50 Best Explainer Videos

Imagine you have just 90 seconds to tell someone why your product is an absolute must-have. Or to explain how your service can solve their pressing problems. Could you convince them to take action in that short time frame?

Indeed, the effectiveness of best explainer videos hinges on several critical elements like the core message, viewer engagement, storytelling trends, etc. According to Hubspot, explainer videos are the second most frequent objective for marketing videos. A significant 96% of individuals watch explainer videos to gain more information about a product, and 89% of these viewers are persuaded to proceed with a purchase.

And then, there’s the tech side of things:

  • Tools of the Trade:
    • What kind of gear or software are folks using to put these videos together?
    • Is there some futuristic AI-driven tool that does half the work for you?
  • Spread the Word:
    • Once you’ve got this best explainer video, how do you make sure the right eyes see it?
    • Is it all about where you share it, or do you need some sort of strategy to get it in front of your target audience?

Let’s learn more about explainer videos through some examples.


50 Best Explainer Videos Examples

Here below are the 50 best SaaS explainer videos example:

1. Recurly

Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

Title: Recurly | Explainer Video by Content Beta

Duration: 1:37 minutes

Company summary: A subscription billing platform that automates and streamlines payment processes for businesses.

What we liked in the video: The Recurly explainer video by Content Beta shows the Subscription Management Platform, highlighting its simplicity and effectiveness using simple screencast and motion graphics elements.

2. Grammarly

Title: What is Grammarly?

Duration: 1:35 minutes

Company summary: One of the best explainer video companies that use AI-powered writing assistant that helps users produce clear, mistake-free, and effective writing.

What we liked in the video: The Grammarly explainer video presents Grammarly as your trusted AI writing partner, emphasizing its ability to help users turn ideas into action with clear, mistake-free writing.

This simple live-action video stands out as the best product explainer video with its simplicity and clear-cut narration.

3. Atlassian

Title: Atlassian platform overview | Atlassian

Duration: 1:51 minutes

Company summary: A provider of collaboration, development, and issue-tracking software for teams.

What we liked in the video: This video showcases how the Atlassian platform helps bring businesses and service teams together to make work more productive.

This simple animation video is a prime example of the best explainer videos for illustrating the impact of teamwork and collaboration tools.

4. GitLab

Title: What is GitLab?

Duration: 1:20 minutes

Company summary: An open-source platform for collaborative software development and DevOps lifecycle management.

What we liked in the video: The above video demonstrates how GitLab enables teams to reduce development costs, speed up time to market, and deliver more secure applications.

This video stands out as the best explainer video software, showcasing impressive motion graphics and simplifying complex concepts.

5. Zapier

Title: What’s a Zap?

Duration: 57 seconds

Company summary: A tool that connects your favorite apps and automates workflows, enabling productivity and efficiency without coding.

What we liked in the video: This live-action video is a standout among the best explainer videos for illustrating how Zapier simplifies automation. It shows how easy it is for anyone to connect their favorite apps and automate workflows without needing to code.

6. Oracle

Title: What is Oracle Customer Success Services?

Duration: 1:49 minutes

Company summary: A global tech company known for its database software, cloud solutions, and enterprise software products.

What we liked in the video: This animated explainer video is one of the best explainer video examples for highlighting Oracle’s commitment to customer success through support and collaboration.

7. Unmudl

Title: What is Unmudl?

Duration: 1:50 minutes

Company summary: A marketplace connecting learners with community colleges for skills-based courses and training programs.

What we liked in the video: Unmudl’s explainer video shows its mission to bridge the gap between education and employment, making it a good resource for anyone looking to improve their career.

8. Hotjar

Title: What is Hotjar?

Duration: 1:17 minutes

Company summary: A tool that combines analysis and feedback to help understand user behavior and improve website performance.

What we liked in the video: This is one of Hotjar’s best-animated explainer videos that unfold the mystery behind user behavior on your website. Through heatmaps, recordings, and direct feedback, Hotjar offers a unique lens to see through the eyes of your visitors.


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9. Twilio

Title: Unify customer data with Twilio Segment

Duration: 1:57 minutes

Company summary: A cloud communications platform that allows developers to integrate messaging, voice, and video into applications.

What we liked in the video: The above two-minute video is on customer data integration. It brilliantly illustrates how Twilio empowers developers to include messaging, voice, and video into their applications seamlessly with the help of animation and storytelling.

10. Hootsuite

Title: What Is Hootsuite?

Duration: 1:16 minutes

Company summary: A social media management platform that enables businesses to manage their online presence across multiple networks.

