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Why do you need a Product Explainer Video

You need to RAISE AWARENESS about your product and your brand

You want to promote and INCREASE ENGAGEMENT

You want to tease your audience while MARKETING YOUR PRODUCT

Watch How Lawcus achieved higher product signups with Content Beta?​

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We now have less people asking questions, because they know exactly what our product does. We also have a higher conversion rate since doing the onboarding video with Content Beta.
Arianna Gonzalez
Growth Strategist at Lawcus
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Showcase use case via Integration for Leadfeeder
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Showcase use case via Integration for Leadfeeder
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Why should you use Product Explainer Video?

Product marketing videos are an integral part of digital content marketing and work towards increasing discoverability, amplifying engagement, and driving sales. This marketing strategy is also used to reach out to the audience through a new medium to promote and market the product, and also to educate the potential leads and new customers by engaging through digital and social channels.

Product marketing videos can do everything from highlighting the benefits of the SaaS product or giving insight into the working of the features of the UI to showcasing real-life use case. The primary objective is to make your audience interested in learning more about your product.

Product marketing videos convey small pockets of information that can be easily digested and shared on different platforms thereby getting more eyeballs on it. These videos basically bring your product to the market and help in controlling the positioning and messaging around the product, and ensuring that it is launched and explained well to customers and the sales staff alike

Our process


You send us a brief about your goals, your audience, landing page, branding guidelines, product sandbox & loom videos. We have an internal KPI to keep revisions low. To do this we’ll ask comprehensive questions at each stage so we fully understand what is required. The aim is to keep your time requirement to a minimum.


We create script and a storyboard for you review. This gives you the opportunity to direct the overall vision for the video whilst keeping your time commitment to a minimum.


Deliver the first draft. We’ve worked on various styles of technical content and product videos. We push our team to stretch the boundaries of creativity. Our aim is to create the best possible video for you and your brand.

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