40 Call-to-Action (CTA) Examples for Conversions – No Clickbait

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May 20, 2024


A CTA is a prompt that encourages users to take a specific action. For example, sign up for a newsletter, download an e-book, or make a purchase. These simple buttons can make the difference between a passive visitor and an engaged customer.

  • What makes a CTA effective?
  • How do you craft one that resonates with your audience?
  • What are the best practices to ensure your CTA stands out?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll dive into as we explore the world of CTAs.

In this blog, we will look into CTA examples from different industries. We will explore their purpose, design, and strategies, highlighting what makes them work and how they’ve driven results. Get ready to be inspired by a well-crafted Call-to-Action!

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    40 Call-to-Action Examples to Drive Results

    A. CTA Examples for email signups

    Action Phrase Example – Email signups, Join our list, Get updates, Subscribe now, Join our community

    This CTA asks users for their email, often offering a free item or update in return. This is a good way for brands to expand their email list.

    1. Backlinko

    • Value Proposition: “Proven SEO Tips Straight to Your Inbox”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Try It”
    • What stands out:
      • Minimal, KISS layout
      • No nonsense approach

    2. EXIT FIVE

    • Value Proposition: “The #1 Community for B2B Marketers”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Join The Community (Paid)” and “Join The Email List (Free)”
    • What stands out:
      • Alternative engagement – Options of Paid vs Free CTA button. The paid button is highlighted in yellow
      • Simple, black & white layout

    B. CTA Examples for lead magnet signups

    Action Phrase Example – Get your free eBook, Unlock the guide, Access the toolkit, Download now, Claim your template

    This CTA offers users something valuable, like an eBook or template, in exchange for their contact details. It’s a way for businesses to get new leads.

    Note – A lead Magnet is a marketing tool used to capture potential customers’ contact information, generally the email address.

    1. Tim Ferriss

    • Value Proposition: “17 QUESTIONS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Unlock The Ebook”
    • What stands out:
      • Respectful opt-out – It offers a clear but understated way to say no, letting users choose without pressure.

    2. Semrush

    • Value Proposition: “Your competitors use this SEO Checklist!”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Get your copy free”
    • What stands out:
      • Sneak peek of the checklist
      • Competition motivation: By implying competitors use the resource, it creates urgency and FOMO in the user. The message is clear: act now or fall behind.

    3. Getsitecontrol

    • Value Proposition: “Get access to 9 proven tactics to grow your email list faster.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “GET CHEAT SHEET”
    • What stands out:
      • Minimal, black and white, KISS approach
      • “Stop guessing” – It is aimed at people who want clarity, accuracy, and confidence in their actions or choices.

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    C. CTA Examples for Webinars & Podcasts signup

    Action Phrase Example – Reserve your spot, Join the webinar, Listen in, Register today

    This CTA invites users to join online events or listen to podcasts. It’s a way to share knowledge or entertainment and grow their audience.

    1. Wishpond

    • CTA or Action Phrase: “SAVE MY FREE SPOT”
    • What stands out:
      • Glimpse of the webinar in the video attached.
      • “Save your seat now. Time is running out!” – it pushes users to take prompt action, using the fear of missing out (FOMO).

    2. Wishpond

    • Value Proposition: “Customer Success Mastery: How to use Email to Decrease Churn and Win Loyal Customers”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “SAVE MY SPOT”
    • What stands out:
      • “What will you learn” section: Highlights the webinar’s value and takeaways.
      • Live webinar starting in – timer: Creates urgency, pushing quick action using FOMO (fear of missing out).

    3. SoundCartel

    • Value Proposition: “Podcasting Essentials”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Listen on Apple Podcasts”, “Listen on Spotify”, and “Listen on Google Podcasts”
    • What stands out:
      • 3 different podcast platform options linked to the layout

    4. The Podcasting University

    • Value Proposition: “Effective Podcast Call to Action: 5 Ways to get better Results from your CTA”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Subscribe”
    • What stands out:
      • Minimal, KISS layout with podcast cover art

    D. CTA Examples for Trial signups

    Action Phrase Example – Start your free trial, Try it out, Get started for free

    This CTA lets users try a product or service for free for a short time. It helps people decide if they want to invest in it.