What we liked in the video: This fun animation video with an effective voiceover is an essential guide for businesses looking to streamline their social media strategy. It offers a complete suite of tools to publish, monitor, and analyze social media content efficiently.

11. Gong

Title: Gong Engage

Duration: 2:26 minutes

Company summary: A revenue intelligence platform that captures customer interactions, providing insights to improve sales strategies and performance.

What we liked in the video: With vibrant typography and motion graphics, this video stands out as the best company explainer video showing us a glimpse into Gong’s capabilities.

It is a tool for organizations that are looking to optimize their sales processes and drive better outcomes through informed strategies.

12. Slack

Title: What is Slack?

Duration: 1:12

Company summary: A messaging app for teams that facilitates communication and collaboration in one place, making work more efficient and organized.

What we liked in the video: The video highlights Slack as a one-stop platform for increasing productivity, enabling easy collaboration, data sharing, and voice/video communication with team members.

The video is an example of the best explainer video that features on-screen actors and a simplified UI.

13. Google

Title: Introducing Extensions ✨ | Bard

Duration: 1:41 minutes

Company summary: An advanced AI chat service by Google designed to provide information and insights, enhancing user interactions and decision-making.

What we liked in the video: Google displays the innovative integration of Bard with Google’s suite of apps and services. This video has an energetic beat sync that helps highlight Bard’s ability to increase user interactions by providing more contextual and insightful information.

14. Loom

Title: What is Loom? Video messaging for work

Duration: 2:05 minutes

Company summary: A video messaging tool that helps teams communicate more effectively through instant video messages instead of long emails or meetings.

What we liked in the video: Loom’s video is a must-watch explainer video for teams looking to streamline their communication processes and encourage a more connected and productive work environment.

The video is appealing to watch and has an interesting approach to the way it portrays the benefits of Loom.

15. Service Provider Pro

Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

Title: Service Provider Pro | Explainer Video by Content Beta

Duration: 0:49 minutes

Company summary: A business management platform designed specifically for online service providers, streamlining operations from client onboarding to billing.

What we liked in the video: This video is particularly engaging for its clear depiction of how SPP addresses common UI challenges faced by agencies, offering solutions that streamline operations and improve client satisfaction.

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16. Visa Direct

Title: Visa Direct – Payment Channels

Duration: 3:03 minutes

Company summary: A global payment platform that enables fast, secure, and convenient digital payments directly to financial accounts using Visa’s network.

What we liked in the video: The clarity of the animated presentation, combined with detailed insights into Visa Direct’s capabilities, makes it one of the best explainer videos for understanding the future of global payments.

17. HubSpot

Title: Have you heard of HubSpot?

Duration: 2:28 minutes

Company summary: An all-in-one inbound marketing, sales, and service platform that helps businesses attract, intrigue, and delight customers throughout their journey.

What we liked in the video: This explainer video shines by illustrating its strength by demonstrating the platform’s multiple capabilities in a concise manner.

The storytelling approach in the video makes it even more interesting and fun to watch, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to understand how HubSpot can transform their business operations and customer relationship management.

18. Notion

Title: What is Notion?

Duration: 2:34 minutes

Company summary: A flexible workspace application that consolidates notes, tasks, databases, and project management, facilitating organized and collaborative work.

What we liked in the video: This explainer video excels by showcasing Notion’s flexibility and user-centric design.

Its clear, concise presentation, coupled with compelling visuals, effectively communicates Notion’s value proposition, making it one of the best explainer videos for anyone

19. Salesforce

Title: What is Salesforce – The CRM Bringing Companies & Customers Together

Duration: 1:00 minutes

Company summary: A leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform that unifies marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams to work as one from anywhere.

What we liked in the video: The video spanning exactly one minute, shines by clearly communicating Salesforce’s value proposition through attractive visuals, their mascot, and entertaining background music. The video helps to make complex concepts accessible to a broad audience.

20. Deciphr AI

Title: Introducing Deciphr AI: The New AI Tool for Transforming Your Podcast into Diverse Assets

Duration: 1:22 minutes

Company summary: Deciphr AI is a tool designed to automate and improve content creation for podcasters.

What we liked in the video: The video showcases how Deciphr AI revolutionizes podcast content creation by automating tasks like writing descriptions and adding subtitles.

The video contains animations, stock images, and a neutral tone.

21. Adobe

Title: Adobe Learning Manager

Duration: 30 seconds

Company summary: Known for its creative software, Adobe Learning Manager is a solution for creating, managing, and delivering personalized learning experiences.

What we liked in the video: The video is a short-form explainer video that stands out for its clear, concise presentation of features and benefits. It makes an excellent example of how to communicate complex information in an interesting and accessible way.

