50 Banner Ad Design Ideas for B2B Marketers

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May 28, 2024


Digital banner ads have been present since the early days of the Internet. As a result, these ads are often overlooked in the digital space today.


  • Why do businesses still keep displaying banner ads?
  • What about banner ad design? How does graphic design fit into this?
  • And, how do you make these work for your marketing strategy?

Because banner advertisements, when done effectively, can simultaneously increase brand awareness and drive website traffic.

In this blog, you’ll find actionable tips, practical guidelines, and website banner examples to help you create high-performing banner ad designs that’ll elevate your marketing strategy.

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    Digital banner ads are a form of paid display advertising, similar to billboards or bulletin boards.

    They provide website owners with the opportunity to sell ad space. These ads serve various purposes, ranging from building brand awareness to targeting specific campaigns.

    Typically rectangular or square, they are positioned at the top, bottom, or side of a website alongside the main content.

    1. Animated

    An animated banner ad includes moving images and can include audio. It enables storytelling and engagement, making it suitable for conveying more complex messages.

    2. Interactive

    Interactive banner ads engage users by offering interactive features. They provide a non-intrusive way to get attention and connect with consumers, focusing on the experience rather than direct promotion.

    3. Static/Standard

    A static banner ad features a single image without any animation or audio. It works well for delivering a straightforward message that is clear, concise, and to the point.

    4. Transitional

    Transitional banner ads deliver quick messages when webpages load, capturing user attention in a short time. These web banner ads offer high visibility and are effective for targeted marketing.

    5. Video

    Video banner ads utilize high-quality videos to capture the reader’s attention and engage them through storytelling. They are easily shareable and effective in creating attractive campaigns.

    To improve your click-through rates and optimize your advertising budget, here are some effective website banner examples explaining how it’s done.

    1. Microsoft

    Microsoft effectively utilizes its logo on a pastel shade background for a new laptop to inform and enable users to order it with a simple click on the ad banner.

    2. Audible (Amazon)

    Amazon uses this advertising banner to promote a variety of audiobooks on the Audible app, employing its brand colors to improve recognition and encourage users to click and download the free audiobook.

    3. AT&T

    AT&T’s banner ad design targets businesses with a minimalist and easy-to-spot approach.

    4. Cisco

    Cisco’s advertisement banner design integrates a human touch to foster familiarity and prompt users to click the free sign-up button.

    5. Netflix

    Netflix’s web banner features a popular show on one side, while the logo and CTA are displayed on the other, creating an effective click-through banner ad design.

    6. Siemens

    Siemens utilizes text and well-matched photos in its web banner ad. The CTA urges users to find out more, focusing on their interests rather than direct selling.

    7. Starbucks

    Starbucks’ advertising banner demonstrates the positive impact of correctly using different fonts and typefaces on user impressions and click-through rates.

    8. UPS

    UPS opts for muted colors as the backdrop of their banner ad, ensuring high legibility for their logo, headline, and CTA button. This effectively directs user attention to the central message of the ad banner.

    9. HP Inc.

    HP’s advertisement banner utilizes a bright yellow that forms an arrow directing attention to the CTA button and creating high contrast for maximum visibility on a webpage.

    10. SAP

    This SAP banner ad is tailored to their target audience, using contrasting colors for easy readability and a stock image to add a human touch.

    11. Fiverr

    This Fiverr banner ad effectively displays their e-commerce development expertise. The vibrant orange color grabs attention on any website, while the contrasting green CTA button stands out on the orange background. The interesting “find yours now” call to action aligns with the banner ad design’s overall message.

    12. Honey

    The headline “Need a coupon?” is intentionally vague, allowing for broader targeting. Using popular YouTuber, Mr Beast’s image in this banner ad helps create brand recall and leverages influencer marketing.

    13. Google

    Google adds a personal touch, a name, which makes its banner ad design more relatable and avoids the sales tone that turns users away.

    14. Samsung

    Samsung’s banner ad is minimalist and seamlessly integrates with the surrounding content. This is important because native ads, which blend with the content, have been proven to deliver better performance compared to traditional online advertising.

    15. Mailchimp

    Here are two distinct banner ad examples from Mailchimp. The first targets existing users, showcasing their product.

    The second appeals to marketing beginners, presenting a clear value proposition. Both ads align with the brand style, promoting brand awareness and recognition.

    16. Verizon

    Verizon’s banner ad highlights its services and target audience, with a clear message at the top and a prominent CTA, resulting in an effective design.

    17. Oracle

    With attention-grabbing copy, a human touch from the stock image, and a bright orange CTA button, this banner ad design from Oracle is functional and effective.

    18. Visa

    Visa’s ad banner has a balanced mix of text and graphics. The consistent color of the price and CTA button enhance click-through rates.

