A Guide to Testimonial Videos

Learn how your SaaS can benefit from customer testimonial videos.

How Much Does A Testimonial Video Cost

Testimonial videos are the most powerful tools in the content marketing strategy of any SaaS company today. These videos help in humanizing the brand, establishing its value, increasing credibility, and invoking faith in potential clients.

A survey by BigCommerce showed that the regular use of testimonials can help you generate 62% more revenue from every customer, not just once, but every time they visit your site.

Testimonial videos are easily shareable on social media and help in building brand awareness. They play a huge part in helping any B2B company narrate its story and attracting the right kind of leads and referrals for the future.

According to Social Fresh, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.

Source: blog.hubspot.com

What is a SaaS Testimonial Video?

A testimonial video is essentially a video forced on a customer as he talks about the company’s product or service that helped him solve a problem successfully. Testimonial videos vouch for the SaaS company and the product.

Clients being interviewed, and sharing their experience helps build trust like nothing else does. It humanizes the brand and gives a peek into the actual solutions the SaaS provides.

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A survey by Animoto showed that 56% of people find customer testimonials helpful. Case study videos give your leads the confidence to make the next move because it’s easier for them to relate to an example that talks about solving a problem they are interested in.

These videos also showcase your work, therefore proving to be a welcome mat to the new leads and a warm corner for the old customers.

  • An average testimonial video can cost from $800 to $12,000, depending on the length, shooting style, timeline, location, and video agency chosen by the SaaS company.

  • Generally, two types of business testimonial videos are made- Professional Testimonial videos and User-Generated Testimonial videos.

Professional Testimonial Video for your SaaS

1. On-Site

An on-site customer testimonial video is the most expensive type of video that any SaaS company can go for since in this case, the company sends an entire team to the location of the customer to procure the testimonial.

These videos generally can cost between $4,000 – $15,000. This path is typically taken by companies who are looking at creating one effective video and want to go all-out in creating the best possible video, or a multi-million dollar company that can afford to make many videos like this.

The whole process can take from 8 to 10 weeks. In an on-site video testimonial service, a professional videography crew is paid to organize, travel, script, record and edit the video.

The cost of expensive editing software and recording equipment is also provided by the company, apart from any additional travel charges that might be associated with the creation of the video depending on the location of the customer.

Overall this is a big investment and the final result takes a much longer time to get Implemented in a marketing strategy.

Here is an example of an On-site Professional Testimonial Video made by the agency Demo Duck.



  1. The quality of the final video is extremely superior.
  2. No effort is required on the company’s end.


  1. It is a time-consuming process.
  2. It is very expensive.

2. Remote

Remote video testimonials are a comparatively cheaper option for a professional testimonial video and can be made in a much easier and quicker manner using online platforms and apps.

These kinds of videos essentially cost around $800-$3000 and can require about 4 to 6 weeks to make. An agency organizes the entire setup from hiring a professional for the production to finally editing the video.

An interview is scheduled with the customer through an online platform like Google Meet or Zoom.

Customers generally record themselves while the professional team interviews them through a separate device. This ensures a high-quality video is recorded. There are no travel costs involved.

Some agencies send recording equipment to the location if the customer and the company are situated far from each other. The raw footage is then edited to create the final video, which is generally about 2 minutes long.

Here is an example of a Remote Professional Testimonial Video made by the agency Content Beta:


Content Beta’s Immaculate Process for Remote Testimonial video:

Remote Video Testimonial CB

Step 1: The guest picks up a 45-minute time slot and shares a shipping address.

Step 2: Content Beta finalizes the Q&A questions and ships recording equipment in 3-5 business days and allocates a producer.

Step 3: The producer helps the guest set up the infrastructure (15 min) and shoots the video in Q&A format (30 min). The videos are uploaded automatically to the cloud after the shoot ends.

Step 4: First cut in a week and on the confirmation, final cut in another week.


  1. The on-site coordination is almost zero.
  2. This process is less expensive.


  1. The process will take more than a month to complete.
  2. Only one video can be created at a time.

Top 5 Agencies for your Professional SaaS Testimonial Video:

Company Founded Base Biggest Clients Average Price
Content Beta 2020 Remote Chirotouch, ManyChat, Dynamic Yield, Pipe, Service Now $850
Remote Video Testimonials - United States Mainstream, Digitech, Bear Robotics, Open Moves $800 - $1200
Wyzowl 2011 United Kingdom Amazon, Dell, Deloitte, Kodak, Autodesk $3000+ (Pricing by enquiry)
Demo Duck 2011 Chicago Dropbox, Netflix, GoFundMe $12,000+ (Pricing by enquiry)
Webdew 2016 United Kingdom, Canada, India and United States Uber, Microsoft, Hubspot $10,000 - $15,000

User-Generated Testimonial Video for your SaaS

User-generated testimonial videos are created using apps and platforms, instead of hiring professionals to record on-site or undergoing remote video production. The footage procured is more authentic and natural-looking.