The video, with its strong narration and the usage of Adobe’s brand color theme, focuses on practical applications and outcomes.

22. Calendly

Title: Calendly. Easy Ahead

Duration: 55 seconds

Company summary: A scheduling tool that simplifies meeting organization by automating the process of finding mutual availabilities and making appointments seamless.

What we liked in the video: The video excels in showing how Calendly removes the tedious back-and-forth communication, making appointment setting seamless and efficient.

The video used a vibrant color scheme and lovely narration, making it one of the best explainer videos and an interesting watch.

23. Asana

Title: Meet Asana, your work manager. But better.

Duration: 1:16 minutes

Company summary: A project management tool that improves work organization and team collaboration, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and on time.

What we liked in the video: The video is a good example of the best explainer video in demonstrating Asana’s user-friendly interface and important features through clear visuals and concise explanations.

The video has an artistic abstract touch that gels beautifully with the animation, which makes understanding the video quite easy.

24. Figma

Title: What’s Figma?

Duration: 1:35 minutes

Company summary: A cloud-based design tool that facilitates interface design and prototyping, enabling real-time collaboration among team members.

What we liked in the video: Another example of an artistic video combined with good beat sync stands out for its clarity in demonstrating how Figma facilitates real-time collaboration across teams, enabling better feedback and ensuring everyone is aligned.

25. Monday.com

Title: monday.com Work OS | Your best work, your way

Duration: 2:12 minutes

Company summary: A customizable work operating system (Work OS) that adapts to various workflows, helping teams execute projects and daily tasks more effectively.

What we liked in the video: The video demonstrates how monday.com can be tailored to fit any use case, from marketing and CRM to HR and software development, without requiring any coding skills.

With some simple screencast and animation (with button sounds), this example of best explainer videos is both informative and attractive.

26. Jasper

Title: Meet Jasper, your AI assistant đź‘‹ Write amazing content 10X faster with the #1 AI Content Platform

Duration: 2:06 minutes

Company summary: An AI content platform designed to assist in generating high-quality content quickly, improving productivity for writers and marketers.

What we liked in the video: The video shows Jasper’s diverse capabilities, from generating ideas for social media to improving customer support emails and even creating art and images with AI.

Its straightforward approach, coupled with examples of Jasper in action and storytelling, makes it an excellent example for product explainer videos.

27. Pixoomer

Title: Pixoomer Explainer Video

Duration: 59 seconds

Company summary: A platform that offers easy-to-use photo editing and graphic design tools for everyone.

What we liked in the video: This explainer video highlights how families often forget important dates and appointments, offering a solution through a digital diary app.

In this 60 second explainer video, there are appealing graphics, animations, and a warm voice-over to demonstrate how the app helps users remember crucial information with notifications.

28. Localo

Title: Manage Google Reviews with Localo: One-Click Replies Made Easy!

Duration: 1:01 minutes

Company summary: A tool designed for managing Google Reviews effortlessly, offering features for one-click replies for increased customer engagement and feedback handling.

What we liked in the video: The above is an example of one of the best explainer videos because it shows with a simple screen share how Localo streamlines the review response process. The process makes it not only quick but also personalized, thereby improving customer satisfaction and business reputation.

29. Next Matter

Title: Next Matter – Operations Automated

Duration: 1:18 minutes

Company summary: A platform automating operations, making process management seamless for businesses, and reducing manual workload.

What we liked in the video: One of the best animated explainer videos that demonstrate the ease with which managers can create reliable, automated workflows without any prior coding experience and how teams can execute complex processes easily.

The best video explainer software offers intuitive interfaces, a wide range of customizable templates, and effective editing tools that empower creators to produce high-quality explainer videos with ease.

30. Airbnb

Title: What is Airbnb? | Travel Tips | Airbnb

Duration: 1:10 minutes

Company summary: A marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations worldwide, revolutionizing the way people experience travel.

What we liked in the video: This video conveys Airbnb’s core message of strengthening connections and discovering new experiences.

It is an excellent example of how to communicate a company’s vision and services in an imaginative and emotionally resonant way.

31. Amplifiles

Title: Introducing Amplifiles

Duration: 55 seconds

Company summary: A platform aimed at refining digital file management and sharing, making data handling more efficient.

What we liked in the video: With features like hardcore viewer analytics, built-in security, easy sharing, etc, the video effectively communicates how Amplifiles change the monotony of traditional presentations.

With energetic beat sync and a catchy written CTA, this video is one of the best explainer videos demonstrating the platform’s capabilities and benefits.

