use Case Study Video Templates

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June 11, 2024


How can we effectively show the success of the product/service achieved to increase credibility for the brand?

This can be done with case study videos. They provide a clear picture of what kind of results your product has achieved. These videos follow a timeline, starting with identifying the problem, finding solutions, and getting to the outcomes.

A compelling case study video highlights your brand and gives prospects valuable insights. They show the use cases and provide metrics that prove the product value proposition.

According to Upliftcontent, case studies are the #1 effective marketing tactic to increase sales, and almost 40% of SaaS marketers say that case studies are very effective at increasing sales.

Case studies generally come in written format, featured in a separate section on your website, and included in newsletters, and webinars. But they can be easily turned into video content through content repurposing.

The process can be simplified using case study video templates. These templates come with a ready-made structure, making it easier to create impactful case study videos. These templates help you save time and effort in creating a video.

Before creating a case study video or choosing a video case study template, here are a few questions you might have.

  • What sets the product apart from its competitors?
  • And how can we show these differentiators effectively in the case study video?
  • What specific metrics show the real impact of the solution on customers’ businesses?

Before creating a case study video, let’s first know what it is and why it’s beneficial for our businesses.

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    What is a Case Study Video?

    A case study Video goes beyond conventional marketing. It focuses more on benefits and results rather than in-depth product features.

    Case study videos show the success achieved using the product/service. They answer questions prospects might have before making a purchase. They show how using the product can benefit the business.

    These videos are highly credible as they discuss real customer stories from problem to solution to post-purchase results. They also show how your product easily collaborates with different tools, highlighting its compatibility and effectiveness.

    Prospects relate to stories and experiences more than just statistics. It assists them in their decision-making process.

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    3 Case Study Video Template

    A case study video template provides a framework for effectively presenting the solution and the goals achieved.

    1. The Problem-Solver Template

    The video case study template discusses the key problem the client was facing and the adverse impacts on their business(high costs and decreased efficiency). Explain how you solved the problem and the results achieved.

    Introduction: Company’s Intro

    Shot 1: Introduce the client and add the logo.

    Voiceover: Narrate about the client and their company – what work they do and the date of establishment.

    Visuals: Customer video introduction, stock footage of business environment

    Scene 1: The Company’s Challenge

    Shot 1: List the challenges faced.

    Shot 2: How it was affecting the business.

    Voiceover: Narrate the problems faced before implementing the solutions and describe their impacts on productivity and management.

    Visuals: Executives looking concerned, stock images of graphs and charts, disorganized data flows

    Scene 2: The Research

    Shot 1: Searching for a brand that provides solutions.

    Voiceover: Narrate previous experiences and how they found your brand

    Visuals: Stock footage of online research.

    Scene 3: The Solutions Offered

    Shot 1: Approach followed, e.g., Design thinking (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test)

    Shot 2: Solutions (product/service)

    Shot 3: Focus on major improvements observed after using your product.

    Voiceover: Narrate why this approach was used and how useful the product was in solving the problem.

    Visuals: Sketching ideas on a whiteboard, teamwork, product’s UI.

    Scene 4 - Results

    Shot 1: Use various statistics (graphs, percentages), specify the metrics(numbers), and show the impact of the product.

    Shot 2: Show customer satisfaction (Include a quote).

    Voiceover: Narrate how the metrics and results improved after solution implementation. Also, discuss potential future collaboration.

    Visuals: Montage of specific metrics, satisfied clients

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    2. The Comparison Template

    This case study video template discusses the before and after scenarios of using the product. This emphasizes the benefits of using your products.

    Introduction: Client’s Intro

    Shot 1: Introduce the client and show their industry expertise.

    Voiceover: Date of establishment, founders, and core offerings

    Visuals: Client introduction video, company logo, stock footage of work environment, and team collaboration.

    Scene 1: The Problem

    Shot 1: List the problems faced and how it was affecting the company.

    Voiceover: Talk about the challenges faced and how they disrupted the smooth functioning of the organization.

    Visuals: Executives looking concerned, stock footage of changes in percentages.

    Scene 2: Before and After Comparison

    Shot 1: Split screen comparing Before and After charts.

    Shot 2: Emphasize the benefits observed after solution implementation.

    Voiceover: Narrate the experiences before and after solution implementation.

    Visuals: Comparison montage of before and after scenarios, comparison tables, or graphs.

    Scene 3: Problem Identification and Solution Implementation

    Shot 1: Implementation and use cases of the product/service.

    Voiceover: Narrate how useful the product was in solving the problem.

    Visuals: Stock footage of teamwork, snippets of the product’s UI.

    Scene 4 - Results and CTA(Call to Action)

    Shot 1: Use tables to show growth metrics(numbers) and the impact of the product.

    Shot 2: Add a short CTA and contact information at the end of the video.

    Voiceover: Narrate the significant improvement seen with the solution. Mention an increase in percentages and metrics.

    Visuals: Satisfied clients, visuals of data analytics dashboards, charts, and graphs

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    3. Data-Based Case Study

    This case study video template discusses efficiency, growth, and performance gains after partnering with your business.

    Introduction: Client’s Intro

    Shot 1: Logo, an overview of work, mission, and values.

