25 Kickass Software Demo Videos You Gotta Check Out

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June 12, 2024


Understanding and evaluating software can be a challenging task. A well-crafted software demo video, however, can swiftly showcase the features, functionality, and benefits of a particular software. It provides a comprehensive overview for potential users.

As potential customers navigate an ocean of options,

  • How do you ensure your product stands out?
  • How can you convey your software’s unique features and benefits effectively?
  • Is it essential for the video to explain the real-world applications of your software?

These queries need careful consideration.

In this blog, we’ll dissect a selection of 25 software demo video examples. These product demos align with the brand guidelines as effective tools in the visual marketing strategy. Our goal is to highlight the key components that contribute to a successful software product demo.

You’ll learn what makes a software demo video remarkable and how to showcase your software product innovatively. Let’s get started!

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    What is a Software Demo Video?

    A software demo video is a visual presentation of a software product or a service. It is designed to highlight your software’s capabilities, features, and benefits.

    Software demo videos are often used by companies as a marketing tool. It shows how their product works and how it can solve potential customers’ problems.

    Software demo videos are a critical part of the sales and marketing process for many software companies. They can help customers understand a product’s value proposition in a clear and captivating way.

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    25 Examples of Software Demo Videos

    Software demo videos can be diverse – they can cover everything from basic features to in-depth user guides. Basically, a software demo video brings your software closer to potential customers.

    Here we have compiled a list of 25 Best Software Demo Videos. Let’s have a look –

    1. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is a set of SEO tools. They are used for building links, researching keywords, analyzing competitors, tracking ranks, and auditing websites.

    Their software demo video is unique because of its special animation style. It uses this to showcase the product without needing a voiceover or too much text.

    The perfect match of sound effects with the visuals on screen makes the video more interesting for viewers. The video remains lively with fun motion graphics. Authentic customer testimonials give more credibility to this great software demo video.

    2. Amazon

    Amazon’s short (18-second) animated demo video for their camera search shows how easy it is to use this single feature.

    The video uses the thoughts of a man making dinner, leading viewers through his decision to use Amazon’s camera app.

    Link the content with the best feature of your product, it makes the demo more effective.

    3. Airtable

    Airtable helps create personalized workflows easily and effectively. The product demo beautifully shows what the platform can do and how it works.

    The video is appealing due to its high-quality visuals, smooth changes, and professional sound. Animated parts are cleverly used, making the software demo video enjoyable and interesting to watch.

    Clear narration with soft background music creates an understandable and relatable image of the brand.

    4. Asana

    Asana is a SaaS platform for collaboration and project management. It uses design effectively in everything, including its product, website, and demo videos.

    These designs connect with users’ feelings, which often guide their choices. So, Asana’s demo videos aren’t just visually appealing, they’re also smart ways to market the service.

    5. Duolingo

    Duolingo, a well-known app for learning languages, showcases its features through a lively demo video. It focuses on how users can learn a new language quickly, easily, and free of cost.

    This software demo video uses humor and an interesting storyline to keep viewers hooked. Bright colors, catchy music, and simple animations make the video memorable. It also encourages viewers to download the app.

    Also, starting with famous customer reviews gives the app trustworthiness. The bold, fun colors highlight the main objectives of the app.

    6. eBay

    eBay is a famous online shopping platform. It has a software demo video that shows users how to sell a phone in easy steps.

    The video encourages users to make money by selling used items on eBay at attractive prices. It’s a helpful guide for people new to buying and selling online. It also encourages them to join eBay.

    7. Figma

    Figma quickly became a top choice in the competitive design software market. Its software demo video is notable not just because it’s popular, but also for its smart phrase: “The design process needed a redesign.”

    The video talks about pain points and presents the solution. It instantly connects with its intended viewers.

    With its many colors, shapes, and visual elements, a designer would know this product is meant for them, even without sound.

    8. Firefox

    With online privacy becoming more important, Firefox cleverly made its software demo video to show off its improved tracking protection feature.

    This short video uses less than 100 words. It gives a simple message: Firefox ensures easy security. It proves that brevity can be impactful in getting a message across.

