A Guide to Announcing New Features of your B2B SaaS effectively through Content Marketing

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Building a product is one thing; getting it into your customers’ hands is quite another. Product announcements, mainly those made before launch, can increase desire while bridging the gap between you and your target market. Products are never static, and features evolve regardless of whether your business is a startup or an experienced B2B SaaS provider. It can seem natural to advertise new features on your company blog. However, doing so frequently has the opposite effect.

SaaS content marketing is a powerful tool for announcing new product features that lead to your company’s revenue. Any SaaS product release strategy must include launch announcements since they assist generate interest by preparing the market for your debut.

The rationale is that it makes it possible to build trust via knowledgeable content. After learning more about a good or service, consumers are more inclined to purchase. You can carry out that action with the help of content marketing.

Buyers are relying on information more heavily to educate themselves and want and expect more excellent content experiences, according to Demand Gen Report’s 2020 Content Preferences Study. Since 67% of respondents claim to rely more on content than ever, B2B SaaS companies must recognize this strategy.

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Why is B2B SaaS Feature Announcement Important?

1. Educates Your Audience and Raises Awareness

The users, future users, and other audiences must be aware of and educated about the new features. People often place their trust in standard features. If not, it won’t promote the unique quality and your product.


2. Reduce Churn and Increase User Engagement

As the new feature announcement demonstrates that your product is improved and that the development team is making a concerted effort to keep customers happy, a well-planned feature announcement can help you decrease churn and enhance user engagement.


3. Boost Adoption

You can gauge the interest of your target market by introducing a feature before it is made public. If the response to your product announcement could be more precise, it may indicate that your customers don’t care about or don’t want the improvements you have in store for them.

You may utilize that knowledge to steer clear of pointless initiatives and concentrate on upgrades that engage users and bring in money.


Who will be the Target Audience for Announcing New B2B SaaS Features?

1. Existing Users

It can be challenging to get devoted users to use new features. It would be beneficial if you explained how the components operate, the features used, and how they fit into their current workflow.

Getting people to know about new items and services can take time and effort. You could email someone describing your new product feature.

2. Potential Customers and Lapsed Users

You can identify your target customers by responding to three precise questions. What channel is best for whom, who needs this new feature, and what elements can help them? You can use new user features via blog postings, forums, emails, social media, and other platforms.


What are the Content Marketing Channels to use for the new B2B SaaS Feature Announcement?

You should use a multichannel approach for the new B2B SaaS feature announcement:

1. In-product Announcements

The distinct user segments should each have a different in-product announcement. You should pay close attention to their behaviour while using the product and adjust announcement triggers accordingly.

2. Email Announcements

You should send an email announcement for each new feature introduction. Try running several email campaigns based on the segmented audiences, showcasing the particular use cases for each client segment rather than sending out a mass email to all users.

According to Forbes, 64% of consumers say watching a video increases their likelihood of making a buy.

A product introduction video in the email typically teases an upcoming product and provides a sneak preview of how it will assist potential buyers in solving a problem. These B2B product marketing videos generate excitement and intrigue about the impending solution and are crucial for commencing with the excellent market in mind.

3. Blogs

Blogs are great for answering top-of-funnel questions and getting prospective customers interested in studying if your new SaaS feature is the correct one for them. You can add B2B video marketing blogs, as they can effectively turn leads into clients. Product marketing videos are the icing on the cake that offer clarity, familiarity, and reassurance to B2B buyers, given the number of perspectives that go into a purchasing decision.

In other words, consider B2B product marketing video as an adjunct to your current content marketing plan, including social media and SEO. Google’s algorithms value websites with a variety of material, so having high-quality images, text, and video on your site can boost your search rankings.

4. Social Media

Various social media posts, including infographics, info reels, video posts, and attention-grabbing images, can assist B2B firms in attracting new clients, engaging warm leads, and keeping existing subscribers happy.

One of the finest methods to promote your business online and differentiate yourself from the competition is through social media graphics. These SaaS growth marketing tools assist you in producing excellent, shareable content that might draw the attention of potential fans and clients.

5. Remarketing through PPC Ads

Remarketing is a great technique to advertise goods to customers who are already familiar with you. Remarketing on social media is done on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The purpose is to show advertisements to users who have been to your website while on other social media platforms and websites.


What Techniques to Use to Create Amazing B2B SaaS Feature Announcements?

Understanding the most effective strategies to contact and attract clients is necessary for creating a successful SaaS content marketing strategy.

You will need a killer strategy for your product announcement to reach the audience. Some of the most common techniques to use to create unique B2B SaaS feature announcements are as follows:

1. Establish a Goal

Establish a precise objective that you can mention in your announcement. The goal is crucial for assessing your success with the pertinent feature. Customers are more inclined to trust you and your new product feature if you are honest with them.

You can achieve team alignment by defining a goal. It ensures that you make decisions with a clear focus and establishes a benchmark to gauge the success of your new product feature launch.


