30 Best Pitch Deck Examples From Startups

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July 17, 2024


Your startup pitch deck is vital for impressing potential investors. It isn’t merely a slideshow; it’s an asset that can accelerate business growth.

Creating a good startup pitch deck is straightforward, but it isn’t enough. You need an excellent deal pitch deck template to grab and retain investor attention, which can be challenging.

The best pitch decks address three main questions:

  • What problem do you solve?
  • How do you monetize your solution?
  • Why should investors give you their money? 

In this article, we’ll explore how to build an effective startup pitch deck, drawing from the best business pitch presentation example as well as some famous pitch decks.

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    What is a Pitch Deck?

    A pitch deck is like a short story about your business. It’s a set of slides that tells people what your business does, why it’s special, and how it’s going to grow.

    A startup pitch deck is a quick, 10-20 slide presentation that sparks interest in your business. Designed for simplicity, it aims to get investors excited to support your venture in under 15 minutes.

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    Why are Pitch Decks Important?

    • Helps articulate your business idea clearly and concisely.
    • Showcases your business to potential investors and partners.
    • Provides a platform to demonstrate your understanding of the market and your strategy to succeed in it.

    The best startup pitch decks tell a persuasive business story, from the problem you solve to your financial projections. Whether it’s a startup pitch deck, restaurant pitch deck, or y combinator pitch deck, storytelling is key. 

    30 Best Startup Pitch Deck Examples

    The key to an excellent startup pitch deck lies in perfecting the content, design, and structure. Here are some must-see startup pitch deck examples along with some famous pitch decks that hit the jackpot.

    1. Airbnb

    Year: 2008

    Airbnb, Inc. operates an online marketplace for short and long-term homestays and experiences, earning a commission from each booking. Their pitch deck design is a prime example of simplicity done right.

    Key takeaway: Each slide in your pitch deck should impart information quickly and effectively. It’s important to balance text with images and charts to illustrate your points. The goal is to enlist potential investors while communicating the purpose of your product or service.

    2. Buffer

    Year: 2011

    Buffer’s array of apps and tools aims to improve social media engagement and audience growth. The standout of their pitch deck is the traction slide, demonstrating strong product/market fit.

    Key takeaway: Focus on creating brief but precise market validation and adoption slides. This helps investors understand the viability of your product or service.

    3. BuzzFeed

    Year: 2008

    BuzzFeed, Inc. is an American Internet media, news, and entertainment firm with a focus on digital media.

    Key takeaway: Starting a pitch deck with impressive figures, like monthly website visitors, and endorsements from users and organizations, provides valuable social proof.

    4. Dropbox

    Year: 2007

    Dropbox offers secure file sharing, team collaboration, and cloud storage for businesses and individuals. Their pitch deck slides emphasize how Dropbox benefits users and society by transforming file management.

    Key takeaway: Highlight the features of your product or service and their benefits in your pitch deck. This helps emphasize your market position and the importance of the solution you provide.

    5. Facebook

    Year: 2004

    Facebook is a social networking service that was initially known as FaceMash before changing its name to TheFacebook on February 4, 2004.

    Key takeaway: A startup pitch deck should concentrate on concrete metrics like user engagement, traffic, and growth trends.

    6. Intercom

    Year: 2012

    Intercom is a customer engagement platform cultivating improved audience relationships. Their pitch presentation example uses a simple layout with their logo’s hand-drawn font for headings and bullets. Headings are well-placed for easy skimming and understanding.

    Key takeaway: The design of your pitch deck is crucial. Ensure slides are skimmable, colors harmonize, and fonts are legible, even if they’re playful or handwritten-style.

    7. LinkedIn

    Year: 2004

    LinkedIn is a business-focused social media platform that operates via websites and mobile apps.

    Key takeaway: Your pitch deck should clearly express your company’s values, unique selling points, and future objectives. Use compelling analogies to help investors understand your business goals.

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    8. Tinder

    Year: 2016

    Formerly Matchbox, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Tinder uses step-by-step screenshots in its pitch deck to illustrate how users navigate the app to meet their needs.

    Key takeaway: Storytelling can make a problem more relatable and comprehensible. A good pitch deck places investors in the customers’ shoes, sparking their interest in the solution.

