18 Inspiring Brochure Design Ideas to Elevate Your Marketing

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Rishabh Pugalia

May 28, 2024


Brochure designs go beyond the standard promotional leaflets. It’s a strategic tool that businesses use to present their products and services to potential customers.

But the question is –

  • What is brochure design?
  • What should I include in my brochure?
  • What is the ideal size for a brochure?

No worries, we have found the answer for you. We have also compiled a list of best examples for brochure design inspiration.

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    What is Brochure Design?

    Brochure design is the process of creating a promotional document. It is usually a small booklet or pamphlet, to provide information about a company’s products or services.

    The design of the brochure plays a critical role in presenting these details. It should be attractive, capture the readers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.

    Whether it’s a creative brochure or a graphic design brochure, good design is key. Brochure design includes elements like images, graphics, colors, and text content. Everything is arranged according to design principles in an easy-to-read format.

    Brochure design can be quite a creative task, requiring both design and copywriting skills to effectively communicate the desired message. It needs to follow the branding guidelines of the company to keep everything looking consistent.

    Examples of Brochure Design Ideas

    Looking for some brochure ideas or pamphlet ideas? We have compiled 18 brochure examples for your brochure design inspiration –

    1. UNICEF Brochure Design

    UNICEF is short for United Nations Children’s Fund. This global organization is focused on childcare and services. This includes education, health services, and protection from danger.

    This brochure includes –

    • Photographs
    • Line drawings
    • Consistent color palette
    • Text box highlight
    • Project location map

    2. BMW Brochure Design

    BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke, is an automobile company from Germany. They’re known for their high-performing luxury cars and motorcycles. Their vehicles are known for their quality, design, and speed.

    This brochure includes –

    • High quality product photos
    • Neutral color palette
    • Simple font
    • Graphic illustrations
    • Technical details

    3. APPLE Brochure Design

    Apple is a global leader in the tech industry. It has transformed the way we use gadgets. It has made significant impacts in these fields with its series of iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. It’s known for prioritizing user experience, resulting in stylish and intuitive devices popular worldwide.

    This brochure include –

    • Photographs
    • Icons
    • Statistics
    • Text highlights
    • Detail chart

    4. TOYOTA Brochure Design

    Toyota is a Japan-based automobile manufacturer. It has earned a reputation for its reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. Toyota’s cars reflect their commitment to quality, durability, safety, and sustainable technology.

    This brochure includes –

    • High quality product photographs
    • Neutral color palette with an accent color
    • Multiple typeface
    • Graphic illustration
    • Complimenting accessory detail

    5. AUDI Brochure Design

    Audi is a luxury car manufacturer based in Germany. It is known for advanced engineering and high-quality craftsmanship. Audi stands for comfort, performance, safety, and innovation for an exceptional driving experience.

    This brochure includes –

    • High quality product photography
    • Text overlay
    • Consistent typography
    • Logo
    • Technical details

    6. INFOSYS MICROSOFT Brochure Design

    Infosys is a global IT services and consulting company based in India. It provides business consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. It helps clients across the globe navigate their digital transformation and consulting services.

    Based in the US, Microsoft is a leading name in the technology industry. It offers a vast range of software (Windows operating systems and Office suite) and hardware products (Xbox gaming console), and cloud services. Microsoft has shaped the way we interact with technology, making digital life more accessible and efficient.

    This brochure includes –

    • Text highlight
    • Stock images
    • Vector images
    • Case study briefs
    • Vibrant accent colors

    7. MERCEDES Brochure Design

    Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer. It is known for its line-up of premium vehicles – cars, buses, and trucks. It stands as an icon in the automotive industry. Their vehicles, celebrated for the quality and safety features, redefine the standards of comfort on the road.

    This brochure includes –

    • High quality product shots
    • Monochrome color palette
    • Bold color background
    • Hyperlinked table of content as header
    • Photos of small details

    8. IKEA Brochure Design

    IKEA is a global home furnishings retailer based in Sweden. They offer a vast range of products that combine form, function, and affordability. Their innovative design approach, flat-packed furniture, and featuring self-assembly furniture create beautiful and functional living spaces worldwide.

    This brochure includes –

    • Hyperlinked table of content
    • High quality product images
    • Hyperlinked product details
    • Basic color palette and font
    • Layout similar to magazine

    9. AIRBNB Brochure Design

    Airbnb is a leading online accommodation platform. It connects people looking to rent their homes with people seeking accommodations. It offers travelers unique accommodation experiences beyond typical hotels. Airbnb has made travel more personal and accessible.

    This brochure includes –

    • Well composed photographs
    • Assortment of fonts
    • Basic color palette with a bold accent color
    • Text box
    • Short interviews/recommendations

    10. AMAZON Brochure Design

    Amazon is the largest online retailer globally. It offers an extensive range of products, from books to electronics and groceries, and quick delivery. Its innovative services like Prime Video, Kindle, and Echo devices have reshaped the entertainment experience.

