Travel & Hospitality Explainer Video Examples

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June 13, 2024

Travel & Hospitality Explainer Video Examples

Travelers today have a lot of options, with countless destinations and experiences waiting for their attention. In an industry where experience is everything, explainer videos are the closest thing to showing your viewers what you offer.

Explainers don’t just tell potential customers about your offerings – they demonstrate them. They don’t just list features- they present a picture of how those features will make their journey unforgettable.

Certain questions might show up in your mind:

  • Am I highlighting the emotions and experiences in the travel and hospitality explainer videos that my prospects are looking for?
  • How do I simplify complex booking processes or itineraries without losing the sense of curiosity among my viewers?
  • What’s the right balance between showing my offerings in an explainer video and telling a story that resonates?

To stand out in a crowded marketplace, your explainer video needs to tell a story that echoes travelers’ desires for:

  • Adventure
  • Relaxation
  • Cultural immersion and so on.

Remember, it’s all about creating explainer videos that don’t just show your brand but help the customers throughout their experience.

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    What are Travel and Hospitality Explainer Videos?

    You can call travel and hospitality explainer videos modern-day travel brochures in video form. Instead of static images and text, they use animation, voiceover, and music to tell a story.

    These videos are useful for showing unique experiences, explaining complex itineraries, or even showing sustainability initiatives.

    Best explainer videos on travel and hospitality make it easy to understand your offerings. And this can lead to more bookings and higher conversion rates.

    10 Best Travel & Hospitality Explainer Video Examples

    Below are the best travel and hospitality explainer videos:

    1. Satos

    Video title: Introducing Satos – Travel App | Make Travelling Easy | Videos Explainers

    Video duration: 1 minute 4 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • Important messages are highlighted on-screen
    • Clear video CTA

    Storytelling summary:

    • It quickly establishes the problem – the travel industry is complex. Then, Satos is presented as the solution, simplifying things for everyone.
    • It doesn’t spend time talking about features. Instead, it highlights outcomes: streamlined operations, happy clients, soaring profits – things that any business wants.

    2. Proxi

    Video title: Proxi | Explainer Video by Yum Yum Videos

    Video duration: 55 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • The opening scene of the animated explainer video where an album with images of coffee shops and museums is shown to the travelers.

    Storytelling summary:

    • “How do you move people to visit the places you recommend?” immediately poses a challenge relevant to the target audience. This hooks you in, seeking a solution.
    • Proxi is presented as the answer, not just a tool. Instead of a dry list, we see how Proxi is used: customizing, pinning, publishing, and using the Chrome extension – you can picture these actions.

    3. Brightr Travel

    Video title: Brightr Travel

    Video duration: 1 minute 3 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • Colorful wave-like splashes to indicate transition

    Storytelling summary:

    • The video states a problem – tourists need guidance and businesses want to attract them. Then, Brightr Travel is positioned as the solution.
    • It focuses on the benefits for both tourists and businesses, emphasizing key advantages such as:
      • Economic growth
      • Community engagement, and
      • Streamlined marketing.

    4. Marriott International

    Video title: The Marriott Spa Experience Form | Elegant Explainer Video

    Video duration: 1 minute 40 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • With brilliant animation that seamlessly complements the explainer video script, the video brings the spa experience to life.

    Storytelling summary:

    • The video starts by mentioning the changing expectations of luxury customers who demand personalized experiences as a challenge/ problem. It then presents the pre-arrival form as the solution.
    • While not named, the video introduces characters- the spa team member and the customer (Mrs. Jones). Adding names to the character helps to make it relatable to the viewers.
    • The video concludes by reiterating Marriott’s mission and how the technology helps achieve it, leaving viewers with a sense of optimism and progress.

    5. Darwin Concierge

    Video title: Darwin Concierge

    Video duration: 2 minutes 20 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • The sound of a ringing phone as the narrator speaks about customer queries works as a subtle element to create a real-life scenario.
    • Strong verbal call to action at the end (with visuals to complement the same).

    Storytelling summary:

    • The video clearly establishes the pain points of tour operators and clients with traditional quotation and travel document processes. It then positions Darwin Concierge as the solution that simplifies and streamlines the experience.
    • The video focuses on the benefits for both tour operators (increased conversion rates, simplified processes) and clients (easy access to information, streamlined booking, stress-free travel).