    9. Uber

    Year: 2010

    Uber offers a range of services globally. Primarily known for its app-based taxi service, it also provides ride-hailing, food delivery, package delivery, and freight transport.

    Key takeaway: Use cases can clarify the practical application of a product, especially when the problem-solution slide isn’t clear enough. They guide investors through the actual use of the solution, demonstrating its effectiveness and where it can be applied to solve problems.

    10. YouTube

    Year: 2005

    YouTube, an American social media platform based in San Bruno, California, specializes in video sharing. Since its launch, it has become the second most visited website, following Google Search.

    Key takeaway: Leverage your pitch deck to demonstrate your service or product’s functionality, its growth potential, and how investor funding can enhance its features.

    11. Ageras

    Year: 2022

    Ageras is a FinTech startup connecting small to medium businesses with professional services like accountants and lawyers.

    Key takeaway: Their pitch deck impressively narrates the problem statement and provides a concise summary of their operations.

    12. Backstartup

    Year: 2018

    Backstartup offers a fresh solution for accounting, legal, and payroll needs.

    Key takeaway: Their pitch deck stands out for its simplicity, effectively communicating their purpose, their approach, and what sets them apart from traditional market services.

    13. Careerist

    Year: 2023

    Careerist bridges the gap between individuals without tech or coding experience and the U.S. tech industry. Their pitch deck expertly shows two potent, cost-effective acquisition channels that attract high-value customers.

    Key takeaway: An effective traction/market validation slide addresses any potential company issues and is often enough to catch the attention of investors.

    14. ChangeJar

    Year: 2017

    ChangeJar offers a secure mobile cash terminal that reduces transaction fees for retail merchants.

    Key takeaway: The standout elements in their pitch deck are a clear value proposition for their customers and thorough research that shows their unique market position.

    15. Crunchbase

    Year: 2020

    Crunchbase is a top platform for exploring innovative startups and companies, providing key details like funding data and leadership roles.

    Key takeaway: Start with a story instead of dazzling investors with traffic and usage data to capture their attention and convey your product’s purpose. Notably, Crunchbase uses visual analogies to emphasize the problem’s significance and potential opportunity.

    16. Datatron

    Year: 2016

    Datatron is a model governance platform for managing and tracking ML, AI, and Data Science models. This standout startup increased data transfer speed by 100x compared to standard enterprise solutions.

    Key takeaway: Emphasize the solution you provide, especially if you have a first-mover advantage. The slides showcasing Datatron’s solution make their pitch deck a top example to emulate.

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    17. Faye

    Year: 2022

    Faye, a brand by Zenner, Inc., offers customizable travel protection plans. Their pitch deck effectively uses concise slides to set the pace. The cover and summary slides provide context for the conversation.

    Key takeaway: Mentioning traction, market penetration, market size, and growth rate, the deck paints a compelling investment opportunity.

    18. Fibery

    Year: 2023

    Fibery is a work and knowledge management platform. Their pitch deck excels in providing insight into its market positioning. It even acknowledges competitors’ strengths, a commendable move if your solution offers something different.

    Key takeaway: Don’t overlook competition slides in your pitch decks. It shows investors you’re confident in your product or service.

    19. Front

    Year: 2018

    Front offers a shared inbox solution for teams, creating a collaborative workspace that includes all apps, emails, and teammates.

    Key takeaway: The Front pitch deck template stands out for its clean visuals and easy-to-follow structure. Sharing customer data and growth through graphics and statistics, and a transparent approach to financials help investors visualize your business plan.

    20. Gable

    Year: 2022

    Gable provides a user-friendly portal for employees and a centralized management suite for HR and People Operations, simplifying the search, booking, and optimization of flexible workspaces and company headquarters.

    Key takeaway: The consistent use of brand colors and data-driven slides make helps make a pitch deck engaging. Although longer than average at 21 slides, Gable’s pitch deck is well-structured and aesthetically pleasing. This helps retain investor attention and interest.

    21. Honeycomb

    Year: 2023

    Honeycomb is a software debugging tool enhancing problem-solving within your distributed services. This pitch deck has an impressive “ask” slide.

    Key takeaway: The key to the best pitch decks is the narrative accompanying the slides. You have to explain the problem you intend to solve before presenting your solution as the best option available.

