Everything about Brand Hype Video

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June 21, 2024

Everything about Brand Hype Video

Most users take their phones out whenever they have a short break and try to skim through their social media. With attention spans shrinking (according to CNN), you’ve got seconds to make an impact on your viewers’ minds.

A hype video lets you present your brand’s personality and key message in a way that’s impossible for your viewers to ignore.

You may consider the following questions now:

  • How can we measure the true impact of a hype video on brand perception and customer acquisition? Beyond just views and engagement?
  • In B2B video marketing, how do I balance the need for hype videos with my audience’s expectation of informative content?
  • How can my hype video add excitement and brand personality without sacrificing the brand’s purpose?

While your competitors are busy creating hype videos, you can’t afford to sit quietly, analyzing their brand hype video examples.

Creating Hype Videos

However, hype videos are just a tool, not the entire strategy. Consider how they fit into your content mix, ensuring a seamless viewer journey.

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    What are Brand Hype Videos?

    Brand hype videos are high-energy marketing tools, designed to generate excitement and enthusiasm about a brand, product, or event. Unlike an animated explainer video, a hype video usually emphasizes emotion over pure information.

    The primary goal of a brand hype video is to create a memorable impression that encourages viewers to engage with the brand or participate in a specific call to action. If you analyze brand hype video examples, you’ll find most brands consider four things while creating such videos:

    • High-energy footage
    • Upbeat music
    • Dynamic editing
    • Persuasive narratives

    Why You Should Use Brand Hype Videos?

    Let’s have a look at the reasons to use brand hype videos.

    1. Hype videos can attract viewers even in a saturated market

    • People receive so many marketing messages daily that your video messaging idea needs to stand out and say, “This is why you should choose us.”
    • Bold visuals and music can stop the scroll and pull viewers in.

    2. Hype videos create an emotional connection with your audience

    • A hype video creator explores the power of emotion. People tend to make decisions based on emotions, not just facts.
    • Hype videos often feature real people interacting with the brand, creating a sense of community and belonging.

    3. Hype videos can be repurposed

    You can repurpose video content according to different social platforms. A single brand hype video can turn into an asset for:

    • Organic and paid social media posts
    • Website and landing page hero videos
    • Employee recruiting and training, etc.

    Top 10 Brand Hype Video

    Here are 10 brand hype video examples from different business sectors. Check them out.

    1. LinkedIn

    Video title: 10 years of #LinkedinLife in Hong Kong!

    Video duration: 1 minute 34 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • The video emphasizes developing an inclusive and fun work culture driven by a strong vision.
    • The story says how serious work in the company is paramount while giving it a funny take.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • The video follows the “walk-and-talk” format, to make it more interactive
    • It imitates a real-life situation where an employee speaks on camera while interacting with others in the office.

    2. Atlassian

    Video title: Impossible Alone. Possible Together | Atlassian

    Video duration: 59 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • Short and fast-paced is the way to go for most hype video examples, and this video aptly fits its message in a short time.
    • The video emphasizes the power of teamwork and collaboration. It highlights that seemingly impossible things become achievable when teams work together.
    • The video pokes fun at geniuses, where it says few things are done alone, again highlighting the importance of teamwork.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • The video uses a retro-style visuals
    • Brilliant use of a diverse range of animated and live-action visuals

    3. Zendesk

    Video title: This is Zendesk

    Video duration: 1 minute 40 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • The company values a work-life balance with opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community. Also, Zendesk hires people from diverse backgrounds. Such brand hype video examples promote inclusivity and create a fun and engaging work environment.
    • The video uses an empty chair as a metaphor for a vacant position at the company, encouraging interested viewers to apply. With high-quality storytelling, it uses salted licorice to cleverly tell where the company was founded (Copengehen).

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Visuals range from volunteering to employees working from home.
    • Collage of images cut in various shapes

    4. Bolt

    Video title: We are Bolt, the Fastest-Growing Tech Company in Europe

    Video duration: 1 minute 54 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • The Bolt employees share how their success lies in their work speed. They can launch new services quickly, showing the company’s growth potential.
    • They achieve this by having a flat organizational structure with small, empowered teams that don’t allow bureaucracy to get in.
    • Employees share how working at Bolt offers growth opportunities, with the average employee tenure being 1.5 years longer than the industry average.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • The starting clip is shown with time-lapse visuals and chipmunk or squeaky voice effects.
    • On-screen visualization

    5. Zscaler

    Video title: Zscaler Brand Story (Full)

    Video duration: 3 minutes 11 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • This brand video tells the story of a new security system “born in the cloud for the cloud.” Such hype video examples show how a company aims to simplify and transform business operations.
    • The media coverage of the company and the CEO himself talking about how their business has gone forward over the years shows its journey from “zero.”

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Footage of top entrepreneurs of the world on the sidelines of old images of the company.
    • This hype video maker used clips ranging from happy employees and customers to media houses to show the company’s impact on the community.

