How to Use Bing’s AI Image Generator

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Rishabh Pugalia

July 11, 2024

How to Use Bing’s AI Image Generator

You have a vision about a particular visual but you lack the time & artistic skills to find or design it yourself. Well, Bing’s AI Image Generator can help! This tool turns your text descriptions into custom visuals.

This AI generator can speed up your creative process. Need a specific image for a blog post? Want to test different visual concepts quickly? Bing’s tool can handle these tasks. It’s particularly useful for those working under tight deadlines or with limited resources.

Bing’s offering is free and integrated with their search engine. You don’t need design skills or special software. All you need is a web browser and your imagination. According to Bing, since its launch, over 1 billion images have been generated, helping inspire people’s creativity.

Now, you might be wondering:

  • Can I use these AI-generated images for commercial projects without copyright issues?
  • Is there a learning curve for using the Bing AI generator, and how can I get started?
  • How do I balance creativity and practicality when crafting prompts for marketing materials?

In this blog, we’ll guide you through using the Bing AI image creator. You’ll learn the steps to create your images and see practical examples.

Here is an example image we created with the Bing AI generator image tool:

AI generator image

Prompt: Robotic astronaut exploring a distant alien landscape, sci-fi style

    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

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    What is Bing Image Creator?

    Bing AI generator is a tool that lets users create images from text. It is an AI-powered tool developed by Microsoft in collaboration with OpenAI. It uses an advanced version of the DALL∙E model to generate images based on textual prompts provided by users.

    This tool allows you to create display ad designs, characters, banner ads, etc. simply by describing what you want. Users can specify details like location, activity, and art style to refine their image requests. AI Bing image generator tool also supports over 100 languages.

    Here is an example image created using the Bing image generator:

    Bing image generator 2

    Prompt: A man looking at the scenery from his castle, photo-realistic.

    How to Use Bing AI Image Generator?

    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get images with the Bing AI generator. You can create your images either through Bing Create or Bing Chat.

    1. Using Bing AI image creator tool

    Follow these steps to create images using the AI Bing generator on any browser:

    Step 1

    To create images with the AI generator Bing tool, you need to have a Microsoft account. Create one if you don’t already have it.

    Step 2

    You can search for the Bing AI image generator on the browser or access the tool through this link:

    AI image generator on the browser or access

    Step 3

    Click on “Join and create” if you have not joined in. If you have joined in, you can start with generating your images:

    Join and create

    Step 4

    Enter your prompt. The more descriptive your prompt is, the better your outcome will be. Use this format for better results when giving your prompt – [ Adj + noun + verb (action), style].

    Enter your prompt

    Step 5

    Choose the image you prefer. You can – Share, Save, Download, or Customize it using Microsoft Designer.

    Choose the image you prefer

    Step 6

    You can customize the image further. You can add visuals and text, remove background, and also get various ideas with the AI idea generator.

    customize the image

    2. Using Bing Chat

    Follow these steps to create images using the Bing AI generator in the Bing Chat:

    Step 1

    To access the AI image generator Bing tool on Bing Chat, you need to log into your Microsoft account.

    Step 2

    Go to Microsoft Edge web browser and search for Bing Chat or use this link:

    Bing AI generator

    Step 3

    Enter your prompt in the chat window. Once you enter your prompt the images are created and you can access them directly in your chat window.

    Enter your prompt in the chat window

    Step 4

    Once you get your images, you can recreate, edit, and save the images generated within the same chat window. You can continue the conversation and ask for changes or adjustments as needed.

    get your AI images

    You can download, copy, and edit images here –

    download, copy, and edit images

    Once you click on “Edit in Designer”, you can access Microsoft Designer to make edits, add elements, remove background, etc.

    Edit in Designer

    Step 5

    You can change the style in Bing image generator AI chat just by clicking on the style references provided below. Example – Digital art to Watercolor style.

    Bing image generator AI chat

    Upon choosing the Watercolor style this is the output –

    Watercolor style AI Image

    Pros and Cons of the Bing AI Image Generator

    Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Bing AI generator:


    • Ease of Use: The interface is simple, making it easy to input prompts and generate images.
    • Image Quality: It produces high-quality images, including animations, 3D renders, and realistic pictures.
    • Versatility: AI generator image Bing tool can create a wide range of images, from business logos to fantasy settings.
    • Accessibility: The tool is easy to access and is well integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem. Users can easily utilize it across various platforms and devices.
    • Rewards & Boosts: You get 15 boosts per day for free to generate, edit, or customize images. If you run out of boosts, you have the option to use Microsoft Rewards to redeem for additional boosts.


    • Censorship and Restrictions: Certain content, such as images of specific races or celebrities, is censored, limiting creative freedom.
    • Lack of Control: Users have limited control over image production details like size. With such restrictions, creating banner ad designs and vertical social media posts can be difficult.
    • Inconsistent Results: The Bing AI photo generator tool sometimes produces different images for the same prompt, affecting reliability.
    • Abnormalities: Text distortion, Faces & hands don’t look right, the system can misinterpret your prompt.
    • Limited Boosts: Once you run out of boosts for the day, the generated images are lower quality and take longer to create. If you do not have e Microsoft Rewards to redeem for additional boosts, you will have to wait until the next day for boosts.

