B2B Customer Video Testimonials: How to Do It The Right Way

Maintaining a good brand reputation is vital for B2B companies. It can influence buyers’ decision to do business with them. Consider the following statistics:

According to a study, as many as 97% of B2B customers said they view testimonials and peer recommendations as the most trustworthy type of content.

Social media marketing offers many different platforms to market and engage with the audience. But beginners might find it a little tricky. Then there is content to contend with.

B2B success is all about conveying the right message through the right medium to create a better user experience and help a business stand out.

When it comes to acquiring new customers, there is a small hitch — they don’t simply believe what business owners say about their products or services at face value. That being the case, what should B2B companies do?

Use videos, of course. A brand-building exercise involves creating and sharing high-impact video content that appeals to both existing and potential customers.

Customer Video Testimonials have quickly risen to the challenge. They have become the go-to resource for fence-sitting customers that are unable to decide one way or the other.

A business testimonial video is proving to be a big hit with potential buyers. The B2B companies are cashing in on the trend and using them to:

  • Showcase the company’s personality and culture.
  • Provide an insight into how the prospects will be treated if they become their customers.
  • Give the prospects a sense that they can trust the company and do business with it.


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Why are Customer Testimonial videos essential for B2B companies?

The best way to convince potential customers to do business with you is to show them an endorsement from a happy customer.

Get a satisfied customer to promote your product or service using a short video or audio clip. They should talk about how your product has helped them solve a business problem.

Remote video testimonials allow for authentic feedback from individuals regardless of their location. It ensures a broader representation of experiences while eliminating geographical constraints and logistical challenges. This flexibility amplifies the credibility and reach of testimonials, making them more relatable to a global audience.

Effective testimonials are a great marketing tool for B2B companies because they are:

  • More reliable than other forms of advertising to demonstrate the benefits of a product.
  • Invaluable in advertising campaigns to show prospects how your product will make their life better.

Here is an example of a customer video testimonial received by Content Beta’s client Leadfeeder from Melissa Perry, Senior Marketing Manager, Cooleaf.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

How to create B2B Customer Video Testimonial?

A video testimonial highlights a customer’s experience with your product to potential customers.

Many B2B companies are turning to videos as a way of helping customers remember their experiences. Studies show that customers are often quick to post videos on social media if their experience with a company was great.

So, what makes a great Customer Testimonial Video?

Content Beta has worked with distinction for some of the top B2B companies and gained valuable insights into what makes a great customer video testimonial, which we are going to share with you.

A customer video testimonial should help companies to:

1. Capture customer voice and personality

Customer Testimonials are not about you; it is about them.

Nor is it about your product. It is about the problems businesses are dealing with and want a solution for. Satisfied customers have already used the products and are therefore in a position to advise others.

Remember, your customers, your clients, and your prospects are the show’s heroes.

2. Connect emotionally

An important aspect of B2B customer testimonial videos is the right emotion, which will make the video more interesting and more likely to be shared by the customer.

In order to do this, make sure your story has:

  • An attractive introduction, winning middle parts, and a decisive ending.
  • A concise message the customers can easily understand.
  • A message both the company and the customers can relate to.

A customer testimonial video narrated in present tense creates a greater impact.

3. Induce FOMO

A Customer Video Testimonial should induce the fear of missing out on potential buyers by highlighting how the product could be the answer to solving their business problems.

This behavior is common on sites offering LifeTime deals (LTDs) on software products. B2B companies use it effectively to create a sense of urgency in potential customers.

4. Good production values

Good production values make for great video content. The right production values refine your story and create client video testimonials that are fun, captivating, and informative.

  • Edit the video to minimize all the clutter and distractions, making your script into an clear sequence of events
  • Use graphics and annotations to explain things.
  • Inspect audio quality, lighting, and music as they impact the quality of the video.

According to our findings, 23% of people who have had a poor-quality video experience with a brand will think twice before doing business with them and 57% won’t share the video.

5. Use a professional agency

A video production agency is a creative business that focuses on storytelling through video.
There are many advantages to hiring an agency for the remote production of your customer video testimonial:

  • They already have all the equipment required to produce videos. So, you don’t have to order, install, and maintain expensive equipment.
  • They are knowledgeable in capturing good shots, editing, distributing, and tracking video campaign performance.

Many agencies create professional videos at a lower cost than in-house video testimonial production.

Content Beta caters to B2B companies around the world. It helps them produce video content and Design Services (Creative as a Services) that increases lead-to-conversion ratio and improves product adoption.

6. Create curiosity

Your customer video testimonial script should gently lead the viewers from one stage to the next. One way to do it is to create mini suspense points throughout the video and let the interviewee answer them for the viewers.