    1. Hootsuite

    • Value Proposition: “Sorry for getting in your face, but…”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Start Your Free 60-Day Trial”
    • What stands out:
      • “Sorry for getting in your face, but…” – It admits pop-ups can be annoying. They aim to lessen any negative reaction.
      • “Try Hootsuite for free for 60 days. (That’s 30 days more than others get.)” – Offers a special deal for those reading the pop-up.
      • The 5-minute timer pushes users to act fast, using the fear of missing out (FOMO).

    2. Slack

    • Value Proposition: “Slack is where the future works”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “TRY FOR FREE” and “SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE”
    • What stands out:
      • The picture gives us a sneak peek of the app dashboard.

    3. ClickFunnels

    • Value Proposition: “Quickly Create Beautiful Sales Funnels That Convert Your Visitors Into Leads And Then Customers…”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Start Free 14 Day Trial Now”
    • What stands out:
      • The sentence in handwritten font – “Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!”. The statement is also relatable for small businesses as they cannot afford it.
      • The social proof

    4. Crazy Egg

    • Value Proposition: “Make your website better. Instantly.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Show me my Heatmap”
    • What stands out:
      • Alternative engagement – “Not ready to get started? Learn More”
      • The “Start your 30 day FREE trial | Cancel anytime” section points out the user-friendly approach and prompts people to join in.

    5. Tarzan Kay

    • Value Proposition: “Build a 7-figure relationship with your email subscribers”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “SEE HOW ADDICTIVE EMAIL CAN BE”
    • What stands out:
      • The variety of fonts, sizes, colors and capitalization makes them stand out.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    E. CTA Examples for Booking a Demo

    Action Phrase Example – Book your demo, Schedule a meeting, Request a demo,

    This CTA encourages users to schedule a session to see a product in action. It is a way to highlight the features and benefits of a product or service.

    1. Popupsmart

    • Value Proposition: “Increase sales with popups for free”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Register Now” and “Schedule a Meeting”
    • What stands out:
      • The doodles around the team member photographs give it a personal and interesting touch.
      • This pop-up is triggered when a user is about to leave. It tries to grab their attention and offers value to keep them engaged or make a sale.

    2. Pedro Cortés

    Pedro Cortés
    • Value Proposition: “Do Your Visitors Really Understand Your Product?”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Schedule Your Free Strategy Session”
    • What stands out:
      • Alternative engagement options –
        • “Better messaging and positioning”
        • “Or Learn How I Do It (Free video)”


    • Value Proposition: “YOU CAN’T BUY FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE. But you can build it at”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “CONFIDENCE STARTS HERE”
    • What stands out:
      • The simple and minimal layout
      • Impactful value proposition statement

    F. CTA Examples for Subscriptions

    • Action Phrase Example – Subscribe today, Get premium, Join now, Start a subscription

      This CTA asks users to sign up for regular updates or services. It ensures they keep getting value over time.

    1. Tim Ferriss

    • Value Proposition: “Get the 5 Things I’ve Been Loving, Using, and Reading: Books, Gadgets, Hacks, and More.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Subscribe”
    • What stands out:
      • The author Tim Ferriss talks about sharing his favorites with the subscribers. His presence itself adds a lot of value to the CTA.

    2. KlientBoost

    • Value Proposition: “Your Marketing Needs To Get Stronger And we have the ideas ready”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Subscribe To The Blog”
    • What stands out:
      • Confirmshaming – “No, thanks. My marketing is Arnold level strong.”

    Note: Confirmshaming is a web design tactic. It tries to guilt users into saying ‘yes’ by framing the ‘no’ option in a negative or shaming way.

    For example, when declining a newsletter sign-up, the “no” option might read “No, I prefer to stay uninformed.”

    3. CXL

    • CTA or Action Phrase: “BECOME A CONVERSION MASTER”
    • What stands out:
      • Social proof
      • Benefit driven content – Specific advantages are listed to showcase value.

    4. Groove

    • Value Proposition: “We’re learning a lot and so will you”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Send Me Lessons On Growth”
    • What stands out:
      • The monthly revenue tracker

    5. Problogger

    • Value Proposition:  “6 Months of Blog Post Ideas!”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “GET MY BLOG POST PROMPTS!”
    • What stands out:
      • The write-up provides a proper context
      • The picture of Darren Rowse adds credibility to the main content.

