Unlocking High Conversion Rates: SaaS Pricing Pages Explained

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Rishabh Pugalia

May 15, 2024


In this post we will talk about creating a high-converting SaaS pricing page. A not-so-well crafted pricing page could impact your CTRs negatively.

  • What is the maximum conversion you can get in your SaaS offerings?
  • Is a simple flaw in your pricing page strategy costing your business?

We have compiled 15 examples in this blog with rare insights. Take inspiration from them, increase your impressions and CTRs, and cut down on your bounce rate.

Look at the below image, the pricing page here has a defective layout. It is resisting the viewers to look at those options. It is a very simple fault. On zooming out, the layout is messed up. This impacts the conversion negatively.

    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

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    Proven Pricing Page Examples for Higher Conversions

    First things first, your pricing page should be about your audience. So let’s start with how you can make it more specific to your audience.

    1. User-Persona based pricing plans

    A plan named after a user persona sends a clear message: “Hey, we built this just for you.” It guides them to their ideal tier, leading to improved CTRs and conversion.

    • Company Name: Adobe (Creative Cloud Apps) – Tools for creative artists
    • Strategy: Pricing plans are based on the target buyers. E.g., Individuals, Business, Students & Teachers, Schools & Universities.

    2. Non-Salesy Headline

    Your Pricing page headline should indicate solutions to your audience’s pain points. It should be a non-salesy pitch of your SaaS offerings.

    Remember Jeffrey Gitomer said : “Your audience don’t like to be sold, they love to buy.”

    • Company Name: FLG – CRM software for SMBs
    • Strategy: The headline addresses small businesses concerns with affordability and specifies the SaaS offerings.

    3. Three Tab SaaS Pricing Tiers

    Break down your offerings in tiers so your audience can weigh the pros and cons.
    One of the most common and converting tier strategies is the rule of three: Hero-Anchor-Decoy.

    • Hero: the plan you want your audience to buy.
    • Decoy: the exaggerated plan which makes the hero look suitable.
    • Anchor: Indicates the hero plan is a better value for money.

    This pricing psychology makes the audience feel your offer is a good deal.

    • Company Name: Campaign Monitor (Marketing and Automation)
    • Strategy: 3 tab pricing tier:
      • Essentials: Hero;
      • Lite: Decoy;
      • Premier: Anchor.

    4. Psychological Positioning of Pricing Tiers

    Starting from the most expensive to the cheapest plan is a good positioning strategy. Human psychology makes the next options seem “affordable”.

    • Company Name: Mailchimp (Marketing and Automation)
    • Strategy: Price positioning in descending order makes the “standard” plan look affordable compared to premium. (Also note the hero-anchor-decoy strategy)

    5. Concise SaaS offerings table

    Your pricing plan table should be crisp and clear, not long and wordy. For further information, have a “compare plans” option like Mailchimp here:

    • Company Name: Mailchimp (Marketing and Automation)
    • Strategy: Features in the pricing tables are shown in points, with a “compare all plans” button for an elaborated list.

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    6. Tooltips for Plan Feature Explanations

    Instead of writing in explanatory paragraphs on the pricing table, use the tooltip feature, also known as hover help. On hovering the cursor over the point, the explanation shows up in a callout. This explanation is not seen otherwise.

    • Company Name: Webex (video conferencing app)
    • Strategy: Tooltip feature to explain the feature points shown in bold.

    7. Prominent features list for clear plan comparison

    Make your SaaS feature and benefit points stand out. It makes the customer clearly compare the plans for a better decision making process.

    Here is a case study below:




    • Company Name: Lyyti (event management software)
    • Strategy: The feature table arrangement in the “after“ image is more clear and less confusing to potential Saas customers.

    8. Plan Specific CTAs

    Make your Calls-to-Action aligned with your plans.Simple plans can use basic CTAs like ‘Start Now’, while advanced plans might utilize specialized CTAs such as ‘Request a Demo’ or ‘Get Quote’.”

