7 Aspects of Animated Product Demo Videos That B2B SaaS Audiences Respond Most To

7 Aspects of Animated Product Demo Videos That B2B SaaS Audiences Respond Most To

To succeed in B2B SaaS marketing, entrepreneurs often use Animated Product Demo Videos. A demo video should contain appealing visuals, music, crisp animations, and content to keep viewers captivated. The most desirable aspects of the product or service need to be presented in an engaging, concise, and effective manner.

A study by Smart Insights found that according to 88% of marketers, video marketing provides them with positive ROI.

There are many ways to create animated product demo videos. In this article, we investigate the top methods to produce amazing and captivating demo videos. These methods will allow businesses to achieve maximum audience involvement, drive conversions, and elevate brand recognition.

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What are Animated Product Demo Videos?

Animated product demo videos showcase a product or service creatively and engagingly. These videos often combine animation, motion graphics, storyboarding, and typography to explain a product’s or service’s features or unique benefits. Often, they attract potential customers, explain the product concisely, and stimulate interest and action.


The returns only grow with a compelling product demo video. Let’s look at how B2B SaaS Animated Product Demo Videos keep the viewer engaged.

7 Aspects of Animated Product Demo Videos That B2B SaaS Audiences Respond Most To

B2B SaaS businesses should strive to make their Animated Product Demo Videos more than just the basics. They should first focus on writing a solid script and then crafting a creative, informative, and entertaining video. This will not only help capture the attention but also leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Here are a few things you can do to make your Animated Product Demo Videos more engaging.

1. A video with a simple message

A clear, simple message is key to any successful product demo video. Engage viewers by providing an overview of the product and its features, then quickly stating its benefits and how it can add value for the customer. Be sure to focus on one central point or feature and not give too much information at once.

A study conducted by Content Beta found that the average length of a Product demo video was 2 minutes and 31 seconds. Aim to keep your video in that ballpark, and be sure to include a call-to-action prompting viewers to take the following steps they need to learn more or make a purchase.


2. A fun video with personality and humor

Adding a bit of humor and injecting personality into your product demo videos can make them much more memorable and engaging for customers. The video can use animations and visuals to tell a story that speaks to the customer’s problem and how they can solve it. Think of ways you can use a lighthearted approach to showcase your unique product features.

Make it memorable; use vivid colors and quirky characters that viewers can relate to and enjoy. A fun voiceover can add some personality to the video, engaging and piquing the audience’s attention.


3. Sound and music that appeals to their emotions

Music can help bring the visuals to life and elevate the viewers’ emotional state. One way to make an audience connect with your story is to use sound and music. Choose the right sound effects and music to evoke a feeling that reinforces your message and appeals to your target audience. It should be appropriate to the story, highlight key moments, and capture the viewer’s imagination.


4. Showing how your product can solve their problem

An animated product demo video should begin by demonstrating the problem your product is intended to solve. Focusing on the customer’s current setup’s pain points and how your product is the perfect solution to their problem can quickly attract interest. By clearly showing the value proposition, you can further visualize the benefits of using your product to the prospect.


5. A professional video with high-quality images and animation

Animated product demo videos with low-quality UI captures, laggy animations or an amateur voiceover artist can be unattractive to the viewer. This can result in them being disinterested or simply clicking off the video. Professional animated product demo videos, usually produced by an agency, combine HD UI images, smooth animations, and a professional voiceover artist to have the viewer’s interest from the first minute.


6. A video that mentions end-user benefits

The video can instead draw attention to the end-user benefits as an alternative to highlighting product features. This not only helps boost engagement but also encourages the viewer to find out more about the product. By providing clear evidence and use cases of the product’s value, the video can further help build trust with the B2B SaaS company.

Content Beta’s Analysis of training videos of the top 100 trending SaaS showed that only about 58.4% of the videos showed user benefits, while 41% chose not to. For a video that could receive potentially millions of views, that could be a lot of leads lost due to lack of the viewer not clearly understanding how your solution can solve their problem.

7. An effective call to action at the end of the video

A clear and concise call-to-action at the end of a B2B product demo video can encourage the audience to take action and convert into leads. A compelling CTA can boost sales and increase product engagement while motivating the audience to learn more.

A good CTA should be action-oriented and direct. Some examples are “Sign up now” or “Buy now”. The CTA can also contain added incentives and benefits such as “Sign up now and get three months on us” or “Click here for exclusive access”.


How do Animated Product Demo Videos engage viewers?

Businesses can use animated product demo videos to captivate their target audiences with animations, visuals, and sound. Businesses can increase engagement with viewers by emphasizing the product’s key features and making their information more eye-catching.

Let’s look at some ways a video can engage the viewers.

1. Use of color and animation to capture the attention

The B2B SaaS Product Demo Video can use colors and animation to draw in viewers and communicate a message effectively. Using the right colors can highlight and contrast certain design elements. The video can showcase a product or service’s features more effectively with animations, which add motion and energy to the design.

Combining color and animation creates a dynamic, engaging experience that stands out and directs the users’ attention to the highlighted feature.


2. Creating a narrative with visuals and voiceover

Businesses can demonstrate the value of their software solutions through animated product demo videos. To build a persuasive narrative, visuals, such as screenshots of the product, should be combined with a powerful and concise voiceover. The visuals should show the product, and the voiceover should clearly explain its features, benefits, and value.

The visuals should be appropriate for the target audience, while the voiceover should be engaging, warm, and inviting.

A study conducted by Content Beta of over 100 SaaS companies’ showed that about 47% of companies preferred a female voiceover, whereas 40% went with a male voiceover.

3. Utilizing music to enhance the storytelling experience

Integrating the right music into animated product demo videos can make the whole experience more enjoyable for viewers. Upbeat and catchy songs can keep viewers engaged, while a softer, more melodic score helps tie the narrative together.

Content Beta’s analysis of 100+ SaaS companies’ B2B product demo videos showed that only 13.8% of videos had a storytelling component to them, while the remaining 86.2% did not.

Best animated demo video examples from B2B SaaS companies

Here are some of our hand-picked examples of Animated B2B Product Demo Videos that stand out, and what we liked most about them.

1. SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker

In SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker’s animated B2B product demo video, the message is conveyed through smooth animation and a soft voiceover, over some light instrumental music.


2. Airtable

Airtable’s 1 minute 30 second animated B2B product demo video is short and concise. They have opted for plucky upbeat instrumental music mixed with some professional animation to walk the viewer through the video.


3. Fronter

Fronter’s product demo video is a little over 1-minute long. A friendly voiceover, mellow optimistic music, and simple language make the video easy to understand.



In recent years, animated product demo videos have become increasingly popular in engaging B2B SaaS audiences. These aspects range from the use of visuals and music to the length and structure of the video. Businesses can consider these key elements and create informative and engaging videos, generating leads and sales.

With the right combination of visuals, music, and storytelling, companies can create high-quality animated product demo videos that captivate their audience and encourage increased customer engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Animated Product Demo Videos are a type of video that showcases the features and benefits of a product or service. It is typically created using animation software and is used to demonstrate how the product works, what it can do, and how to use it in an easy, digestible manner.

Animated Product Demo Videos can quickly demonstrate a product or service to potential customers. It can also help to differentiate a product or service from the competition, as well as help to create a memorable and engaging experience for potential customers.

Animated product demo videos should include a clear explanation of the product or service, visuals that demonstrate how the product or service works, and any additional features or benefits.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

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