The platforms generally provide a monthly plan which is very affordable for any company. There is usually no requirement for downloading any software or service.

Most platforms provide a link using which testimonial videos can be recorded by a customer and easily stored on the platform, which can later be edited by the company. The time required to make these videos is usually around 1 to 2 weeks.

Common subscription plans are $20-$400/month. The video can be scheduled around the availability of the customer, which increases their comfort level with the process. The only back draw is that the end video does not look professional and can reflect poorly on a brand.

Here is an example of a User-Generated Testimonial Video made by the platform Boast.



  1. More customers agree to the testimonial as it does not require them to get out of their comfort zone.
  2. The footage is raw and therefore looks unscripted and authentic.
  3. This process is very affordable.
  4. The platform generally provides tools to manage and share the testimonial video on social media, websites, landing pages, etc.
  5. Multiple videos can be created at a low cost.


  1. The final look of the video is less professional and more like raw footage.
  2. An additional software needs to be used sometimes to add b-roll, motion graphics, or animation to the video.

Top 5 Platforms for your User-Generated SaaS Testimonial Video:

Platform Biggest Clients Average Price Biggest USPs
VideoPeel United Nations, Alcon, Homie $69- $399 Per Month (Free trial available) - No App Download Required
- No Login Required
- Across All Devices
- Click To Record
Testimonial.to Yotta, Mixpanel, Chime, Yoast Start with 2 free videos, $50- $300 Per Month - No coding skill required
- Start in under 2 minutes
Vouch Canva, Airwallex, Atlassian, Mentorloop Basic- Free,
Pro- $79
- Asynchronous video
- Made for the web
- Zero production costs
Boast Hubspot, Blink, The North Face $25-$208 per month (14-day Free Trial) - Create embed widgets
- Leverage Zapier integration
- Great customer support team
Trust FormulaDesk, Xtreme Success Academy $16-$83 per month (14-day Free Trial) - Ratings widget
- Free installation by Tech support team
- Rich Snippet feature helps with Google Search
- No credit card required for free trial
- Great customer support team

5 Advantages of creating a SaaS Testimonial Video:

1. Attracting referrals

Testimonial videos are the ultimate proof of deliverance by any SaaS company. They help in establishing that the product actually works and solves the problem, which helps in spreading word-of-mouth and getting new referrals for trials.

2. Establish authority and trust

These videos give an insight into the performance of the product. The recital by customers provides a human touch and helps in building trust and credibility for a SaaS company. With the right kind of stories, these videos can launch a brand into a position of authority.

3. Shareability on social media

According to a study by Hubspot, more than 78% of people watch videos online and 75% of business executives watch work-related videos. Social media is a powerful tool and easy shareability can make the SaaS company’s video snowball into viral content and scale faster.

4. Powerful in email marketing

Studies have shown that attaching videos to email increases its click-through rate. When these videos are case studies and testimonials, they immediately instill faith in the reader, leading him to go through the entire email or newsletter, thereby increasing chances of conversion and reducing chances of unsubscribing.

5. Control over the narrative

Client video testimonials allow the SaaS company to have a voice and narrate its own story in a direction that positively benefits the company. These videos also tend to be helpful in addressing common questions and doubts, and for balancing out negative reviews quickly.


Shooting testimonial videos used to be a time-consuming and expensive task earlier. With the sudden burst in consumption, various new methods have sprung up in the market today to help SaaS companies in creating professional-looking testimonial videos. A survey by Deloitte showed that reputation makes up over 25% of a brand’s market value.

B2B companies need to invest in testimonial videos if they want to stand up to their competition. According to Vendasta, 92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase. So it is imperative for every company to take out the time and effort to get client testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The length of 60 to 90 seconds is considered optimum for a testimonial video. The main goal of the video is to get the satisfied client to talk about the key benefits of the SaaS product and to end with a persuasive CTA.

Customers tend to trust the personal opinion of a fellow client more than the company’s advertisement of its own product. Positive testimonial videos therefore add more weight to the benefits of the SaaS.

Video testimonials work effectively in showcasing the power of your product to a lead that is used to convert. Most marketers use testimonials to establish faith in their product and to get a potential customer to consider signing up or taking a demo.

Users today don’t have the attention span to sit and read long, detailed reviews of a product. A video is a more engaging medium to narrate an unscripted story that resonates on human level with the potential customer. It adds a face to your SaaS and helps in building all community around it.

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