    19. American Express

    American Express’s banner ad design uses brand colors to create three distinct sections, with the most important information emphasized in a larger size to get user attention and drive clicks.

    20. The Home Depot

    Home Depot’s banner ad utilizes creative typography to convey the brand’s message and show common products their target audience needs.

    21. Disney+

    This attention-grabbing banner ad features popular Disney characters, showcasing their streaming service. The banner ad design also includes logos of well-known brands to give users an idea of the variety of content on the platform.

    22. SE Ranking

    This banner ad from SE Ranking grabs attention with a clear and compelling headline. It appeals to users’ desire for accuracy in such tools. The call-to-action button offers a 14-day free trial, enticing users who are already interested in the headline and features to sign up.

    23. SEMrush

    The ad effectively communicates SEMrush’s value proposition. To encourage clicks, the ad features a prominent and eye-catching call-to-action button at the bottom. The bright orange color stands out, creating contrast and guiding users to click.

    24. Bluehost

    This banner ad uses a clear headline to show affordability. The main features, like unlimited space and transfer, are listed to showcase Bluehost’s services. Bolded words, such as “FREE set-up” and “FREE domain,” grab the user’s attention and encourage them to click the “sign up” CTA button.

    25. Lexus

    In this example from Lexus, the banner ad manages to make eye contact with the user. This has a powerful impact, grabbing the viewer’s attention and enticing them to click on the ad.

    26. BMW

    BMW’s ad banner combines interesting copy and a product image to generate interest and drive user engagement.

    27. Apple

    Banner ad design goes beyond bright colors and big lettering. Apple’s banner ads cleverly use icons to represent their features and products, instantly connecting with their target audience and reinforcing brand recognition.

    28. Ridge

    Ridge’s banner ad shows its product by highlighting its superiority through a comparison with a similar one. This technique works well for both physical and SaaS companies. The elegant, neutral color palette adds to the banner ad design without being overwhelming.

    29. Adobe

    Adobe’s banner ads integrate creativity, photos, and design to invite attention. Urgent messages like “GET 10 FREE” prompt immediate action. Consistently placing the logo in the top right or left corner maintains brand recognition.

    30. DELL

    Dell’s banner ads displays high-quality images, a simple background color, and their logo. The well-placed CTA button “Learn More” enhances the design with bold styling and proper spacing between the logo and text.

    31. Dropbox

    Dropbox crafts banner ads with catchy headlines that highlight the benefits of their product, such as “Sharing one billion files daily” or “Simplify teamwork with ease.”

    32. Facebook

    These examples from Facebook utilize banner advertising to promote its network and educate business owners and marketers on monetizing their apps with Facebook ads.

    33. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn shows its suite of offerings through impactful banner ads, incorporating models to humanize the content and direct user attention toward its CTA buttons.

    34. Intel

    Utilizing the power of influencer marketing and effective banner ad designs, Intel has merged these forces by featuring their brand ambassador, Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” series.

    35. PayPal

    Visual elements speak a universal language, and PayPal recognized this when designing its banner ads. By using icons and linear graphics, brands can connect with a broader audience.

    36. Shopify

    Shopify’s banner advertisements experiment with colors, messaging, and other graphic elements to optimize the effectiveness of their banner ad designs.

    37. Yahoo

    Yahoo utilizes creative fonts mixed with its brand color and stock images in its banner ad designs to establish an emotional connection with users.

    38. eBay

    eBay invests heavily in both banner advertising and banner ad design. They create banner ads that brings out emotions through colors and create a sense of need through product images.

    39. Evernote

    Evernote’s banner ad designs use smart copywriting with consistent messages like “Work Smarter” and “Make Every Day Smarter,” effectively communicating the app’s benefits to users.

    40. NetApp

    NetApp delivers a clear message through its banner ad designs that provide value and prompt users to click on them.

    41. AOL

    AOL’s banner ad examples use contrasting colors for their CTA buttons, featuring the clear message “Get Started Now” to grab user attention and drive click-throughs.

    42. Skype

    Skype designs its banner ads with a simple and effective approach, using the same color for the “Watch the video” text and the Skype logo, creating visual consistency.

    43. Hilton Hotels & Resorts

    Hilton uses ad banners with attractive typefaces, appealing backdrops, and persuasive pictures to attract both existing customers as well as newcomers.

    44. Fanta

    Fanta’s ad banners have clear spacing and playful fonts that are both readable and consistent with their logo.

    45. Red Bull

    These Red Bull online banner ads use original brand illustrations to reinforce their brand identity and communicate their message.

    46. Squarespace

    Different ad sizes don’t need different banner ad designs. Squarespace made great web banner ads with only blurred backgrounds and smart copywriting.