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    9. Google

    Google effectively demonstrates Google Assistant in this 125-second animated demo video, on smart displays. The video uses basic 2D animation and a clear script.

    The software demo video uses a Q&A format between a customer and Google Assistant. It gives viewers a real-life example of the product.

    By showing real internet screencasts on the animated phone screen, it grabs viewers’ attention and keeps them hooked.

    10. Grammarly

    Grammarly’s software demo video shows the significance of correct grammar in writing emails or documents.

    The video demonstrates how spelling and language mistakes can disrupt communication and how Grammarly can fix these issues. It efficiently displays a user using the software. Graphic overlays of the interface highlight how easy it is to use.

    11. Kissflow

    Kissflow’s software product demo video smartly uses story-based animation to show its Unified Digital Workplace Platform.

    The three-minute animated video includes real and animated user interfaces. It ends with a special call to action from the company’s founder for viewers to ask questions.

    The video effectively includes everything needed – character animation, animated user interface, storytelling, and live-action. This makes it a great example of a software demo video.

    12. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn’s software demo video expertly blends practical instructions and inspiring messages. It not only displays how the tool suggests educational content based on profile skills, but also emphasizes how it helps companies reach goals through more skilled employees.

    When making your demo, explain your product’s features. Also stress the potential successes it can bring to encourage buying.

    13. Office 365

    Office 365’s software demo uses storytelling to connect with its main audience, educators. It presents a character that teachers can relate to. The video talks about common problems they face, like small budgets, large class sizes, and time constraints.

    The video shows Office 365 as the solution to these problems. The software demo video explains how it can solve these issues, making work more efficient and effective. Plus, the video’s bright colors and animation style make it fun to watch.

    14. QuickBooks

    QuickBooks offers an interesting software demo. It starts with a typical customer issue – handling invoices and tracking payments. They choose to use graphics instead of real screen recordings to display their product.

    The app is often updated and its interface is changed. Using graphics makes sure the demo video stays useful for a long time, keeping it relevant even if the app’s appearance changes.

    15. Salesforce

    Salesforce’s software demo video smartly shows off their CPQ & Billing tool. The video uses screen recordings and shares situations a sales rep might face where they’d use the tool. It keeps the viewers engaged.

    The funny character images make the video fun to watch. Importantly, the video shows how different team members in a company can benefit from the tool.

    This full overview helps potential customers imagine how they could use the tool throughout their company. Sharing real-life situations along with pictures of the product is crucial to help viewers understand what the product does.

    16. Semrush

    Web traffic analytics can often be daunting. Semrush is a well-known service for keyword research, competitor analysis, and optimizing Google Ads. They make it easy to understand with a clear software demo video.

    They use simple illustrations without overwhelming the viewer with too much information at once. Along with these visuals, they have a clear, slow-paced voiceover that doesn’t use too much industry jargon.

    This method lets users see exactly how Semrush’s software can help them succeed online.

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    17. Slack

    Slack is famous, but some of its less-known features add a lot of value. So teaching users about them is important. Their short, 2-minute software demo video efficiently shows the features and benefits of the platform.

    With simple, clean visuals, it shows people using Slack in everyday situations. The video emphasizes how it improves teamwork and communication. The video explains how Slack increases productivity and connection in a team, using clear, easy-to-understand language.

    A final call to action encourages viewers to try Slack themselves, underlining the brand with bright colors related to their logo.

    18. Spotify

    Spotify used a unique method for its app demo video when it launched in the U.S. in 2011. The 64-second animation used only visuals and an upbeat jazz track, without any voiceover.

    The software demo video’s kinetic typography style and lively, energetic music created excitement and anticipation. It made viewers want to keep watching.

    19. Sprout Social

    Sprout Social’s software demo is notable for its engaging voiceover. It sets a good example for writing scripts for demo videos.

    The script clearly conveys what the product is (a social communication platform), who it’s for (businesses of all sizes), and what it does (helps build strong relationships with audiences).

    In the first 15 seconds, the video gives a full overview. Plus, it reaches out to different target audiences, showing its adaptability and capacity to improve social marketing for all kinds of teams.