    Voiceover: Narrate about the company’s work, mission, and history.

    Visuals: Customer introduction video, stock footage of the office environment.

    Scene 1: Problem Identification through Data

    Shot 1: Problems and areas that needed improvement, backed by statistics and relevant data.

    Shot 2: Effects on the business.

    Voiceover: Narrate the challenges observed and what are the goals they want to achieve.

    Visuals: Stock footage of numbers dropping or fluctuations in business performance

    Scene 2: Impact Assessment

    Shot 1: Comparison charts and metrics.

    Voiceover: Narrate the experiences before and after solution implementation.

    Visuals: Comparison tables or graphs.

    Scene 3: Solution Implementation

    Shot 1: How the solution is implemented and its contribution to improvement in overall workflow and productivity.

    Voiceover: Narrate how the company benefited from using the product.

    Visuals: Stock footage of customer satisfaction and automated workflows.

    Scene 4 - Results and CTA(Call to Action)

    Shot 1: Use various graphs and percentages to show the impact of the product.

    Shot 2: Predictions or projections based on the success of the implemented solution, showcasing the potential for future growth.

    Shot 3: Add a short CTA and contact information at the end of the video.

    Voiceover: Narrate how satisfied the client is with the improvements in KPI.

    Visuals: Charts and graphs with predictions, Stock footage of CTA demonstration

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    How are Case Study Videos Structured?

    An effective case study video has a specific outline. For the ease of production, you can use case study video templates.

    1. Introduce the Client

    Provide a brief introduction of the client, including their name, the company they work for, as well as their job role.

    2. The problem faced

    Explain the challenges and pain points the client faced before purchasing your product. This gives context to the rest of the video.

    3. Their previous attempts to solve the problem

    Discuss the previous solutions they have tried before approaching your brand. This gives you a chance to highlight the USP of your brand.

    4. Your product/service

    Highlight your product benefits and explain how it addresses the problem. Give details about how and for what purpose the product or service was used.

    5. Results

    Show the outcomes and results achieved by the customer after implementing your solutions. Include any statistics and graphs showing KPI improvements.

    6. CTA

    Include a CTA(Call to Action) – it can be as simple as viewing another case study or directing them to “Contact us”. This gives prospects a clear idea of the next step.

    Here are a few case study video examples:

    A. Content Beta’s case study on Kissflow

    Challenge: To perfect onboarding.

    Solution: Content beta helped Kissflow with the script, storyboarding, voiceovers, and video editing

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    B. Gong’s case study on HubSpot

    Challenge: Scale and support its coaching culture.

    Solution: Reduce new rep ramp time, increase rep productivity, and gather rich customer insights for different teams.

    C. Hubspot’s case study on Avison Young

    Challenge: Low adoption of the CRM system among brokers, impacting productivity.

    Solution: Transition to HubSpot as the global CRM simplified processes, increased adoption to 90%, and improved efficiency with forecasting and senior leader involvement features.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Why are Case Study Videos Important?

    Case studies are subtly persuasive and give prospects an idea of what results they can expect from your product. You can:

    • Place them on your website.
    • Share it with your email lists.
    • Share them on social media.
    • Use them in sales presentations.

    1. Provides credibility

    Case Study videos show the benefits and results of using your product or service. They cut through mere marketing claims and discuss the benefits in detail.

    2. Relatable Scenarios

    Case studies often present scenarios that match the target audience. When prospects see similar situations, they will be intrigued and consider you to solve their problem.

    3. Authenticity

    Case study videos are realistic, believable, and not exaggerated. This increases trust in the brand and its product/service.

    4. Confidence Building

    Seeing successful outcomes for other companies helps prospects feel more confident in expecting similar results for their business.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    How to Choose the Best Questions for Your Case Study?

    Choosing the best questions for your case study video will help gather valuable information. Based on the main goal, choose a case study video template. Or you can design your video case study template with the help of the information collected.

    Questions should focus on key issues, product benefits, and the result metrics. A few questions to ask for a case study video are:

    1. What is the key issue the client was facing?
    2. What effects did it have on efficiency and workflow?
    3. What were the previous approaches to solving the problem?
    4. What exactly do they use the product for?
    5. What stood out in the product/service?
    6. What specific product feature was most helpful for the client?
    7. What kind of results did you notice after using the product?

    Before choosing the questions, select the right client. The chosen client should match:

    • Choose a client who closely resembles your target customer group.
    • The work done for the client should be replicable for other prospects.
    • The chosen client should be able to provide sufficient metrics to show the impact and effectiveness of your product.
    • Ensure the client is okay with being part of the case study and has given permission to use their info.


    Case study videos show the practical benefits of your product or service with measurable results or data. This provides credibility and shows how effective your solutions are.

    Case study video templates can make the process much easier. These templates are ready to use and help you create videos quickly.

    A case study video should include the client’s introduction, the problem, the solution provided, and the results achieved. The case study video template can help you create the video in the proper format.

    This organized approach helps your audience understand the success story, making your offerings more trustworthy and impactful.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A case study video should be less than 2 minutes. This duration helps keep the information precise and to the point.

    Yes, you can customize these templates for different clients by making minor changes and adding relevant information.

    Yes, these templates can be used for both video and written case studies.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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