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    6. Medallia

    Video title: Medallia for Airlines – Animated Explainer Video

    Video duration: 1 minute 30 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • The animation shows the gestures/ expressions of head-scratching employees and unsure COO so well.
    • It ends with a clear call to action: “Become your customers’ favorite airline with Medallia’s Airline Solutions today.”

    Storytelling summary:

    • This 90 second explainer video introduces 2 relatable characters. One is Nate, a CX professional buried in data. Another one is Amanda, the COO, who represents the need for data-driven decisions.
    • This approach personalizes the problem, making it easier for viewers to connect with the message.
    • The video moves beyond vague promises and provides specific, measurable results achieved by airlines using Medallia.


    Video title: HotelForex Website Explainer Video

    Video duration: 1 minute 2 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • On-screen visualization in terms of hotel price lists and bar charts to show price variations makes a viewer visually understand what is being narrated.
    • As the narrator says, “Have your vacation instantaneously!”, we could see “Vacation Time!” shown on screen. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages action.

    Storytelling summary:

    • The video introduces Linda, who faces a relatable problem – needing a last-minute hotel reservation. This immediately establishes a connection with viewers who may have experienced similar situations.
    • is presented as the solution that comes to Linda’s rescue just when she’s about to give up. The video emphasizes the relief and positive emotions associated with finding this solution.
    • Instead of simply listing features, the video demonstrates how works through Linda’s experience.

    8. Global Experience

    Video title: Global Experience- Homestay Booking Explainer Video

    Video duration: 41 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • The voiceover and visuals complement each other well.
    • Clear CTA

    Storytelling summary:

    • These types of explainer videos are more informational than story-driven. It primarily focuses on outlining the steps involved in booking a homestay through Global Experience.
    • The video uses evocative language to appeal to the viewer’s desire for a memorable experience. Phrases like “best place to live abroad” create a sense of anticipation and excitement.

    9. The predictive Minds

    Video title: Hotel Management Software Explainer Video | Coconut Animation Studio

    Video duration: 1 minute 56 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • Important elements are highlighted on the screen for emphasis.
    • The voiceover and visuals are brilliantly synced.

    Storytelling summary:

    • The video starts by acknowledging the pressures and challenges faced by hotel owners. This creates a sense of empathy and understanding, letting the viewer know that their struggles are recognized.
    • It promises fast results with a spike in your hotel revenue within the first week. This immediately catches the viewer’s attention.
    • The video emphasizes the power of prediction, allowing hotel owners to “predict the market.” This narrative of taking control and leading the market instead of reacting to it sends a strong message to the viewers.

    10. Tourism Exchange USA

    Video title: Tourism Exchange USA Explainer Video [Closed Captions Version]

    Video duration: 3 minutes 8 seconds

    Video style: Animation

    Audio-visual elements we loved:

    • The video uses complex animation techniques, creating a truly immersive journey.

    Storytelling summary:

    • The video introduces businesses like “Tina’s Bed and Breakfast,” which represent a larger group of tourism suppliers facing a common challenge: limited visibility and reach.
    • The video shows that, by connecting to Tourism Exchange USA, these businesses gain access to a wider audience of travel buyers and distributors. This helps them in expanding their reach and potential customer base.

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    Examples like Satos’ outcome-focused animation to Marriott’s personalized spa experience demonstrate that there’s no single formula for creating travel and hospitality explainer videos.

    The key is to choose a style and story that effectively connects with your target audience and embodies your brand. Highlight your brand’s unique experiences and show your commitment to the streamlined processes you promise to offer.

    It’s time to give your prospects a reason to pack their bags and experience it for themselves.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    It costs anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 per minute to create a travel explainer video.

    Some best practices for scriptwriting in travel explainer videos include:

    • Keeping the script concise and engaging
    • Using clear language and storytelling techniques
    • Focusing on the benefits for travelers

    The most effective distribution channels for travel explainer videos include:

    • Different social media platforms
    • Your website, and
    • Travel blogs relevant to your niche.

    Some common mistakes to avoid in travel explainer videos are:

    • Creating an explainer video without a clear call to action
    • Overloading the video with information
    • Focus on too many messages

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