Candu Academy Overview

Candu is the first native web builder for your product.


Number of courses:


Indicative course names:

Learn the Basics

Average course duration:

1hrs 11mins

Average video duration:


Supported Languages:


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Key features

Tips from Jonathan Anderson, Co-founder & CEO, Candu

How old is the Academy?

3 months

What are your favorite tools and gear?

Yetti mics, Wistia’s Spoabox, and good natural lighting

Who do you take inspiration from?

Asana’s product updates videos, Miro’s fun academy & … Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Biggest lesson learned creating video content for Academy?

Relax! Creating a script was less valuable than outlining key learning objectives.

How many students go through the Academy per year?


What does your program receive praise for?

Clear product outcomes in a micro-learning format

Make a similar academy around your product

Transform all your product knowledge into professional video courses that convert users into champion super-users

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