Are Behind The Scenes Videos Helpful In Marketing?

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June 12, 2024


People are curious by nature. They want to know what goes on behind the scenes, how brands innovate, what is their creative process, etc.

But how are behind the scenes videos helpful for marketing? Instead of seeing airbrushed, promotional content all the time, such videos show the creativity, hard work, and dedication put in by the brands. These videos connect with viewers emotionally.

In fact, according to, 87% prefer to watch videos online if it means more behind-the-scenes content.

Behind the scene videos show the real people behind the brand, giving it a more down-to-earth and approachable feel. They can showcase the inspiration behind a product, the company culture, or the team’s passion for what they do.

You might be thinking,

  • How can behind the scenes be made interesting, and what types of shots should we include?
  • What role do BTS videos play in humanizing a brand and connecting with audiences?
  • What type of BTS video can be created, and what are the best platforms to post them?

Below, you’ll see ten examples of behind the scenes videos, why they matter, and the different types you can create.

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    What is a “Behind the scenes” (BTS) video?

    A behind the scenes video is a type of video that shows what goes on off-camera –

    • Within a workspace
    • While developing a product
    • In an event
    • In a video shoot

    Behind the scenes videos are typically unscripted. They capture candid moments without formal dialogue or staged setups.

    They provide viewers with an insider’s look at the process, efforts, and people involved. These kinds of videos make viewers feel like insiders.

    What is Behind the Scenes Video Marketing?

    Behind the scenes video marketing uses these videos as content to connect with viewers, be relatable, and engage them to generate leads.

    These videos highlight the quality of the work and the process you follow. Since these videos are authentic and raw, they leave a lasting impression on customers. This is a creative and authentic way to market your brand’s expertise.

    These can be included in your content marketing or social media marketing campaigns. These videos are mostly shared on:

    • Website
    • Social media channels
    • Video distribution platform

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    Why is Behind the Scenes Video Marketing so Effective?

    Sharing behind the scenes content can help create a community of engaged followers who feel connected to the brand’s journey.

    1. Shows Brand Personality

    Behind the scenes footage helps brands show their fun and creative personality. It helps viewers understand the brand’s culture and values more deeply. This approach humanizes the brand, making it more relatable.

    2. Curiosity factor

    People are naturally curious about how things are made or how companies function. When the audience sees the effort and work put into running a brand, they are more likely to feel emotionally attached to the brand.

    3. Nothing is airbrushed and fancy

    Unlike heavily edited promotional content, BTS videos are typically unfiltered. The raw and realistic nature of these videos resonates with audiences who value authenticity and transparency. This allows viewers to connect with your brand on a more personal level.

    4. They are informal

    The informal nature of BTS videos makes them feel more conversational and engaging. This can help you build a stronger relationship with your audience and make them feel like they’re part of the team.

    5. Different from promotional and corporate content

    Behind the scene videos stand out from typical promotional or corporate videos. Rather than directly selling a product or service, they emphasize the efforts and behind the scenes processes, which are more appealing and memorable.

    6. They are engaging and shareable

    People love to see interesting and authentic content. The entertainment factor in behind the scenes videos makes them enjoyable to watch and share with others. This organic sharing can significantly increase brand exposure and reach.

    7. They are cost-effective and easy to produce

    Compared to other types of marketing videos, behind the scenes content can be filmed with minimal equipment. This makes BTS videos accessible to brands of all sizes and budgets.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    Types of Behind the Scenes videos

    Behind the scenes (BTS) videos are of various types. Each style of video offers a unique perspective and storytelling approach. The type of BTS video you choose depends on your industry, audience preferences, and marketing goals.

    • Day in the life: Show the day in the life of an employee their typical workday, responsibilities, etc.
    • Office tours: Show your workspace, amenities available, desk tours, etc.
    • Impromptu Q&A: Feature employees answering fun, lighthearted questions about themselves or the company.
    • A preview before product release: Share behind the scenes of your upcoming product/tool. Show the efforts and introduce the team members involved before the product launch.
    • Bloopers: Show funny moments or mistakes that happened during filming. These videos catch a lot of attention and are entertaining.
    • Creative Process: Take viewers behind the scenes of brainstorming sessions, video shoots, event planning, design thinking, or product development.
    • Team and Culture: Show your company’s culture, values, behind the scenes interactions, employee testimonial, etc.
    • Event Preparations: Document the behind-the-scenes preparations for events, such as product launches or conferences.