2. Focus on Customers' Pain Points

Find an existing piece of content you’ve published about a pain point in your archive, and utilize that to promote your feature. To find the problems that your product solves, conduct user interviews. The creation process is similar to blogging about the release of a new product feature. But instead of focusing on a new part, you should concentrate on the user’s issue and how you resolve it.


3. Choose a Target Audience

Your audience can be split into two groups.

a. Customers

It is always simpler to satisfy returning consumers because they are already familiar with your product and want more. However, although they can all be found together under one roof, their product usage differs.

You can select your target audience of consumers to introduce new features by analyzing their actions, requirements, and feedback. Or market segmentation could aid in defining your target audience.

b. Visitors

New feature announcements are frequently best communicated to current users. While it is true that your previous customers will profit from the new function, new site users may give it little thought as everything is brand-new to them. Contacting them will promote the use of your goods in the future.

4. Crisp Information about the New Features

The 15-second countdown starts as soon as you have your user’s attention on the product announcement. Most users will ignore the information about the new feature if you squander this time explaining something evident to them. Make sure to include a brief opening that piques the user’s curiosity and encourages them to read further. Be straightforward and direct.

5. Mention the New Features and Advantages

Even if you are a technical founder or marketing manager, you can make the mistake of focusing on features rather than advantages. If customers are aware of the benefits of the new feature, they will be interested in it. Customers won’t care how much time or effort you put into developing new features. They are concerned about how it will help them accomplish their jobs more effectively.


6. Create a Standout - SaaS Product Marketing With Visuals

A Standout SaaS product marketing can show exceptional value, inform consumers about the newest feature, foster a greater appreciation for your product, and boost product adoption. People may leave if they need more sources to comprehend the function altogether.

The video below has attractive visuals and presents a new zoom app. This brand-new in-product integration type enables audiences to bring their preferred apps directly into Zoom Meetings.


7. Use an In-app Environment.

Every firm that prioritizes its products recognizes the power of consumer reviews—request comments from your users regarding the new product announcement. Effectively solicit user opinions.


8. Feedback

Even if you are a technical founder or marketing manager, you can make the mistake of focusing on features rather than advantages. If customers are aware of the benefits of the new feature, they will be interested in it. Customers won’t care how much time or effort you put into developing new features. They are concerned about how it will help them accomplish their jobs more effectively.


What are the Examples of B2B SaaS Feature Announcements?

1. Email Marketing with Videos

A company’s ability to capture the full attention of email recipients makes an email list more valuable than even social media outlets. Your B2B product marketing video investments will yield tremendous returns in email marketing. Hubspot & Mailchimp are two of the top email marketing tools.


2. Social Media

The greatest bet for your SaaS is to post announcements on social media networks. Channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others aid in the extensive growth of the brand by putting the SaaS in front of potential clients, fostering brand recognition, and driving sales.

3. Walkthrough Videos

A quick new feature announcement walkthrough can be highly beneficial. You can demonstrate the latest product features using hotspots and pop-ups. An excellent walkthrough aids people in determining how a new product can satisfy their demands (while showing why you’re the best option).

Successful product marketing video walkthroughs incorporate UI features, including pop-ups, interactive tours, and explainer films, to allow consumers to learn while using a product.



New product feature announcements may seem complicated, but with the appropriate tools, they’re simple.

To sum up,

  • Add B2B SaaS feature to a knowledge base: The issue is that most help desks need to be located on a company website, making it impossible for them to monitor their visitors’ behavior.
  • Make a separate blog for investor and product updates: The problem is that most businesses need to make a subdomain for these blogs, which causes their postings to siphon off authority from their primary domain’s search engine rankings.
  • Emails with Videos: Companies frequently send bulk emails to their whole client list rather than targeting specific groups of people.

A B2B SaaS content marketing strategy must use organic and paid media to increase brand exposure, encourage new conversions, and keep current software users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Similar to other marketing strategies, a SaaS marketing strategy consists of a plan of action to advertise your new product feature to your target market across the customer experience. It explains target clients, how to reach them, the kinds of campaigns to run, and sets your offering.

A New Product Feature Launch Strategy is essential to focus on the value of the customer when creating the ideal business plan. So, launch your SaaS using the proper pricing models and intelligent and efficient launch strategies and set up your market to attract early buyers.

Following are the ways to develop your B2B video marketing strategy for SaaS Announcements:

Identify your target market. Select your content creation platforms. Actively enhance business goals. Limit the success metrics you use. Make a list of strategies that will affect crucial metrics, such as B2B video marketing. Establish measurement and analysis windows and share content to expand your brand.

You can announce new product features in B2B SaaS by adding the new feature to a knowledge base and creating a separate blog and email with videos.

You must follow these steps to create effective SaaS product marketing content – determine your target audience, address their pain points, perform a keyword analysis, produce and distribute content, and monitor and optimize performance.

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