    6. Unqork

    • CTA or Action Phrase: “BE AWESOME”
    • What stands out:
      • Alternative engagement – “YES, TAKE ME THERE!”
      • Instead of a dull ‘Sign Up’, they make it fun with ‘Be Awesome’.
      • It urges you to act now by saying – “(not found on the blog)”

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    G. CTA Examples for Reports and Case studies

    • Action Phrase Example – Download the report, Get industry insights, View the research, Read the findings

      This CTA offers users detailed studies or industry insights. It’s a way to share expertise and build trust.

    1. Audiense

    • Value Proposition: “Political Audiences: environmental concerns, affinities, and realities”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: Show me the findings
    • What stands out:
      • The graphics
      • The action phrase – Mostly “Download Report/Case Study/Analysis” is used as an action phrase in such cases. “Show Me The Findings” is a unique choice.

    2. OptinMonster

    • Value Proposition: “How SnackNation Adds 1200 NEW Email Subscribers Every Week”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “YES, Show Me the Case Study!”
    • What stands out:
      • Social proof – highlighted “… converts 31.85% of abandoning visitors…”
      • Reverse Psychology: It playfully suggests users are missing out, making them rethink their decision. It’s a form of light-hearted confirmshaming.

    H. CTA Examples for Form Submission

    Action Phrase Example – Submit your info, Send feedback, Submit the form, Share your thoughts, Reach out now

    This CTA guides users to fill out a form, maybe for feedback or contact. It’s a way for businesses to gather information. The company then uses this to send updates, deals, and news about their events.

    1. Adobe Experience Cloud

    • Value Proposition: “Find out how Marketo Engage can boost your engagement.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Submit”
    • What stands out:
      • The simple and clear layout of the form

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    I. CTA Examples for Video Content

    Action Phrase Example – Watch now, Play the video, Start watching

    This CTA invites users to view a video for a quick insight or overview. It’s a dynamic way to share information or stories.

    1. Atlassian

    • Value Proposition: “See how collaboration makes the impossible, possible.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Play video”
    • What stands out:
      • The layout reinforces the branding guidelines of the company

    2. Twixor

    • Value Proposition: “Refine customer support and satisfaction with OMNICHANNEL CHAT SOLUTIONS”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Take a Tour” and “Watch Video”
    • What stands out:
      • Alternative engagement – the choice between “Take a Tour” and “Watch Video”

    3. Content Beta

    • Value Proposition: “Video Production”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “See examples”
    • What stands out:
      • The write-up provides proper context
      • The minimal color palette aligns with the brand

    J. CTA Examples for Quiz & Questions

    Action Phrase Example – Take the quiz, Start the survey, Answer the questions, Test your knowledge

    This CTA invites users to take quizzes or tests, helping them to discover their preferences. It’s a fun, interactive way to engage or get insights.

    1. Microsoft

    • Value Proposition: “Need help deciding?”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Take our quiz”
    • What stands out:
      • Simplicity, minimal use of words


    • Value Proposition: “What’s your Rich Life?”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “START THE QUIZ”
    • What stands out:
      • The question “Who could you be at your fullest potential?” intrigues the audience and motivates them to explore further.

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    K. CTA Examples for Pricing

    Action Phrase Example – View pricing, Check rates, Explore packages, Get a quote

    This CTA leads users to a page with product or service costs. It helps them understand what they’ll pay.

    1. Uber

    • Value Proposition: “Always the ride you want”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “See prices”
    • What stands out:
      • Simple, minimal, black and white layout

    2. Content Beta

    • Value Proposition: “What will you create with Content Beta?”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “See plans”
    • What stands out:
      • Simple, easy to understand, table layout

    L. CTA for Specific Action

    Action Phrase Example – ‘Watch demo’, ‘we have the solution’

    This CTA points users to a direct solution. Here it is presented as the answer to a user’s problem.

