Benefits Of User Generated Videos For Your Business

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Rishabh Pugalia

June 12, 2024


Marketers constantly search for innovative ways to engage their target audience and build connections. Now, there’s one strategy that has shown significant marketing potential: adding user-generated videos to marketing campaigns.

According to Tint’s State of User-Generated Content 2022, when brands share user-created content, 64% of consumers are more likely to spread the word about those brands.

At this point, you may have these few questions in your mind:

  • How could a customer’s authentic story (via UGC content marketing) bring your product or service to life in a way branded content can’t?
  • Could user-generated videos give insight into how customers use your product, leading to improvements or new feature ideas?
  • If your competitors are already leveraging user-generated videos, how can you differentiate your approach from theirs?

Instead of solely relying on in-house production, these videos feature your customers talking about your product or service. This type of marketing leverages word-of-mouth for a substantial reach.

Think about it – customers trust their peers more than traditional marketing messages. And user-generated content does just that.

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    What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

    User-generated content (UGC) is a type of promotional content your customers create about your business. It could be blog posts, videos, photos, or reviews they post online.

    As you start using the benefits of user generated content, it can become a powerful tool for your B2B video marketing campaigns. That’s because when people talk about you without any prompting, your brand feels approachable and genuine.

    For example, check this UGC for Buffer:

    The user tagged Buffer and shared his (positive) experience of using the Buffer blogs on X (Twitter). The company reposted it and enjoyed some free promotion.

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    Types of User-Generated Content

    There could be many types of UGC. Users post content at their convenience, in whatever form they want. Here are some of the most popular types you’ll find:

    1. Social media posts

    Social media posts are arguably the most popular form of UGC. Whenever someone posts about a brand or uses a branded hashtag on social media, that’s UGC. It could be photos, texts, videos, you name it.

    2. Blog posts or articles

    This form of UGC is generated when a customer loves your brand enough to share it via a blog post. It acts as a social proof, one of the key benefits of user-generated content.

    3. Images

    Users love sharing photos of products they have bought, meals they have eaten, etc. Focus on creating aesthetically pleasing experiences and using memorable branded hashtags.

    4. Forums and discussion boards

    Some brands find their best UGC on dedicated fan forums and message boards, where in-depth discussions about their products are common.

    This is especially true for tech and automotive brands.

    5. Videos

    Videos form the primary source of content for all video marketing companies. It could be anything from unboxing videos, reviews, or fun creative content featuring the brand.

    6. Reviews

    When considering a purchase, consumers actively seek out online reviews from social media platforms or sites like G2, Yelp, Amazon, etc.

    7. Testimonials

    Testimonials on your socials or website can be a powerful form of UGC. Pick the best ones to share what others are saying about your work.

    8. Contests

    When you run a contest on your website or socials, it encourages users to create and submit a specific type of content to participate and win prizes.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Benefits of User-Generated Content in Marketing

    Why inspire users to post about your product or service? You can get the answer here in the benefits of user generated content:

    1. UGC develops a sense of trust

    With hundreds of ads appearing everywhere online, now we’ve become pretty good at picking out the ones that feel fake. One of the benefits of UGC is that it’s real people saying, “Hey, this product works great.”

    2. It’s like having a marketing team for free

    UGC is your happy customers praising you on social media. It’s the kind of word-of-mouth marketing every B2B company wants.

    3. It lets your customers show (and tell) your story

    Anyone can make any claims about what they sell. But with UGC, your customers show the value of what you offer.

    This stands out to be one of those user generated content advantages that can significantly impact your brand.

    4. UGC builds brand awareness

    As people share their stories with your brand, you become visible to their networks, reaching new audiences – colleagues, friends, relatives, and countless others.

    UGC in marketing offers exceptional value. It gives you a level of exposure often difficult to achieve, even with a massive advertising budget.

    5. It increases engagement and reach

    Remember, UGC is more engaging than regular branded content. It gets more likes, comments, shares – all that good stuff.

    Result: You get more organic reach, as the algorithms favor content people engage with.

    6. Provides valuable insights

    You get valuable insights about your customers once you analyze what UGC people are posting. You get to understand:

    • How people are using your products
    • What they love about them
    • What language do they use to describe them

    7. Acts as a social proof generator

    People are more likely to buy something when others purchase or use it. Here, UGC works as a powerful form of social proof, pointing out the benefits of user-generated content in influencing purchase decisions.

    8. Improves SEO

    You attract search engines by uploading fresh and original content on your website. User-generated videos, photos, reviews, etc., work great for this.

    For photos, this is one of the advantages of user generated content, as users need minimal effort to create this type of content.

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    Best Practices for User-Generated Content

    We know how powerful user-generated content, especially video, can be, right? So why not go about using it effectively?

    Here are some best practices to remember:

    1. Give people a solid reason to create

    Let’s be honest: we all seek incentives. It has to be something good. It could be a chance to win a prize, be featured by the brand, or get a huge discount.