32. Illion

Title: TenderLink – e-Tendering portal

Duration: 1:27 minutes

Company summary: A leading data and analytics company providing critical information and insights, helping businesses make informed decisions.

What we liked in the video: The video effectively highlights how Illion’s TenderLink streamlines the process of publishing tender opportunities and receiving submissions, all within a custom-branded portal.

The simple straightforward animated video, combined with direct calls to action, is what makes this video an effective explainer for Illion’s specialized services.

33. Docsumo

Title: Docsumo – A Document AI platform to capture, validate and analyze unstructured documents

Duration: 1:21 minutes

Company summary: A document AI platform that automates the capture, validation, and analysis of unstructured documents, streamlining data processing and extraction.

What we liked in the video: The video, with its kinetic typography and inclusion of statistics, does a great job showing how Docsumo helps businesses automate over 90% of their document processing.

The video clearly explains the benefits and how companies can use AI to quickly and accurately handle data from documents making it one of the best explainer videos.

34. Zoom

Title: More than Zoom

Duration: 57 seconds

Company summary: Zoom is an all-in-one communication platform offering video conferencing, team chat, phone services, and AI-driven features for seamless collaboration.

What we liked in the video: This video highlights Zoom’s suite for work collaboration, showcasing features beyond video calls, including Team Chat, Phone, and AI Companion, positioning Zoom as a versatile platform for teamwork.

35. Cisco

Title: Introduction: Cisco Radio Aware Routing using DLEP

Duration: 2:07 minutes

Company summary: Cisco is a global technology leader known for its networking hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment.

What we liked in the video: The video professionally shows how Cisco Embedded Series Routers ensure network connectivity on the move through Cisco Radio Aware Routing with Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP).

Using a whiteboard turns challenging analytics concepts into accessible knowledge, making it one of the best whiteboard explainer videos that are educational and entertaining.

36. Wix

Title: Think It. Create It. | Wix

Duration: 59 seconds

Company summary: A user-friendly platform that allows anyone to create a professional website, offering complete creative freedom and a wide range of features.

What we liked in the video: From selecting a design that matches one’s style to customizing it with animations and integrating e-commerce capabilities, the video highlights WiX’s features.

37. Descript

Title: Introducing Descript

Duration: 02:46 minutes

Company summary: A video and audio editing platform that uses AI to make content creation easier, offering tools for transcription, editing, and publishing.

What we liked in the video: By demonstrating the software’s intuitive interface and great features, the video invites content creators into a new era of production.

The video applies a unique approach, humor and with the catchy CTA at the end it is easily one of the best explainer videos.

38. Maze

Title: Why Maze? Meet rapid testing

Duration: 01:31 minutes

Company summary: A rapid testing platform that enables teams to test, learn, and act faster with insights from real users. It helps improve product design and user experience.

What we liked in the video: What sets this best-animated explainer video apart as an excellent explainer is its focus on the platform’s ability to conduct tests remotely, autonomously, and collaboratively, making it incredibly relevant.

39. Deepgram

Title: What is Deepgram

Duration: 02:10 minutes

Company summary: A speech recognition platform that offers accurate, affordable, and scalable solutions for transcribing audio and video content.

What we liked in the video: What makes this video a good explainer is its clear communication of Deepgram’s value proposition as not just a tool but a true partner for businesses and developers looking to use voice technology.

The animated video has narration and motion graphics style that keeps us entertained till the end of the video.

40. iDenfy

Title: About iDenfy

Duration: 1:03 minutes

Company summary: A digital identity verification service that provides secure and efficient KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions, improving trust and safety online.

What we liked in the video: This animated video is another example of best explainer videos by clearly demonstrating how iDenfy protects companies from fraud while ensuring a smooth user experience.

41. Dovetail

Title: What’s Dovetail?

Duration: 50 seconds

Company summary: A user research and customer feedback platform that helps teams analyze, store, and share insights to make better product decisions.

What we liked in the video: The video’s strength lies in its ability to present the platform’s value in consolidating vast amounts of user feedback into actionable insights.

The video ends in a catchy way that complements the narration.

42. Moz

Title: SEO Forecasting — Whiteboard Friday [Tom Mansell]

Duration: 8:29 minutes

Company summary: Moz is a software company offering a suite of SEO tools designed to help improve search engine visibility and optimize web marketing strategies.

What we liked in the video: The video professionally explains how to figure out what you’ll get from SEO work. It gives tips on how to fix issues and work out your profits.

It uses a whiteboard to make hard topics easy to understand, which makes it one of the best whiteboard explainer videos.

43. Fiver

Title: How Fiverr Works | Fiverr

Duration: 1:00 minute

Company summary: An online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in more than 300 categories, from graphic design to digital marketing.