    1. Salesforce

    • Value Proposition: “SmartRent doubled its revenues with Salesforce.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Start my free trial” and “Watch demos”
    • What stands out:
      • Alternative engagement – “See how”
      • Photo of the client along with designation adds credibility
      • Small icons to represent various features and offerings

    2. Veriforce

    • Value Proposition: “Prequalify contractors and hire with confidence” and “Onboard your contractors into compliance & get them ready for work.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Demo our Configurable Solution”
    • What stands out:
      • Simple and minimal design approach
      • Use of icons

    3. Cisco

    • Value Proposition: “A match fit network connecting teams to their fans.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “The Challenge” and “The Solution”
    • What stands out:
      • KISS design approach
      • minimal use of words

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    M. General CTA Examples

    Action Phrase Example – Learn more, Discover, Find out, See how, Continue

    These are common prompts used on many websites to guide user actions, like “Click Here” or “Get Started.”

    1. Dropbox

    • Value Proposition: “Dropbox works the way you do”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Try Dropbox Business”, “Download the app”, “Sign in”, “Sign up for free”
    • What stands out:
      • Multiple CTAs to ensure the visitor finds SOMETHING relevant to click and stay within their website.

    2. Google Drive

    • Value Proposition:  “A safe place for all your files”
    • CTA or Action Phrase:  “Go to Google Drive”
    • What stands out:
      • A simple layout with an impactful statement and the logo.

    3. Intercom

    • Value Proposition: “With Intercom it’s simple, personal, and fun for everyone.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Get Started”
    • What stands out:
      • The illustration with handwriting font and company logo
      • The “Easy setup | Try any product free for 14 days | Cancel at any time” section highlights ease of the process and encourages people to join.

    4. Teachable

    • Value Proposition: “Share what you know”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Get Started”
    • What stands out:
      • the simplistic and minimalistic approach

    5. HUEMOR

    • Value Proposition: “We Create Memorable Digital Experiences”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Launch”
    • What stands out:
      • A ‘Launch’ button with a ‘Do Not Press’ warning – This fun way of saying ‘don’t do it’ makes you want to do it even more.

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    N. Industry-specific CTA

    Action Phrase Example – Book now (travel), Order today (food), Enroll now (education)

    These CTAs are made for certain sectors, like “Book Now” for hotels or “Order Pizza” for food places. They match the industry’s needs.

    1. Vrbo

    • Value Proposition: “Vacation homes for you and whoever you call family.”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Discover your escape”
    • What stands out:
      • Unique action phrase for a vacation home portal

    2. Starbucks

    • Value Proposition: “How about a real cookie?”
    • CTA or Action Phrase: “Order”
    • What stands out:
      • Creativity – On Starbucks’ website, after you accept cookies, this pop-up shows up.

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    A well-crafted CTA guides users’ mere interest in tangible action. Whether it’s a vibrant button on a webpage or a convincing link in an email, the right CTA can ignite curiosity, prompt engagement, and drive results.

    The CTA examples we have explored draw attention to the importance of understanding your audience and tailoring your CTAs to their needs and desires. Remember, it is about creating a meaningful connection that encourages them to start a journey with your brand.

    In summary, experiment, refine, and always aim to resonate with your audience. Clear and compelling calls-to-action that often lead the way to success.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Place your CTA above the fold on your webpage. Make sure it is immediately visible without scrolling.

    Additionally, consider positioning it centrally or at the end of content sections. Using contrasting colors and whitespace can also enhance its visibility.

    A CTA guides prospects through the stages of the sales funnel. It prompts them to take specific actions. Each CTA is tailored to the funnel stage, moving prospects closer to a purchase decision.

    • At the top of the funnel, CTAs might encourage content consumption (e.g., “Read More”).
    • In the middle, they might prompt engagement (e.g., “Sign Up for a Webinar”).
    • At the bottom, they drive conversion (e.g., “Buy Now” or “Contact Us”).

    When crafting CTAs, avoid these common mistakes:

    • Being vague: Ensure your CTA clearly states what action you want the user to take.
    • Overloading with CTAs: Too many prompts can confuse or overwhelm users.
    • Using weak action verbs: Opt for compelling verbs like “Discover,” “Learn,” or “Get Started.”
    • Poor design: Ensure your CTA stands out with contrasting colors and it is easily clickable.
    • Not testing: Regularly A/B test CTAs to determine which ones perform best with your audience.

    No, CTAs don’t always have to be in the form of buttons. While buttons are common and effective for many actions, CTAs can also be presented as text links, images, or even interactive elements. It depends on the context and desired user action.

    The key is to make the CTA stand out and clearly convey the action you want the user to take.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    "Fast turnaround" "Easy to work"

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