Therefore, you might want to conduct the interview (or prepare the script/testimonial video template if it is going to be a remote customer testimonial) in a manner that allows ample scope to adopt this approach.

Hiring a good video testimonial service will help viewers get to ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Book a demo’.

7. Be innovative

A good video testimonial is concise and presents the customer in a natural and honest light.

There are a million customer video testimonials out there that follow more or less a similar approach.

Instead of conducting boring interviews, get the testimonial givers to answer the questions that potential buyers want answered in an entertaining way.

Don’t be afraid to be different if it offers a chance to grab those crucial eyeballs.


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8. Be customer-centric

A good B2B Customer Video Testimonial is one that is created from the customers’ perspective, which would make it more personal and insightful.

It should lower the risk for potential customers making a purchase decision by showing them others’ experiences with your products and services.

Moreover, requesting a customer to be a part of a video testimonial would make them feel valued. They will feel that the company holds their opinion in high regard. They will also feel a sense of responsibility to do the best job they can to help prospective buyers.

A Customer Video Testimonial should not only be authentic but also sound genuine. This is another example of customer appreciation that Content Beta received from their clients Lawcus.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

9. Be engaging

A customer video testimonial is twice as effective compared to its text-based counterparts.

However, testimonials need to feel like an authentic conversation. The content should be appealing to hold the viewers’ attention and convince them how it can solve their problems.

One way to increase engagement is to tell your viewers to watch your videos till the end for a chance to win a discount or a gift voucher in return for their time.

10. Showcase the company’s personality

A client testimonial video should show the audience how the company operates and what it is like to do business with them. It should also talk about the core business values and the people involved.

This can create a stronger bond of trust with your audience, which will help them feel more comfortable doing business with you.

According to this study, 53% of consumers who are unhappy with a brand will complain about it.

11. Feature right customers

Many customers are happy to advocate for your company and share their experiences, but not everyone feels comfortable speaking about your products and services on camera.

Make sure that the interviewee can speak on the topic convincingly, especially if they are remote video testimonials.

If you can get the top people to put in a good word, that would be like the icing on the cake.
Here is an example of such a Client testimonial for Content Beta from the founder of ScaleX.


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

12. Be short, sweet, and shareable

Website visitors may not spend a lot of time on your website if they have already done their product research and are there looking for an endorsement from satisfied customers.

Even a 60-second video may not be seen in its entirety. Hence, it is important to carefully consider the length of a Customer Video Testimonial.

If your videos are too long, viewers might lose patience. On the other hand, if it is too short, viewers might feel that the evidence presented is inconclusive for them to make a purchase decision.

People are more likely to share a video they like. The more likes and shares your video has, the more exposure you will get. A short video is easier to share too.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to keep the length of the video testimonial just under a minute.

13. Gather customer feedback

A Customer Video Testimonial should also help you to collect feedback from customers to better understand their needs and build a relationship with them.

Encourage testimonial-givers to share their honest feedback that can help you improve your product and services.

Most customers appreciate when a company reveals the limitations of their product rather than finding out for themselves unexpectedly.

Don’t forget to mention your roadmap for fixing the issues and making improvements.

14. Integrate with your marketing strategy

Do not view Customer Video Testimonials in isolation. They will be far more effective if you weave them into your company’s marketing strategy and align them with your business goals.

To do this:

  • Have a clear goal in mind.
  • Use original content.
  • Provide examples of how your product or service has helped your customers.
  • Highlight how happy your customers are with your business.

Use Customer Video Testimonials to convince customers why they should choose your business over the competition.

We know how to sell your story using your product UI

15. Build trust with search engines

Customer Video Testimonials can help with SEO. The key is to use the testimonials to build trust and credibility with your potential customers but also with search engines like Google.

Using SEO content will give the search engines a reason to put your website in the top-ranking positions for your targeted keywords.

Make sure to include your keywords in the web page title tags, meta descriptions, and body text. Use of search engine optimized videos stands a better chance of being found by search engines.

16. Highlight customer service

As your business grows, you will need more and more customer video testimonials which should highlight how your company is different from your competitors.

Bad customer experience is more common than you think with many B2B companies.

A good testimonial highlighting how clients are happy with your brand experience, your product, and the onboarding process can make you more appealing to your audience.

Sharing customer support videos or having a customer feedback and customer support team can also help differentiate you from competitors. Good customer service is long remembered and even shared with others.

17. Show value proposition

A value proposition is the value your business creates for your customers. In other words, what value does your company provide to your customers and why should they pay for it?