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    Tips to Improve the Accuracy of AI Image Generation

    To improve the accuracy of images produced with the AI generated images Bing tool:

    1. Give highly descriptive prompts. Add specific details – Image type, subject, context, details, lighting, framing, lens & camera, style.
    2. Try different variations of prompts to see what works best. Adjusting minor details can significantly affect the output.
    3. Use style-related keywords in the format – [ Adj + noun + verb (action), style] For example, “a smiling man in a suit, Pixar style.”
    4. Keep prompts clear and straightforward. Avoid adding too many elements in a single prompt to reduce complexity.
    5. For clean and professional style images, use “solid white background” in the prompt.
    6. Detail the expressions, actions, or moods you want. Example: “A joyful child playing with a puppy, cartoon style.”
    7. You can use the Surprise Me tool on the Bing AI generator. This feature gives you various prompt ideas.
    8. Use Bing Chat to brainstorm ideas for those designs. Example: Ask for design inspirations for a “modern office space” and refine them based on the suggestions.
    9. For starters, you can use:
      • Create an image of …
      • Generate a comic book scene with …
      • Draw an abstract of …

    Creating a Detailed Image Prompt

    You can experiment with prompts by including these elements in the Bing image AI generator:

    • Main Subject: Define the main subject or focal point clearly to center the scene and give it context.
      Eg., Show a strong woman as the main focus in a destroyed city.
    • Physical Attributes: Specify distinct characteristics to make the subject easily identifiable and relatable.
      E.g., She has green eyes, long black hair, and a determined expression.
    • Attire: Describe the clothing to reflect the setting and convey the subject’s role or condition.
      E.g., She wears tough leather armor suitable for protection.
    • Background or Setting: Set the scene with detailed surroundings to enhance the story and mood.
      E.g., The scene is in a ruined city with broken buildings.
    • Composition – Focus and Framing: Outline the placement of elements to guide the viewer’s eye and emphasize the main subject.
      E.g., She stands in the center, with the city ruins around her.
    • Colors: Use a specific palette to convey the desired emotions and atmosphere.
      E.g., Use gray and brown colors with a bit of orange from the setting sun.
    • Colors: Use a specific palette to convey the desired emotions and atmosphere.
      E.g., Make it look realistic, with detailed textures.
    • Overall Theme: Define the central idea or emotion to unify the elements and create a cohesive image.
      E.g., It’s about surviving in a tough world after everything has fallen apart.
    • Visual Elements: Include key objects or features to enhance the scene and support the theme.
      E.g., Include broken cars, buildings, and old signs.
    • Texture: Describe surface details to add depth and realism or enhance the stylistic feel.
      E.g., Make everything look rough and worn, like old leather and cracked concrete.

    Here is an example image:

    Creating a Detailed Image Prompt

    Prompt: Create an image of a woman with brown hair in post-apocalyptic attire, navigating a ruined cityscape at sunset, using muted colors and a realistic style to evoke desolation and resilience.

    Where Can You Access the Bing AI Image Generator?

    You can access the Bing AI generator in various ways. Let us take a look:

    1. Bing chat (phone, computer)

    To use the Bing’s AI generator through Bing chat:

    • Go to Microsoft Edge
    • Search for Bing chat or click this link
    • You can use it both on a computer and phones
    Bing chat

    2. Copilot app (On Windows Latest Versions)

    To use the Bing AI image generator through the Copilot App:

    • Go to the search bar on your Windows
    • Click on the Copilot icon at the top-right corner.
    Copilot app

    3. Bing Create

    To use the Bing AI generator on web browsers:

    Bing Create

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    Final Thoughts

    The Bing AI generator is a tool by Microsoft and OpenAI that turns text into images. This tool helps save time and effort when designing tasks.

    Bing’s AI image generator is straightforward to use. Sign in with a Microsoft account, visit the generator, input your description, and it generates your image. For the best results, provide detailed prompts and experiment with different variations to fine-tune your images.

    While convenient, it’s important to review generated images for quality and relevance. AI may not always produce exactly what you envision, so adjustments or multiple tries might be necessary.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes. Bing’s AI Image Generator is free to use.

    Yes. You can customize the style or theme of images with Bing’s AI Image Generator. You can simply enter your prompt followed by style. Use the format - image description, Style.

    Example - An astronaut marveling at a distant galaxy through a spaceship window, photo-realistic.

    Yes, there are limitations and restrictions when using Bing’s AI Image Generator.
    A few of them are:

    • You cannot change the size of the images.
    • It lacks deep artistic capabilities compared to some other AI tools. Images may appear more straightforward and less artistically nuanced.
    • Boost mode speeds up image creation, editing, and resizing. After the boost mode expires, the generation of images significantly slows down.

    The best practices for using Bing’s AI Image Generator are:

    • Use Bing AI image generator on Microsoft Edge
    • Give simpler prompts with a specified style
    • After generating an image, review it for quality and relevance
    • Use Microsoft Designer for edits.

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