Analysis of Product Training videos of 

Top 100 Trending SAAS 

Product training videos or How-to videos are incredibly popular these days. Just rethink how you came across this post as an example! We broke down and analyzed Product training videos of Top 100 trending SAAS and came up with some very interesting statistics that when applied can help you optimize your videos, increase customer engagement and improve product adoption exponentially. Thus, increasing customer satisfaction and retention over time.


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TL;DR : Real really matters
TL;DR : If you don’t show it, they won’t know it.
TL;DR : What you see is remembered for a long time.


Voiceover (Male/Female)

When it comes to a Product training video, it really doesn’t matter whether the voiceover is Male or Female voice. We realized an equal distribution of both. Choose according to the product and requirements.

Voiceover (Real/Synthetic)

More than 65% brands preferred human or AI-based human-like voiceover over Synthetic. It makes the video more engaging and takes the attention of the user.

Show Benefits

Our analysis showed that there is more to product training videos than just simple how-to videos.

Customers may sometimes start showing no or little interest in your products. So how can you address this issue and sustain the engagement ?

By telling them how your product can be useful for them.

More than 50% of top SAAS missed out showing benefits to the end customers.

Imagine the number of leads lost because of this.

Live action

More than 55% product training videos did not include actors performing real life actions to solve a use case or problem. Even if you don’t include live action that’s completely ok.

Background Music

Close to 50% of the videos were not even professionally produced and included no background music.

Most SAAS included Light instrumental music followed by Electronic music, Dramatic music and Xylophone sound.

What should you do?

Adding background music in the videos enhances the video effect and increases user retention and one must include it.

Choose the type of background music depending on the type of video and if you can’t decide on any, go for light Instrumental music. It gives a good vibe to listen and observe carefully along and helps in user retention till the video ends.

Video length

As per the analysis, the ideal length of a good product training video should range between three to four minutes.

Ideal video length: 3 to 4 minutes

Key takeaways:

  • Product training videos must be quick to learn, easy and simple to understand.
  • Nobody likes to watch lengthy and boring videos.

Call-to-action (CTA)

More than 50% videos included a Call-to-action (CTA). Never miss out on this.
More than 50% videos included a Call-to-action (CTA). Never miss out on this.

CTA leads to?

We also tried to figure out how these Call-to-actions navigated the user to the website:

  • A free download/free trial link – This type of CTA is most used by brands in the SAAS space. The good thing is, it is targeted towards the prospects also.
  • Customer Support page/help center
  • Academy
  • Guide
More than 50% videos included a Call-to-action (CTA). Never miss out on this.
More than 50% videos included a Call-to-action (CTA). Never miss out on this.

Opportunity being missed:

Nearly 50% of top SAAS brands missed on adding CTAs in their product training videos.

On Screen Text

It is very important to add text to your product training videos.

  • Even when the sound is off, On screen text helps the audience to follow the message and makes the task easy.
  • Sometimes text conveys the message better than an Image and helps in long-term remembrance.
  • Makes the video more engaging, understandable and clear.

More than 60% brands missed on adding On Screen text to the videos. If you haven’t included one, include it now.


Product training videos are majorly created using screencasts with a good voice over, background music and CTA.

Nearly 80% of top SAAS brands did not include Animation.

Key takeaway:

Product training videos do not require Animation. So you can save a lot of cost on this.


In simple terms, Product training videos do not require Storytelling as such.

If you are spending a lot of time framing the story for your next how-to video, do not do it.


  • Prefer Real/human voiceover or human-like AI voiceover over Synthetic.
  • Along with the Product walkthrough, you must show Product benefits to the users.
  • Product training videos do not require storytelling as such.
  • Product training videos usually don’t require live action.
  • It is unnecessary to include Animation in training videos.
  • It is best to include light/soft background music in the product training videos.
  • On Screen text – If you haven’t included one yet, you must include it now.
  • Never miss out on CTA. It is best to include a free download/free trial link at the end of product training videos.
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