5 of the Best B2B Product Videos for Marketing We’ve Ever Seen (And How You Can Make Your Own)

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5 of the Best B2B Product Videos for Marketing We’ve Ever Seen (And How You Can Make Your Own)

Videos are a blessing for SaaS businesses, especially if they are product demos, tutorials, or explanatory videos. The one thing that SaaS businesses always look forward to is how to explain the significance of its product to their customers. With the help of videos, it has become easier to explain the different features and benefits of the SaaS product.

They can even use the product videos for marketing purposes, making it a win-win situation for both customer and the company. As per Content Beta, most marketers have reported that videos have helped them increase their product and brand awareness by 53%.

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What are B2B product videos for marketing?

A B2B product video marketing is a strategy focused on creating, planning, and distributing the video content of the product to attract B2B customers. In addition, it demonstrates how B2B SaaS prospects and customers can use the product.

Companies can design these videos to highlight specific features or benefits of the product that can make the customers interested in purchasing the product. The product videos are also a great way of increasing brand awareness and helping the clients visualize the SaaS product better.

Why should businesses invest in B2B product videos for marketing?

Video content marketing has become very versatile; we can see them as more exciting training and educational videos. They have become a vital tool for any company’s success. Nowadays, companies are investing in videos for marketing purposes to generate more client leads and sales. It has also become the best way to impress your potential B2B audience.

Companies are using B2B product videos to engage with their targeted audiences on social media and eventually educate them about the benefits and features of the products. Watching a video also helps simplify the client’s decision-making process. Therefore, a SaaS product video will be educational and a great brand awareness source. In addition, these videos will be the best for driving conversions and building credibility.

Five best B2B product videos for marketing

These videos can inspire you to create your next video for marketing purposes. Whether as a company, you wish to explain your product, or your services, highlight any particular feature, or create fantastic brand awareness, a B2B product video can never fail you. Although numerous videos are available online, and many that you can create and design on your own, here are the top 5 product videos you should use for marketing purposes.

1. Wrike

This video created by Wrike is a product management demo video produced in 2014. Wrike has shown how a plain-looking product interface and unhurried voice can explain how to use an application. This SaaS product video is a perfect example of simplicity and a detailed explanation of a product and its features.

A cloud-based project management tool that is for enhancing communication between employees. A three-minute-long video displayed each feature of their product in detail. The product video used one voice was evident and had no extra animation or graphics. The video also had on-screen text displaying the critical information the customers needed to remember.


2. RudderStack

The highlighted video by RudderStack is a perfect SaaS product video showcasing the features and its overview. RudderStack is a platform businesses can use to consolidate their customer data in one place, stored in different locations. RudderStack emphasized why keeping all the data in one place is essential and how it can help gain a complete customer overview.

Their video showcased the features and benefits of why they are better than their competitors. However, their primary focus was on displaying how easily their potential clients could use their platform and quickly communicate the use case of the tool.


3. Asana

If you wish to use explainer videos and animation, check out Asana’s B2B product video. They have created a video engaging with potential B2B clients about how anyone can become a successful product manager. The best feature of the video is the animation matches what the present is trying to convey to its audience.

In this product video for marketing, they have used beautiful illustrations, calm and composed background music, and fun characters that are great to watch. But, unfortunately, they presented their new feature, “Timeline,” as the hero of the video without the audience realizing the same.


4. Google

A brand like Google needs no introduction and no promotion. But Google has always been known for its witty, fun, and engaging videos that leave customers looking for more. For example, Google used this video to tell its customers about its new calendar for Android and iPhone users.

A 40 seconds video with background music and just simple words such as “this,” “guys,” and “looks like.” In this video, they used the explainer format to guide their users on correctly operating and managing the calendar. You can also see the company’s daily activities in the background to excite the customer. It is a clear and straightforward way of showcasing how everything revolving around our daily lives can be a part of the google calendar.


5. Personizely

Personizely has created a product explainer video in the simplest form ever. A one-minute and 30 seconds long video has everything needed to keep the audience glued to the screen in the initial few seconds. The video starts by bringing up the pain point of the Shopify store owners. The video shows 98% of their customers leave the store after viewing the products and not purchasing anything.

After telling about the pain area, the company focuses on how it can help remove unwanted visitors and even control how often the visitors can see the offers and other things. The video’s best feature was their CTA, which loudly spoke about the free trial.


What are the ways to create the best product videos for marketing?

Every company has its approach to creating and designing a product video for marketing purposes. Some may use animation, while others use plain, straightforward, on-screen text videos. The question is not which video is better but how to make any video the best. Here are a few things if kept in consideration, any B2B product video will be the best for marketing purposes.