    22. Netmaker

    Year: 2022

    Presently, where remote work requires network access, Netmaker enables users to create and manage VPN connections effortlessly. Their pitch deck notably presents a clear, bold, and distinct future vision.

    Key takeaway: Design your pitch deck to convey the most relevant information first and fast. Despite sharing ample information in a few slides, Netmaker keeps it accessible.

    23. Northspyre

    Year: 2023

    Northspyre offers cloud-based real estate development software, helping developers achieve better outcomes on complex projects. Their pitch deck is mature and well-designed. It explains the benefits they provide and informs investors of key business metrics.

    Key takeaway: Pair the solution slide in your pitch deck with a “go-to-market” or growth slide to project future growth. This helps effectively showcase your investment worth.

    24. Orange Charger

    Year: 2022

    Orange aims to provide accessible, affordable, and convenient EV charging to all apartment communities. Notice their pitch deck’s visually striking second slide, with the bright orange stripe along the garage walls, the three cars, and the vibrant orange charger boxes.

    Key takeaway: Ensure your pitch presents your product or service attractively, leaving a lasting positive impact on potential investors.

    25. Reflect

    Year: 2018

    Reflect is a mental health startup striving to make in-person therapy more accessible and effective through data-driven matching. Their pitch deck impresses with its clarity and precision, presenting information in an easily digestible format.

    Key takeaway: Keep your pitch deck to the point. The goal is to inform investors and present your product or service as an attractive investment.

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    26. Scrintal

    Year: 2023

    Scrintal is a web app that merges mind mapping with networked note-taking. Take note of their pitch deck’s value proposition slide. Following a detailed examination of the problem and solution, this slide clearly defines what the tool does and its target users.

    Key takeaway: Leveraging users to narrate your story is an effective storytelling technique you can incorporate into your pitch deck.

    27. Smalls

    Year: 2023

    Smalls is a company delivering tailored fresh, vet-approved cat food monthly. Their pitch deck presents a robust and sophisticated growth strategy, exactly what an investor would want to see.

    Key takeaway: Pitch decks help differentiate your brand from rivals and provide a platform to demonstrate your growth strategy to investors.

    28. StudentFinance

    Year: 2022

    StudentFinance is a global fintech platform focused on reskilling and upskilling the global workforce. Their pitch deck provides a clear insight into what they’re building and for whom, the opportunity, and the three major obstacles hindering a global approach to upskilling.

    Key takeaway: A clear problem statement helps investors understand the problem’s magnitude, severity, and urgency.

    29. Supliful

    Year: 2022

    Supliful enables fitness professionals to start a vitamin and supplement dropshipping business quickly.

    Key takeaway: Keep in mind, while good content can compensate for poor UX, great design can’t save poor content. This 22-slide pitch deck, though not flawless, effectively utilizes storytelling and cleverly utilizes financial information to keep investors hooked.

    30. Yaydoo

    Year: 2018

    Yaydoo offers a convenient solution for office purchases, saving users time and money.

    Key takeaway: Your pitch deck presentation should be upfront from the first slide, succinctly explaining what you do, how you do it, and who your consumers are.

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    Treat your pitch deck samples as evolving documents, not one-off projects. It’s crucial to keep updating the information and graphic elements in startup pitch decks.

    Incorporate elements in your startup pitch deck from brand deck examples, pitch presentation examples, marketing deck examples, investor pitch deck examples, yc pitch decks, and even famous pitch decks.

    Remember, the best pitch decks are brief and captivating, telling a story that interests investors and prompts action.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A pitch deck is a presentation that outlines your business plan to potential investors or partners.

    A pitch deck is important because it helps articulate your business idea, showcases your business to potential investors or customers, and demonstrates your understanding of the market.

    It should include your business model, target market, competitive analysis, marketing strategy, financial projections, and team overview.

    Update your pitch deck whenever there are significant changes in your business, market sector, or strategy.

    Focus on your potential market size, unique value proposition, and how you plan to achieve growth in your startup pitch deck.

    It’s best to tailor your pitch deck to your audience. What an investor wants to see might be different from what a potential partner or customer wants to see.

    Avoid making your pitch deck too long, too complicated, or too generic. Make sure it tells a interesting story and is tailored to your audience.

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