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    6. Apple

    Video title: Every product carbon neutral by 2030 | Apple

    Video duration: 1 minute 15 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • Apple aims to make every Apple product carbon-neutral by 2030. Finding new ways to recycle from Apple products shows the company’s commitment to a sustainable future.
    • The message to include its users in its carbon-neutral mission connects the users emotionally, making them part of the whole project.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Clever use of green color to go with the video theme
    • Use of kinetic typography with particular emphasis on the “focus” word(s)

    7. Acquire

    Video title: Acquire: Brand Video

    Video duration: 2 minutes

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • The visuals show two characters: a software service agent and a customer. It is one of those hype video examples where the story funnily depicts how company growth and customer service sometimes don’t align well.
    • Populating a specific form can be challenging for your customer and the video humorously shows the customer crying for help.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Live action visuals
    • Different camera angles
    • On-screen visualization

    8. Lalamove

    Video title: Lalamove Brand Video

    Video duration: 1 minute 30 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • As the narrator mentions, “Our drivers arrive on the dot,” this addresses one of the biggest challenges of logistics: on-time delivery.
    • Extending its reach throughout Asia and Latin America indicates the company’s growth potential. It also highlights how it is serving communities in diverse regions of the world.
    • Serving small businesses with affordable solutions shows the company’s social commitment.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Brilliant use of motion graphics syncing with the narration
    • Consistency in terms of color to maintain brand identity

    9. Nokia

    Video title: Nokia new brand video

    Video duration: 1 minute 39 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • This evolution of Nokia focuses on networks meeting cloud services, enabling real-time interaction between people and machines. It shows Nokia’s commitment to the community.
    • The clip focuses on how the ultimate goal is to make high-performance connectivity more accessible, adaptable, and open to collaboration.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Live-action visuals from different places: desert, sea, crossroads, research labs, etc.
    • Time-lapse camera
    • Slow motion technique

    10. Wix

    Video title: This is Wix |

    Video duration: 49 seconds

    What we loved about the storytelling:

    • The video doesn’t have a voiceover. But with on-screen visualization, it shows how it serves its customers with its completely customizable web creation platform.
    • Along with a dynamic, design-driven approach, it ensures industry-level security to protect its users from cyber attacks.

    What we loved about the visuals:

    • Kinetic typography
    • VIsuals ranging from gadget screens to superimposed human figures (to induce humor.)

    How to Create Brand Hype Videos for Your Business?

    Creating a high-quality brand hype video involves strategic planning and understanding of what makes your brand unique. Here’s a guide on producing brand hype videos:

    1. Connect with your audience on an emotional level

    Most hype video examples have one thing in common: they make an emotional connection with the viewers in a way that aligns with the brand. Choose music, voiceovers, and visuals that enhance the immersive quality of your video.

    2. Define the core message

    Ensure the brand USP is clearly defined. The message in the video should resonate with your audience emotionally and intellectually.

    3. Add visual storytelling

    Engage viewers by telling a story that shows your brand’s impact or value. Include clips of real-life customer experiences, community outreach programs, etc.

    4. Include FOMO

    Position your brand as an exclusive club people will be dying to join. Build anticipation by teasing exciting things without giving too much away.

    5. Add call to action

    In a brand hype video, you aim to convert viewer enthusiasm into measurable outcomes. End the clip with a clear call to action.

    Tips for Nailing Your Brand Promo Video

    In a brand promo video, you must show “what’s new” in your business. Here are the tips for a successful promo video:

    1. Set a goal

    Start with a clear goal and target audience. Decide the specific action you want viewers to take after watching the clip.

    2. Show benefits

    Focus on benefits, not just features. Most brand hype video examples show viewers how the brands improve their users’ lives.

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    Brand hype videos have unique challenges, such as competing for the viewers’ time or maintaining energy throughout the clip.

    As a hype video maker, Content Beta provides a dedicated team of video production experts to tackle these challenges and help you reach your objective.

    Here’s how we do that:

    • Our team runs on a CaaS model with B2B know-how.
    • We have pricing plans that come with no hidden costs.
    • Being an expert hype video creator, Content Beta knows the nuances of specific video production needs. The result: you get your content delivered faster.

    Additionally, we’re not just here to create one-off hype videos but to help you build a high-impact video strategy.

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    Brand hype videos are effective in capturing attention and driving action. However, for a B2B video production company, creating top-quality brand hype videos is easier said than done.

    Also, there’s no single formula for a great hype video. From Atlassian’s retro-style animation to Nokia’s sweeping live-action footage, the key is to find an authentic style that reflects your brand value.

    So, whether you aim to energize viewers with bold music and visuals or make them laugh with clever humor, the goal is the same: to leave an impression that compels viewers to engage with your brand.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The key elements of a successful brand hype video include:

    • A bold hook
    • A relatable story
    • Clear product/ service benefits
    • Strong visuals and pacing
    • A clear call to action

    It costs $5000-$20000 to create a brand hype video. The cost depends on the video’s style, length, complexity, etc.

    You can use hype videos to differentiate your brand from competitors by:

    • Showing your unique brand personality, values, and customer success stories
    • Highlighting your differentiators: proprietary technology, exceptional customer service, industry expertise, or social impact initiatives.

    You can leverage AI and machine learning to optimize your hype videos’ performance and ROI. Use them to:

    • Analyze viewer engagement data to make creative decisions
    • Personalize video content and recommendations based on individual behavior
    • Automate repetitive tasks like tagging, transcription, and distribution

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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