1. Understanding the difference between different videos

The first and foremost thing companies must understand is the difference between video. There is no one particular video that goes with every content. Every product will need a different format and a video for demo or promotion. It is the companies who need to decide which one will suit them best. They can choose from animation, demos, explainers, brands, tutorials, etc.

2. Aligning the video with the channel

It is the most basic, and still, you need to follow it appropriately:

  • You should create SaaS product videos to reach the end user, the customer.
  • Different funnel stages exist before the video converts the lead into a client. So, for every step, there has to be another video. For instance, in the first step, which is awareness, you can use educational videos.
  • When you feel the customer is in the consideration phase of the product, you can use case studies or product overview videos.

3. Educate and engage with customers

Your B2B explainer video should not only explain about your product’s features. Instead, using this channel to engage and communicate with your audiences would be best. Buyers today have many options, and if your videos are not engaging and entertaining, then it will not take a lot of time for them to bounce on to the next available competitor in the market. Therefore, ensure you make short and crisp videos that can keep the customers on the screen engaged and educated.

4. Use the reviews to build credibility

The best strategy to attract customers is to display customer feedback and endorsements. When an actual customer speaks about your product, there is no better guarantee to offer. Video-based testimonials and reviews will be more beneficial to the product’s success. It increases the trust in the brand, and more people become inclined to buy the product.

5. Use of tutorials to help customers understand the product

Creating explainer and tutorial videos is another great way to prepare a B2B product video for marketing. When you make a video to educate the consumer on how to use the product from the start till the end, they understand the product and the company’s ethics and values. It again helps in building trust and confidence in the company.

What are the benefits of a B2B product video for marketing?

Below are some benefits a SaaS company can get from using a product video for marketing purposes. These benefits may not be the same for all, but they will more or less be from the ones mentioned below:

1. Conversion

Videos are always the best choice. Using videos for marketing will increase conversion and the company’s revenue. You can see that adding a video to the landing page drastically increases any company’s conversion rate.

2. Boosts email marketing

Sending a B2B video through email will also increase the open rate of the email. The companies only need to include the word “video” in the subject line, and they can see an increase in the click-through rate in their video campaign. This word is because people are always more interested in knowing what the video is about rather than reading the content shared via email.

3. Engagement rates

Search engines also love videos more than written content and therefore look for content that engages more views. Since videos have higher engagement rates, appearing on top when someone searches for that particular brand or content is always possible. Therefore, video marketing increases the engagement rate of videos.

4. Credibility

Videos also allow brands to showcase their real potential, thus building brand credibility. When the brand displays its personality through SaaS product videos, it will receive love and trust from its potential clients.

5. Social Shares

Today the world is moving at a high-speed rate. If you like something, you only take a minute to share it with your friends and family. An engaging and great B2B product video will need no more marketing since people will share it further among their circle. When you create a video for marketing purposes, use humor and create excitement so people can share it with others.

6. Retention

Message retention is more in the case of a video message as compared to a text message. This vast quantity is because when people watch a video, they are likely to remember the action or the sound or maybe the voice of the artist talking in the video. On the contrary, since such things are not in a text message, the chances of people losing their essence are higher.

7. Decision Making

Video content has gained popularity for the very reason that it is easy to digest and remember. When people watch how a product can be helpful for them instead of reading, they are bound to make a faster decision, so it is always an excellent option to include a strong CTA. People who click the link to watch the video are looking for a reason to buy, and a great B2B product video can quickly help them make that decision.


A great B2B product video for marketing can make or break the product for any SaaS company. However, before creating a video, the company must understand why they are taking the pain of creating a video. What is the motive for designing the video, and what do they want to achieve.

When a company has answers to these questions, it will be easier for them to choose the type of video they wish to create, keeping in mind their audiences and potential customers. In addition, they should always refer to a couple of SaaS product videos online to see the market trend and how their competitors use the market to attract customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A B2B product video marketing is a strategy focused on creating, planning, and distributing the video content of the product to attract B2B customers. In addition, it demonstrates how B2B SaaS prospects and customers can use the product.

Multiple ways of creating a perfect B2B product video for marketing exist. You can use explainer videos to explain the benefits and features. Use an attractive script and good background music to keep your customers engaged in the video until the end.

The B2b product video for marketing should be brief to make it exciting for the people to watch. Even if you plan on increasing the length, it should focus on the pain point in the initial few seconds to retain the customer’s interest.

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