    This brochure includes –

    • Vector graphics
    • Highlighted text box
    • Screenshots
    • Minimal color palette
    • Tri-fold layout

    11. ROLEX Brochure Design

    Rolex is a renowned Swiss watch manufacturer. It is recognized globally for its timeless luxury wristwatches. It has been defining excellence in craftsmanship, precision, classic style, and elegant design since 1905.

    This brochure includes –

    • High quality product shots
    • Use of ombre background on few pages
    • Cohesive color palette
    • Consistent typography hierarchy
    • Accent typeface

    12. DISNEYLAND Brochure Design

    Disneyland is a magical theme park located in California, USA. It is also known as “The Happiest Place on Earth”. This place embodies the spirit of Disney. It features a vast array of rides, shows, and attractions themed around Disney’s most beloved stories and characters.

    This brochure includes –

    • Colorful digital illustrations
    • Hand drawn illustrations
    • Color gradient in headings
    • Diagonal photo collage
    • Assortment of fonts
    • Multiple layout styles

    13. SAMSUNG Brochure Design

    Samsung is a global technology leader, based in South Korea. It manufactures a wide variety of products, including the Galaxy smartphone line, smart TVs, and innovative home appliances. It showcases the company’s commitment to quality and advanced technology.

    This brochure includes –

    • Product shots with detail
    • Detailed icons
    • Hand drawn illustrations
    • Text overlay
    • Pictorial product guide

    14. CANON Brochure Design

    Canon is a globally recognized Japanese company. They specialize in the manufacture of imaging and optical products. They produce high-quality cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, and printers.

    This brochure includes –

    • Images
    • Brief technical details
    • Range of colors in the palette
    • Assortment of typeface
    • Consistent layout

    15. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Brochure Design

    Harley-Davidson is a legendary American motorcycle manufacturer. They have been crafting high-end, unique, and powerful motorcycles since 1903. Their bikes are celebrated for their iconic design, high-performance engines, and distinctive sound.

    This brochure includes –

    • High-quality product photos
    • Monochrome color palette
    • Bold accent color
    • Photo collage
    • Multiple fonts

    16. NESTLE Brochure Design

    Nestle is a Switzerland-based multinational company. It is a leading name in the global food and beverage industry. Its extensive product range spans from coffee, baby food, dairy products, to pet food. It has an impressive portfolio of brands like Nescafe, KitKat, and Maggi.

    This brochure includes –

    • Locations pointed on a map
    • Timeline of major achievements
    • Images
    • Various style of icons
    • Vibrant but cohesive color palette

    17. TESLA Brochure Design

    Tesla is an American electric vehicle manufacturer. It is known for producing high-performance electric cars. It is leading the shift toward sustainable transportation. Additionally, the company is also making headway in renewable energy, offering solar panels and energy storage products.

    This brochure includes –

    • High quality product photos
    • Brand logo on majority of pages
    • Rating from reliable source
    • Minimal approach
    • Technical details

    18. DUBAI EXHIBITION CENTRE Brochure Design

    Dubai Exhibition Centre is a prominent hub for global events, located in the heart of Dubai. It hosts various international exhibitions, conferences, and events. It’s recognized for its advanced technology and infrastructure, and extensive facilities. These features make it an ideal location for a broad spectrum of events.

    This brochure includes –

    • Retro images
    • Statistics
    • Maps
    • Text box
    • Icons

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    A well-crafted brochure design can be highly influential ads. Brochure designs are about structuring your content and resonating with your audience. The advertising design is strategically done to stimulate customer interest.

    Brochure designs represent the company’s insight, innovation, creativity, and ability to offer practical solutions.

    The ultimate aim of brochure design is to promote your products or services effectively. Focus on presenting your products or services and create designs that lead to improved brand awareness.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Brochure design is the process of creating compact, impactful promotional materials to showcase a company’s products or services. Put together engaging brochure designs that capture your audience’s attention, using a balanced mix of text, images, and graphics.

    Brochure design is important because –

    • It provides an effective way to communicate your business’s offerings and values.
    • It helps grab the attention of potential customers.
    • Brochures convey key information about your products or services.
    • It aids in increasing sales and building brand recognition.

    Your brochure should have –

    • A compelling headline that piques interest.
    • Detailed information about your products or services.
    • Clear and high-quality images or graphics relevant to your offerings.
    • Contact details like address, phone number, email, and website.

    The ideal size for a brochure design depends on the type of information and display. However, one of the most common sizes is the “Letter” format, which is 8.5 x 11 inches when unfolded.

    Brochure design can cost from $150 to $900 depending on the quality and type of work.

    Yes, you can design a brochure on your own using brochure makers and drawing inspiration from brochure examples. However, if you want a professional touch, it’s a good idea to hire a graphic design expert who specializes in brochure designs. They can bring creative brochure ideas, proper brochure layout, and adhere to your branding guidelines.

    A professional designer can make your brochure designing process smoother, and their experience can lead to more innovative design, creating a stronger impact on your audience. Remember, the quality of your brochure design can greatly influence your brand image.

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