Mastering Case Study Video Ads for Higher ROAS

The first rule of an online video ad today is – to not make it look like an ad.

This way, you have a higher view time and better chances of a higher CTR or Click Through Rate. You will automatically increase your ROAS or Return on Ad Spend.

A case study video ad in a UGC style can help you achieve that. Watch this example. We made a vertical video ad for our client – Tailwind.

The analytics reported a 5.4% CTR for this video ad –


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

We created another TikTok video ad with 7.5% CTR –


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

Our creative ad team can blend different styles to give you a higher ROAS on your video ads.

Let me share with you my experience in creating such video ads. I will focus on case study-style video ads.


5 Tips to Get Higher ROAS with Case Study Video Ads

Here are the tips –

1. Keep it Real

Production quality matters… but not as much as authenticity. Use a mix of polished visuals and authentic customer soundbites. Overly produced video ads are often perceived as staged or ‘fake’ content. Try UGC-style.

2. "Show me while you tell me" Mindset

Add clips of short demos, screen recordings, or UI highlights. This will break the monotony of the case study video ad.

3. Focus on the 5-second Opening Hook

This can make or break the ROAS. A creative and engaging hook can ensure viewers don’t skip the ad or scroll away to the next video.

4. Data + Emotion = Impact

Quantifiable results are essential but explain how they transformed the client’s business.

5. Subtitles and On-screen text

Include these elements to ensure your content is accessible to those watching with the sound off. The viewers may be watching your video in an office environment, or in a space where they can’t turn the sound ON.

Watch These 5 Case Study Video Ads Before You Create Your Own

We have curated a list of 5 best case study video ads. Let’s have a look –

1. Godaddy

Title – DAY IN THE LIFE: Nerdwax Candle Co.

Duration – 4:12 minutes

2. Productive

Title – Hike One — Productive Customer Success Story

Duration – 3:09 minutes

3. Gong. io

Title – The future of fintech: NASDAQ uses Gong to make bullish bets

Duration – 2:18 minutes

4. Klaviyo

Title – Klaviyo X Budgy Smuggler

Duration – 1:56 minutes

5. Owner. Com

Title – | Metro Pizza Case Study

Duration – 4:28 minutes


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Hook – The most underrated element of Case Study Video Ads

The hook grabs attention in the first few seconds. A hook decides whether a viewer will continue to watch (or rewatch) versus scroll away after 2 seconds.

Therefore, plan to create at least 3-5 different hooks for your case study video ads. This allows for proper A/B testing without limiting options too quickly. Here is the strategy to do it –

1. Isolate the Hook

While the rest of your video can generally remain the same, treat the opening 5 seconds as completely independent variables for each video version. This also keeps your production budget under control.

At Content Beta, we create variations of the same UGC video ads with different hooks. Example –

Hook 1: “What would you get if you had an extra $500? Well, look what I got…”


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

Hook 2: “I’ve got this package from Amazon right here. I got all of this for free…”


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

2. Try different hooks

  • The Problem Hook: Begin with a relatable pain point your customer likely faces.
  • The Results Hook: Open by highlighting impressive numbers or achievements your solution delivers.
  • The Testimonial Hook: Feature a strong customer quote right at the beginning.
  • The Question Hook: Open with a thought-provoking or surprising question.
  • The Visual Hook: A visually striking or dynamic shot to grab attention (paired with a compelling voiceover in later seconds)

If you have a good creative and video ad design partner, they will be able to use the latest trends and hook styles. Someone who designs such video ads MUST do this day in, day out – watch hundreds of reels every week! Connect with us to know more.

Partner with Content Beta for Case Study Video Ads

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If you have a niche product, we don’t require you to spend time explaining how your product functions. We have a proven process for knowledge transfer. Just provide us with your product documentation or a Loom video and demo account details.

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Leveraging case study video ads hinges on striking a balance between authenticity and creativity. Focusing on real stories, captivating hooks, and the right mix of data and emotion can significantly elevate your ROAS.

Don’t overlook the power of hooks and subtitles. Remember, continuous testing and adapting to audience preferences are key to mastering this approach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Case study video ads tell the story of how you helped a client achieve success. Think of them as mini-documentaries featuring a problem, solution, and results. Their authenticity appeals more than scripted ads with actors.

Case study ads use real stories and testimonials instead of acted scenarios. They focus on social proof instead of directly selling your product.

The first step in creating a case study video ad is finding a client with a compelling success story who’s willing to be featured. Get their buy-in, and interview them about their problems, your solutions, and their experience. Blend the video footage with your product in action.

The current trends in case study video ad production tend toward authentic, UGC-style videos, short formats, and strong emotional hooks. Using data visualization and customer testimonials helps, too.

Use AI and AI-enabled tools like MidJourney, Sora, Descript, SubMagic, etc., to make video editing easier.

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