    • Company Name: Webex (video conferencing app)
    • Strategy: CTA as per the plans like “sign up”, “Buy Now” and “contact sales”. Extra CTA link “Try a Live Demo” in the lower price plan.

    9. Catchy Above-the-Fold Space with a CTA

    Take advantage of the first impression theory. Include a catchy value proposition and a call to action to attract potential buyers into your offers right when they visit your page.

    • Company Name: Semrush (keyword research and ranking software)
    • Strategy: Included a catchy title, CTA and list of reputed clients in the above-the-fold space.

    10. Add Testimonials for SaaS Credibility

    Adding testimonials on your pricing page establishes you as an expert and builds trust.
    If you are new and don’t have much testimonials yet, consider adding some press materials or recommendations from reputable sources.

    • Company Name: ConvertKit (creator marketing platform)
    • Strategy: Added testimonials of creators and a list of renowned clients

    11. User-Adaptable Payment Options

    Monthly and Yearly payment plans are most used in SaaS pricing pages. Monthly payments often have a high churn rate. You need to Lure the audience into a yearly plan with an attractive offer.

    • Company Name: ClickUP (project management software)
    • Strategy: Toggle button is used to switch between monthly and yearly plans. The cost savings from yearly plans are shown on selecting the monthly offer.

    12. Currency switching for Global Users

    If you are serving a global audience, add currency switching so users can relate to their prices in their preferred currencies. It also avoids price confusion.

    • Company Name: Zapier (workflow automation)
    • Strategy: Used a dropdown list with multiple currency options as they serve globally.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    13. Human Support Over Chat bots

    Don’t make them go to your competitor because they had a question your chatbot couldn’t answer. Make your audience feel heard by adding a human chat/call option. Solve their last moment blockages and specific problems and also get instant feedback from your audience.

    • Company Name: Mailchimp (marketing and automation)
    • Strategy: Uses human chat options and also a call option with an addition to a chatbot.

    14. Pricing Page Upsell Tactics to Maximize SaaS Revenue

    Every missed upsell means you are leaving money on the table! A clever strategy to get extra revenue is providing upsells related to your SaaS offer. Provide some extra value as an upsell which also adds as a USP on why they should choose you and not your competitors.

    • Company Name: Booksy (appointment making software for SMBs)
    • Strategy: Upsell adding extra staff members in the plans with a small fee and does marketing for their clients and adds a small commission every time a lead books an appointment.

    15. Personalized User Journeys

    A “one size fit all” approach won’t work on your SaaS pricing page. Provide a customized experience by using a reverse IP lookup tool (like Clear bit). On identifying, you can customize your copy, CTA etc to their needs.

    • Company Name: Crunchbase (business providing software)
    • Strategy: Personalize the Title and specifically address their problems. Also note how they address Microsoft when someone from Microsoft visits them.


    To conclude, layouts and color do matter, but what good is it if it is not communicating your value? Right from your headline to your pricing names and CTA, it should resonate with your audience. They should make your audience feel : “Yes! This is for me”.

    Making your offer features clear and concise makes it a smooth drive. Always consider how you can make the process fast and easy. Having human support is beneficial, even though it’s the era of AI.

    Don’t let simple oversights hinder your SaaS potential. Your SaaS could make lives easier for so many businesses. As for you, your pricing page will make your conversion easy.

    Take inspiration from these pricing pages and don’t forget, you always need to update. Good luck with building your best converting pricing page!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The purpose is to display the product prices, tiers and features to guide potential customers into purchasing the offer.

    Typically, SaaS companies offer three tiers: Basic, Pro, and Premium based on different user types.

    Psychological tactics, like anchoring or decoy pricing also help guide users towards desired pricing options.

    A/B testing helps the company to gain feedback on the conversion and determine which page version maximizes conversions and user engagement.

    CTAs direct users towards conversion by taking actions like free trial, buy plan or contact sales team.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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