What we liked in the video: This video makes the idea of freelance work easy to understand, showing how businesses and freelancers can easily connect and work together.

The video includes bold colors, effective narration, and an energetic beat-sync background that complements the narration.

44. Unbounce

Title: Meet Unbounce: Your AI-Powered Landing Page Builder

Duration: 50 seconds

Company summary: Unbounce is a leading landing page platform that enables marketers to create, publish, and test landing pages without the need for IT or coding skills.

What we liked in the video: This video shows Unbounce’s capabilities in enabling users to create custom landing pages, conduct A/B tests, and segment audiences effortlessly without any coding required. It shows Unbounce as a user-friendly platform.

This video features animation, product UI demonstrations, etc with an neutral voiceover making it another noteworthy example of best explainer videos.

45. Useberry

Title: Useberry: One-stop user testing solution for product teams

Duration: 0:56 minutes

Company summary: A complete user testing solution for product teams, enabling prototype testing and user feedback collection to improve product design.

What we liked in the video: The short one-minute animated video communicates Useberry’s value in improving user experiences and digital products.

The best software explainer videos masterfully blend informative content with interesting storytelling, showing how software solves real-world problems or enhances productivity.

46. Storychief

Title: Manage your content marketing with StoryChief

Duration: 1:53 minutes

Company summary: A content marketing platform that simplifies content planning, creation, publishing, and analysis across multiple channels.

What we liked in the video: The video shines by showcasing the platform’s user-friendly interface, AI-driven optimization tools, and its ability to promote collaboration among marketing teams.

The video has a good narration, an interesting storytelling approach, and the inclusion of a mascot in the video that makes the video interesting and informative.

47. OAG Aviation

Title: OAG Aviation | Explainer Video by Content Beta

Duration: 1:47 minutes

Company summary: A global travel data provider offering accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date flight information and insights to the aviation industry.

What we liked in the video: Through a blend of motion design and an engaging voiceover, the video effectively communicates the data solutions OAG Aviation provides to the aviation industry, making it simple and yet a powerful example for best explainer videos.

48. Complyt

Title: Complyt Sales Tax Automation Platform

Duration: 1:13 minutes

Company summary: A sales tax automation platform that simplifies tax compliance for businesses, managing sales tax calculations, filings, and remittances.

What we liked in the video: This explainer video stands out for its straightforward explanation of how the platform simplifies sales tax compliance, saving businesses both time and resources.

The video has animation and a good beat sync in the background making it entertaining and thus a good example of best explainer videos.

49. Contentful

Title: Headless CMS explained in 1 minute | Contentful

Duration: 1:15 minutes

Company summary: A headless CMS that offers developers and marketers a more flexible and efficient way to manage content across multiple digital channels.

What we liked in the video: This animated explainer video effectively highlights the simplicity and efficiency of a headless CMS, demonstrating how Contentful frees content from traditional constraints to enable modern digital experiences.

50. Airtable

Title: Meet Airtable

Duration: 01:57 minutes

Company summary: A cloud-based platform that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the complexity of a database, enabling teams to organize work and projects.

What we liked in the video: The video highlights Airtable’s capabilities in organizing and managing information on a single platform. The video is among the best explainer video examples and includes elements of motion graphics, animations, and vector illustrations of its user interface.

Apart from the above companies, Dropbox, Spotify, etc are prime examples of companies that have set the benchmark for compelling best company explainer videos.

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As we look to the future, who knows what new innovations will come our way? Maybe AI software will become the best animated explainer video software, or we’ll see new platforms that take our videos to audiences in ways we haven’t even imagined yet.

But one thing’s for sure – the essence of a great explainer video will always be about telling a story that inspires. You’ve got to know what you want to say and find the perfect blend of visuals and words to say it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An explainer video should ideally be between 60 to 120 seconds long. This duration is enough to convey your message without losing the viewer’s attention.

The key elements of an effective explainer video are

  • a clear message,
  • a compelling script,
  • engaging visuals,
  • a professional voiceover,
  • a strong call-to-action (CTA).

The cost of producing an explainer video can range from $3,500 to $5,500 for a 60-second explainer video and $1500 to $2500 for a 30-second video.

The pricing depends on the video’s complexity, length, and the production quality you’re aiming for.

The best platform to share explainer videos is where your target audience spends most of their time. It could be YouTube, your company website, or social media platforms like LinkedIn or TikTok.

Common mistakes to avoid when making explainer videos include

  • making the video too long,
  • failing to focus on the benefits for the viewer,
  • poor audio and video quality,
  • not having a clear call to action.
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