    Make sure the reward for creating UGC should be crystal clear.

    2. Show the best UGC

    Pick the best one(s) and feature the content prominently on your website and socials. Put the spotlight on your users who spent time creating the content you loved. This strategy leverages the benefits of user-generated content, as it creates excitement and sets a brand voice.

    3. Keep it authentic

    While selecting the content, avoid anything that feels staged or forced. For effective UGC marketing, there should always be real people talking about their actual experiences with your brand.

    4. Always seek permission

    Get permission from the customer from whom you want to use the content. Most people might be thrilled to be featured by your brand but don’t forget to get confirmation from their side.

    5. Measure the results

    Track how your user generated content marketing is impacting your key metrics. Check engagement rates, click-throughs, reach, and conversions. Once you analyze them, you can get the most out of the advantages of user generated content.

    Bonus tip: Get creative with your repurposing game. Try compiling select user-generated content into a mash-up video for better engagement.

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    How to Effectively Incorporate User-Generated Content into Your Overall Marketing Plan?

    Simply put, user-generated content marketing is adding freshness to your existing marketing efforts. Here’s how you can do that:

    1. Get clear on your goals

    Once you know your goal in UGC content marketing, it becomes easier to pick the right content.

    Having a well-defined goal also helps you design UGC campaigns that leverage the benefits of user-generated content to achieve your desired results.

    2. Find the right mix of branded and user-generated content

    Prioritize the role of UGC in marketing: figure out exactly where UGC fits into your overall content mix. Maybe you’re aiming for a 70/30 split- 70% branded content, 30% UGC.

    3. Give folks some guidance

    For better execution of your user generated content marketing plan, give your customers a bit of a framework for posting content. It could be a specific theme, a product, or a vibe you’re after.

    4. Promote UGC across multiple channels

    Don’t limit yourself to social media. In addition to featuring UGC on your website, channel it into email marketing and include it in your other marketing collateral.

    5. Think of creating a dedicated UGC hub

    Have a special section on your website, or even a microsite, where you curate and show your best UGC. Organize it by theme, product, or campaign – whatever makes sense for your brand.

    6. Integrate UGC into the buyer journey

    Once you are strategic about where you feature UGC, you will be able to capitalize more on the benefits of user generated content. For your product pages, reviews and testimonials can be super persuasive.

    Pro tip: User-generated videos also work well in your onboarding or support documents.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Tips for Encouraging User-Generated Content from Your Audience

    Getting people to create videos for your brand requires effort. So let’s check out a few ways to inspire your customers to do the work for you:

    1. Make it easy for people to create and share

    You want to create user-generated content that is as frictionless as possible. If you’re hoping for video content, consider using a platform that makes recording and uploading easy.

    2. Run a contest

    Everybody loves winning. Offer a fabulous prize or a chance to get featured on the brand’s official Instagram page for the best user-generated video.

    3. Show some examples

    Sometimes, people need a push to get their ideas flowing. Share great user-generated videos from other brands (or even those you created) to show what you are looking for.

    This strategy will let you experience the benefits of user-generated content firsthand.

    4. Keep it simple

    Remember, people are busy. So, give them short and simple instructions on how to post the content you need. The key here is to make it fun and relevant.

    Let your audience know you value their participation.

    Why Choose Content Beta?

    Social media platforms have seen a significant rise in UGC in the last few years. That’s because many businesses are putting effort into user-generated content marketing.

    However, not every piece of content can potentially retain customers or generate new leads. Think of Content Beta as your extended creative team- we know how to turn raw UGC into on-brand videos.

    As a B2B video production company, we have a better understanding of UGC marketing. Want to know how? Read on:

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    • Our pricing model doesn’t have any hidden costs.

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    In user generated content marketing, the relevance of video content has reached a new level.

    The best part? You’re not putting any effort into creating them in the first place. Yet, you’re getting your customers involved to have two things:

    • A fresh content
    • An opportunity to build all-important relationships with your customers

    So, try running marketing campaigns using this form. Curate those user-generated videos and get them working hard for your business. And chances are, you’ll reap the benefits of user generated content.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    To ensure the quality and relevance of user-generated videos for your business, start by setting clear guidelines. Let your customers know what kind of content you’re looking for, such as product demos, testimonials, etc.

    • Offer examples to inspire people
    • Be clear about technical specs (length, resolution) if needed

    You can incorporate user-generated videos into your account-based marketing strategy

    • Tailor UGC videos to specific accounts to address their unique problems
    • Highlight features that most resonate with the users
    • Use UGC in targeted social ads or email campaigns for a particular audience

    You can repurpose user-generated videos, and adapt a single video for different platforms and purposes.

    • Short clips for social
    • Longer versions for a website or case studies

    Depending on your goals, use these metrics to measure the success of user-generated videos:

    • views
    • engagement (likes, shares, comments)
    • click-through rates

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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