For example, this product explainer video created by Content Beta for Prosimo.io shows the usefulness of their product:


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

For your customers, the value proposition is the benefit they receive from buying your product or service.

A good customer testimonial video should feature satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences. This can help potential customers see how they could benefit from your business.

Value proposition is what differentiates your brand from the others.

18. Include customer success stories

You can inspire your existing and potential customers with Customer Success Stories. They demonstrate how your product and/or services helped a client achieve a specific goal, solve a problem, or remedy a situation.

Customer success stories show how your products and services have helped other businesses succeed. They are a perfect way to showcase why your product or service is ideal for your clients and how they can benefit too.

Here is an example of a Customer Success story created by Content Beta which explains how they helped Kissflow to launch a course in 8 weeks.

19. Include supporting statistics

Many people use statistics rather than spoken words or visuals to evaluate a product.

Statistics help to make an argument, so providing the context will help the viewer understand the significance of the numbers.

However, it can put off some viewers, so limit how long your statistics are displayed. Animation sequences can do a good job of displaying numbers without breaking the flow of the video.

A good title for a customer video testimonial will help attract viewers, but effectively using statistics will grab their attention even more.

20. Include a CTA

Some people say a great Customer Video Testimonial needs no real call to action. The thinking behind it is that the testimonial should be powerful enough to induce potential buyers to learn more about a product.

This means you will need to be committed enough to invest your time and resources so that your video is high quality and engaging.

We recommend that you include a CTA to trigger immediate action. Because if you don’t, you are leaving too much to chance. It might even annoy potential buyers that you have not bothered to spell out the next step they should be following.

If you are looking for expert advice on the subject, we say, Carpe Diem!

What type of Customer Video Testimonial works better—Live or recorded?

A video testimonial helps to showcase your services and products while also demonstrating your commitment to customer service.

It helps create a more personal connection with the viewer because prospective buyers feel like they are talking to a real customer who is not just reading off a script while talking about their experiences with a company.

So, among the types of video testimonials, which one works better? There are pros and cons to both approaches.

1. Recorded customer video testimonials

Video Testimonials are created in a controlled environment which means that there is less chance of the person being distracted or interrupted during the process.

That being said, if you have a strong brand, some people might prefer to watch a recorded video of your interview because they find it more trustwrthy.

If that is the case, make sure you have an interesting and compelling story.

2. Live customer video testimonials

They tend to be more engaging than recorded ones as they are more believable as the person is not being coached on what to say and they cannot be swayed by other opinions.

Here is an example from Compstak:


Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.


Before we wrap up, let us recap why companies are increasingly investing in creating customer testimonial videos for their B2B products.

A customer testimonial video is an excellent way to engage with your audience, increase website traffic and create the perfect brand experience.

From the customer’s perspective, they will be able to hear your company’s message, and it is an opportunity for them to feel connected with the company.

Great B2B testimonial videos are:

  • Clear, concise, and compelling.
  • Well-edited, professional, and authentic.
  • Inspiring, empowering, and impactful.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

B2B companies should create customer video testimonials because they:

  • Build trust by showcasing real, satisfied customers.
  • Provide social proof for potential clients.
  • Improves brand credibility and reputation.
  • Support marketing efforts and increase sales.

An ideal B2B Customer Video Testimonial should:

  • Feature a satisfied customer telling a genuine, relatable story.
  • Clearly highlight the problem they faced and how your product/service solved it.
  • Show the measurable results or benefits they achieved.
  • Be professionally produced to ensure high quality.
  • Be concise and engaging to hold viewers’ interest.

To avoid making bad customer video testimonials, B2B companies should:

  • Choose the right customer to talk about their experience.
  • Clearly define the problem and solution narrative.
  • Avoid scripting the testimonials; let them be authentic.
  • Ensure high video production quality.
  • Keep it brief and engaging.
  • Measure and assess viewer response; learn from feedback for future testimonials.

To measure the success of B2B Customer Video Testimonials:

  • Track view count and viewer retention rates.
  • Monitor the number of leads or conversions generated from the testimonial.
  • Collect feedback through comments or direct audience surveys.
  • Evaluate increase in website traffic or product inquiries after testimonial release.

When creating Customer Video Testimonials, B2B companies should:

  • Have a clear idea of what their audience wants.
  • Make sure that they have the necessary equipment to create the video. If not properly equipped, use a video testimonial tool or service that can do it for them.
  • Put the video to good use in their marketing campaigns.

A B2B video testimonial can feature one customer for a focused, in-depth story, or multiple customers to show a range of satisfied users.

The choice depends on the message and goal of the testimonial.

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