    Examples of Behind the Scenes content

    Many brands share behind the scenes content to show how they work and make themselves more relatable. Here are a few examples of brands that use behind the scenes content for marketing purposes.

    1. Grammarly

    Video Title: How to Succeed in School | Behind the Scenes at Grammarly’s “Back to School” Shoot

    Video Duration: 58 seconds

    Video Showcases: Q/A with employees

    Platform: YouTube Shorts

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • Employees and crew discussed how Grammarly could have been beneficial during their school years.
    • As this is a back-to-school commercial shoot, the topics discussed are relevant and connect with the audience.
    • They mentioned some key features of Grammarly, such as plagiarism check, sentence diversification, etc.
    • The description includes a CTA link, and at the end, there’s an infographic encouraging viewers to download Grammarly for free.

    2. Duolingo

    Video Title: clearly dance wasn’t in the job description… so even you could apply to work here #DuolingoOnIce

    Video Duration: 12 seconds

    Video Showcases: Team having fun

    Platform: YouTube Shorts

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • The video features behind the scenes footage from a dance video shoot for Duolingo. It highlights how the marketing team joined in on the choreography for fun.
    • They highlight the easygoing work environment at Duolingo.
    • The description hints that viewers can apply for jobs at Duolingo and join the team.
    • This video has high engagement with many likes, comments, and shares.

    3. Shopify

    Video Title: Shopify Editions – Behind the Scenes

    Video Duration: 1 minute 46 seconds

    Video Showcases: Product innovations and development

    Platform: YouTube (long-form)

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • The video shows the effort and work invested into creating Shopify Editions.
    • It discusses the various strategies, including webinars, gathering feedback, and other methods used in the process.
    • It positions Shopify as a user-centric platform that values clarity and ease of use.
    • This encourages viewers to consider Shopify as their go-to platform for their e-commerce needs.

    4. Slack

    Video Title: That’s a wrap! ✨ Take a look back at Dreamforce 2023 through the eyes of Slack CEO, Lidiane Jones! #DF23

    Video Duration: 1 minute

    Video Showcases: BTS of an event day

    Platform: Instagram Reels

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • The video shows a day in the life of a Slack CEO at the Dreamforce event.
    • She shares her experience attending panels, giving interviews, visiting Slack stations, etc.
    • She talks about new product innovations such as Slack AI and Slack Lists with the attendees.
    • It shows how fun and insightful the experience of interacting with professionals is at the event. This creates enthusiasm for people to attend the event and participate.

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    5. Square

    Video Title: “Everything your business needs. Almost.” Behind the Scenes With Dime Davis | Square

    Video Duration: 2 minutes

    Video Showcases: Creative video production process

    Platform: YouTube (long-form)

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • The video shows the process of creating a marketing campaign for Square. They also highlight the expertise of the director, Dime Davis.
    • They show the fun and lively environment on the set, including some bloopers and outtakes from the shooting process.

    6. Uber Eats

    Video Title: Q&A Behind the Scenes with Anthony Edwards – Popeyes x Uber Eats | Uber Eats

    Video Duration: 52 seconds

    Video Showcases: Q&A

    Platform: YouTube

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • Anthony Edwards discusses his preferences for sauces and how he enjoys them with his Popeyes meal delivered via Uber Eats.
    • This discussion adds a humorous and relatable element to the video.

    This video mentioned below is part of the same series. They’ve put together behind the scenes footage from the shoot and made a vertical video from it. Talk about repurposing video content

    7. Squarespace

    Video Title: Behind the Scenes of The Big Game Commercial 2024 | Squarespace

    Video Duration: 1 minute 28 seconds

    Video Showcases: Making of commercial ad

    Platform: YouTube (long-form)

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • The video discusses the ideation process and creative thinking behind making the ad.
    • The video shows candid moments, creative discussions, the chief creative officer’s interview, etc.
    • They highlight the excitement and gratitude of the team for the opportunity to collaborate with Martin Scorsese.