    20. Square

    Software demo videos can be used not just for launching products, but also for training. Square shows this well by using a demo to tell users about its useful features.

    While Square is known as a popular payment system for small businesses, not all users might know about everything it can do.

    In this demo, Square uses the real product interface and a useful voiceover to give detailed explanations of the app. It educates new users and improves their experience at the same time.

    21. SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is a major name in online data collection and analysis. They showed off a redesigned product in 2017. They used a software demo to highlight these big changes. They effectively combined brand elements to create a consistent and energetic feeling.

    The video features fast-paced music, bright colors, and interesting graphics that go along with informative content. It highlights many features, use cases, and integrations in just two minutes.

    22. Webflow

    Webflow is an innovative website-building platform. It offers a code-free design experience. It uses humor and creativity in their software demo video.

    Instead of just adding jokes, they make humor part of the main idea and message. It aligns with the marketing purpose. The video successfully shows off the product’s features and benefits, while staying fun and interesting to watch.

    23. Xero

    Xero is a cloud-based accounting system designed for small and growing businesses. This software demo example takes a high-level approach to showcase its platform.

    Instead of getting into complex software details, the video concentrates on how the app’s main features make daily business tasks easier. It helps viewers imagine themselves enjoying these same advantages by highlighting the benefits.

    This demo video is specifically made for new audiences who need a general idea of what the tool can do.

    24. Zendesk

    Zendesk is a customer service platform. It strategically targets problem areas in its software demo video. They instantly connect with the viewer, showing they understand their issues.

    Interestingly, it’s a full 50 seconds before Zendesk presents its solution. The video’s strength lies in its focus on engaging the audience, rather than just showing off the platform.

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    25. Zoom

    This demo video from Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing platform, is a perfect example of highlighting features and benefits.

    The script immediately explains how professionals can use and benefit from the platform. The video effectively demonstrates the product in action. It gives viewers a good understanding of what Zoom can provide for them.

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    Successful software demo videos involve more than displaying features. It demands an understanding of the audience, clear communication of the software’s benefits, and creativity to keep viewers interested.

    Each of the 25 videos highlighted different techniques and styles, but all effectively showcased their software products’ uniqueness. They showed how their software operates, how it applies in the real world, and its value proposition.

    To wrap up, a solid software demo video can enhance your marketing efforts. It can drive customer engagement, increase conversion rates, and elevate satisfaction.

    Use these examples as a guide in creating a software demo video or improving an existing one. With a range of styles from animated explainers to product walkthroughs, you can find the right approach for your product and audience.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The ideal length for a software demo video is generally between 2 to 5 minutes. The exact length can vary based on the complexity of the software and the depth of the explanation required.

    The technicality of your software demo video should match your target audience’s understanding. If you’re targeting technical users or specialists, more detailed, technical content might be appropriate.

    However, if your audience is non-technical, it’s better to focus on key benefits and user-friendly features, using simple and clear language to avoid confusion.

    Minor updates may not require a new demo video. However, if changes significantly affect your software’s look or operation, consider updating your video to accurately reflect your product.

    Absolutely, animation can be an effective tool in software demo videos. It can simplify complex concepts, add visual interest, and make the video more engaging.

    However, it’s important that the animation style aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience.

    Software demo videos are important for marketing because they visually demonstrate how a software product works, highlighting its features and benefits.

    These videos can simplify complex concepts, engage potential customers, and help them understand how the product can solve their problems. This, in turn, can enhance brand perception, drive customer engagement, and increase conversion rates.

    Yes, software demo videos typically follow the company’s branding guidelines for consistency across all visual marketing materials.

    Yes, software demo videos can greatly influence purchase decisions.

    These videos allow potential customers to see the software in action, understand its features and benefits, and visualize how it can solve their problems.

    Yes, software demo videos are an excellent tool for user onboarding. They can provide new users with a visual guide on how to use the software, showcasing its features and functionalities.

    Yes, software demo videos can be effectively used for training purposes. They can demonstrate the step-by-step process of using the software, making it easier for users to understand and replicate.

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