    47. WordPress

    These WordPress banner ad designs utilize bold backgrounds and stock images coupled with key phrases to grab users’ attention.

    48. Final Straw

    These banner ad designs, combining humor and product showcase, earn clicks for their cleverness and reusability message.

    49. Best Buy

    Best Buy’s blue and yellow branding, upfront pricing, and clear CTA create an instantly recognizable banner ad design.

    50. Invoca

    The “Get Started” CTA offers a quick solution to Invoca’s target audience’s pain point, making this banner ad highly clickable.

    Online banner ads function similarly to print ads and aim to capture the attention of internet users.

    The primary goal of banner ads is to drive clicks, leading users directly to the business website for potential purchases. Banner advertising has two objectives: impressions and click-throughs.

    • Impressions increase brand awareness by ensuring that people see your banner, even if they don’t click on it.
    • Click-throughs aim to generate engagement by getting users to click on the ad and visit your website or landing page.

    Retargeting allows you to target consumers who have previously interacted with your brand, allowing you to reconnect with them.

    Tracking both impressions and clicks will enable you to increase brand awareness and attract users back to your website.

    Ad banner quality is very important for visual impact and click-throughs. When coming up with web banner ideas and advertising design, consider the following:

    1. Design

    Banner ads have limited space on a webpage. Use the principles of graphic design to avoid clutter and create a balanced banner ad design.

    Your web banner ads should resonate with your audience. Keep your messaging clear, concise, and direct with one to three key phrases for effective communication.

    2. Placement

    Where you place your ad banner matters. Consider the layout, whether vertical or horizontal, for optimal impact.

    Website banner ads placed at the top of the page or along the side often attract the most attention.

    3. CTA

    The purpose of a banner ad is to prompt the target audience to take action. The CTA (Call-to-Action) plays a crucial role in this.

    Make the CTA clear, concise, and action-oriented. It should encourage readers to click, subscribe, or interact with your content.

    4. Consistency

    Whether it’s a web banner ad, a blog banner design, or email banner ideas, your banner ad should match your company’s visual brand.

    Use your logo, color scheme, and font consistently across your marketing materials. It helps your audience remember your brand and increases click-throughs.

    5. Ad Size & Resolution

    Your banner ad should occupy just the right amount of user screen. The wrong banner ad size or placement can cause accidental clicks and hurt your brand image.

    Ensure that the visuals have a high pixel resolution for clarity. For a quicker site load time and a better user experience, pick the right banner ad format and image resolution.

    Each type of digital banner has a unique purpose, but they all contribute to the growth of your business. So, what are the specific benefits of banner advertising for your marketing efforts?

    1. Visibility

    A well-designed website banner ad can interest potential customers. Banner ads work perfectly on mobile devices, desktops, TVs, etc., which provide wide coverage of the target markets.

    2. Targeted Advertising

    Provides a highly targeted user experience, making sure your ad banners—website banner design, blog banner, online banner ads, youtube banner ideas, email banner ideas— effectively communicate your value proposition.

    3. Brand Recognition

    Consistent use of your branding guidelines in ad banners promotes brand recall. It improves click-through rates and makes your brand easier for your users to remember.

    4. Data and Insights

    Consistent use of your branding guidelines in ad banners promotes brand recall. It improves click-through rates and makes your brand easier for your users to remember.

    5. Effective and Affordable

    Banner ads leverage programmatic advertising to reach specific audiences based on their profiles. You only pay for the impressions or clicks you receive, making banner ads a budget-friendly option.

    Banner ad sizes vary based on the advertising platform you utilize. Select ad sizes that align with your marketing strategy and offer the highest potential ROI to get the most out of your web banner ads.

    1. Facebook Banner Ads

    • Facebook Feed Image Ads: 1200 x 628 pixels
    • Facebook Feed Video Ads: 600 x 315 pixels or 600 x 600 pixels
    • Facebook Carousel Ads: 1080 x 1080 pixels
    • Facebook Right Column Ads: 1200 x 628 pixels
    • Facebook Marketplace Ads: 1200 x 628 pixels
    • Facebook Instant Articles Ads: 1200 x 628 pixels
    • Facebook Stories Ads: 1080 x 1920 pixels
    • Facebook Collection Ads: 600 x 600 pixels

    2. Google Banner Ads

    • Small Square: 200 x 200 pixels
    • Square: 250 x 250 pixels
    • Banner: 468 x 60 pixels
    • Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels
    • Inline Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels
    • Large Rectangle: 336 x 280 pixels
    • Skyscraper: 120 x 600 pixels
    • Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels

    3. Instagram Banner Ads

    • Instagram Single Image Ads: 400 x 500 pixels
    • Instagram Video Ads: maximum 400 x 500 pixels
    • Instagram Carousel Ads: 1080 x 1080 pixels
    • Instagram Stories Carousel Ads: 1080 x 1920 pixels
    • Instagram Slideshow Ads: 600 x 600 pixels, maximum 1080 x 1080 pixels
    • Instagram Stories Image Ads: 1080 x 1920 pixels
    • Instagram Stories Video Ads: 1080 x 1920 pixels

    4. Mobile Banner Ads

    • Mobile Leaderboard: 320×50
    • Mobile Full Page Flex: 320×320
    • Large Mobile Banner: 320×100
    • Square: 250×250
    • Small Square: 200×200

    Design captivating and creative advertising designs with ease. Create conversion-optimized banner ads using the following free online ad banner-maker tools.

    PS – Opt for HTML5 banner ads. They are scalable and can adapt to various formats and sizes.

    1. Bannerflow

    Bannerflow is a comprehensive platform that makes banner creation easy with its drag-and-drop editor. Utilize the rich media ad creator features for your banner ads. Helps analyze your campaign’s performance and optimize it accordingly.

    2. Canva

    Canva is a popular design tool known for its amazing features and attractive visuals. It allows you to design a wide range of graphics, including banners and social media graphics. The interface is easy to use and intuitive, making it a versatile and user-friendly option.

    3. Creatopy

    Creatopy is an excellent tool for non-designers or beginners in graphic design. It allows you to create dynamic banner ads for your blogs or websites without the need for coding or design skills.

    4. Snappa

    Snappa is a user-friendly graphic design tool. You can create graphics for ads, blogs, websites, and social media. It enables image editing, adding animations and offers a wide range of fonts, icons, stock photos, etc.

    5. Onlymega

    Onlymega provides a wide range of options for managing your banner ads. You can edit their free or paid templates or start from scratch with your design. Adding animations is easy and the quality of the creations, even in the free versions, is impressive.

    Best Practices

    A well-designed banner ad can help your brand leave a lasting impression and drive user action. We recommend keeping a few best practices in mind:

    1. Aesthetic and Function

    It’s crucial to create an effective banner ad design that stands out and generates revenue. Good banner ads are customized for their target audience. Include a focal image, concise text, and a clear call-to-action in your banner ads to achieve this.

    2. Monetize with Google AdSense

    Advertising services like Google AdSense can help you display and monetize banner ads on your website. Utilize the extensive reach of the Google Display Network to connect with your target audience.

    3. Focus on the Message

    Remember, a attractive message is just as important as eye-catching graphics in your banner ads. Use the principles of design to create engaging and dynamic online banner ads. For example, using high-contrast colors to grab attention quickly.

    4. Consistent Design for Social Media

    Stick to your branding guidelines for posts on social media platforms and web banner ideas for consistent branding. Make use of trends and in-season colorways for maximum impact.


    For example, HubSpot ensures consistency in its brand logo, signature brand art (the blobs), and color scheme throughout its website and YouTube banner ideas.


    This unified approach strengthens their brand identity and creates a recognizable visual presence.

    5. Email Banner Ideas

    Leverage your banner ad design in email marketing campaigns to reinforce brand recall and engagement.

    6. Align Branding and Value

    Ensure that all your banners—website banner design, blog banner, online banner ads—align with your branding guidelines and effectively communicate your value proposition.

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    Make your banner advertisement stand out. Don’t forget, folks who visit your website are on a mission.

    Your banner ad has to divert their focus. Speak to their needs, ease their concerns, and keep your message clear.

    Create unique banner ads by integrating the principles of design. This approach helps beat ‘banner blindness,’ a result of the constant visual noise users face online.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Banner advertisements are graphical ads displayed on websites or digital platforms to promote products or services.

    Banner advertising and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) are two different forms of online advertising.


    While banner advertising emphasizes visual impact and brand visibility through graphical ads, PPC advertising focuses on targeted keyword-based ads and paying for actual clicks.

    The main types of banner advertisements include static banners, animated banners, interactive banners, and video banners.

    Businesses can optimize banner advertisements by targeting the right audience, using compelling visuals and messaging, and monitoring performance metrics.

    Yes, well-designed and targeted banner advertisements can be effective in driving conversions, such as clicks, sign-ups, or sales.

    Banner advertisements can complement content marketing strategies by promoting relevant content, driving traffic to blog posts or landing pages, and increasing brand awareness.

    Best practices include keeping designs simple and clear, using high-quality visuals, including a strong call-to-action, and testing and optimizing campaigns.

    Yes, businesses can personalize banner advertisements based on audience demographics, interests, and behaviors to increase relevance and engagement.

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