    8. Google Pixel 8

    Video Title: Behind the scenes: Google Pixel SB Commercial 2024

    Video Duration: 2 minutes 40 seconds

    Video Showcases: Culture and creative process BTS video

    Platform: YouTube (long-form)

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • This behind the scene video highlights the values and inclusivity of Google.
    • The video showcases the story of Adam, a blind filmmaker, who is creating a film that offers viewers a POV on blindness.
    • The BTS footage shows Adam and his team trying different techniques, like using petroleum jelly on the lens, to simulate the experience of blindness visually.
    • The video also discusses a valuable feature on Pixel 8 (Guided frame)

    9. Microsoft

    Video Title: Building Build: a behind-the-scenes look at #MSBuild

    Video Duration: 1 minute 59 seconds

    Video Showcases: Event preparation & problem-solution

    Platform: YouTube (long-form)

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • The video talks about what MSBuild is, reinventing the experience, and the inclusion of attendees, etc.
    • The adaptation and transformation of Microsoft Build, a developer conference.
    • It discusses the challenges and innovations in transitioning from an in-person conference to a virtual setting.

    10. Apple

    Video Title: Behind the scenes: An Apple Event shot on iPhone

    Video Duration: 2 minutes 16 seconds

    Video Showcases: BTS of product in action

    Platform: YouTube (long-form)

    Behind The Scenes Video Analysis:

    • The video highlights the impressive capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro camera. It is capable of delivering professional-grade video quality.
    • They show how the iPhone 15 can create cinematic footage using cranes, dollies, and drones, showing its versatility.
    • The video highlights the technical innovation, ideation process, and experimentation.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    What should you include in a BTS Video?

    A behind the scenes video usually doesn’t follow a script, allowing you to share whatever you want your audience to see without directly promoting your brand to them.

    Typically, behind the scenes videos include:

    • Interview with crew members.
    • Blooper videos or compilations of funny mistakes and outtakes.
    • Show real-time problem-solving.
    • Creative decision-making process.
    • Share insights into the challenges encountered during development.
    • Show your workspace and setup.
    • Showcase your company values, team outings, celebrations, etc.
    • Give a behind the scenes look at new features being built (based on customer needs).
    • Candid moments that show the personalities and collaborative interactions of the team.

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    Using behind the scenes (BTS) videos in your B2B marketing can make a big impact. These videos show the real work behind your brand and highlight the human side of your company.

    These videos show the effort and creativity behind your operations, creating an emotional connection with your audience. This connection strengthens your brand’s credibility and impact.

    Shooting behind the scenes videos doesn’t need a complex setup. You can use simple equipment, making it affordable and easy for businesses. They can be used to highlight the launch of new products, a typical workday, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, behind the scenes videos are suitable for all industries. These include:

    • Software/Technology Companies
    • Entertainment
    • Manufacturing
    • Automotive
    • Media and Broadcasting
    • Retail and E-commerce

    Platforms that are best for sharing behind the scenes videos are:

    • Instagram Reels
    • TikTok
    • Twitter (X)
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo

    The key elements of a successful behind the scenes video are:

    • Authenticity & transparency
    • Relevance
    • Quality production
    • Narrative arc

    Behind the scenes videos are often more effective than traditional advertising in certain aspects:

    • humanizing the brand
    • Increasing trust
    • Engagement
    • Creating an emotional connection
    • Entertainment purposes

    To ensure high-quality production for employee video testimonials, one should:

    • Invest in good video equipment or hire a professional videography team.
    • Choose well-lit locations for shooting.
    • Use external microphones for clear audio.
    • Plan the shoot, including the questions and desired responses.
    • Edit the video to include relevant visuals, background music, and graphics.
    • Review the video with multiple stakeholders before finalizing and publishing your employee testimonial videos.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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