7 Ways to Use B2B Testimonials to Generate Leads & Sales

Top 5 examples of how your SaaS can benefit from customer testimonial videos

7 Ways to Use B2B Testimonials to Generate Leads and Sales

In this article, we discuss how B2B testimonials can be utilized to boost sales and generate leads.

The primary objective of starting a business is to achieve profits and growth. It is possible for us to achieve these two factors when we have a steady flow of customers and a good handle on sales.

  • In the first part of the article, we will learn how can we generate leads and increase sales via B2B Testimonial videos.
  • In the other half, we will discuss how a B2B testimonial video can be perfected.

Before we walk through the different ways of generating leads and sales via testimonial videos, let us understand –

Lead generation versus sales - what's the difference?

Undoubtedly, Lead generation and Sales are two very important factors that help in the existence of the business. But they are very different in nature. Here is the blog you need to read for a better understanding:

Lead Generation Sales
Lead Generation is mainly led by the marketing department. Sales is the major objective of the sales team.
The lead generation process consists of people who have expressed an interest in a product or service. Potential customers are considered in sales.
Lead Generation is a process of what attracts the client. Sales is the process of finding customers.
Automation is the key to Lead Generation. Manual efforts are required for sales.

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7 Ways that can help you Grow Leads and Sales via Testimonial Videos

The purpose of testimonials is to forge trust and interest among potential customers. This in turn helps sales teams convert those potential customers into leads.

Ideally, a testimonial should include a detailed description of your buyer’s journey to find a solution to their problem via your products and services that gradually helped them to accomplish after doing business with you.

Grow Leads and Sales via Testimonial Videos

1. Highlighting 100% customer success stories in testimonials

B2B Testimonials are excellent prospects for portraying that your business understands the needs of customers. So highlighting customer success through testimonials is the best way to highlight – how your company helped customers to succeed and achieve their goals.

People will directly connect if they feel a similar problem and your company might help them in some ways. Visualizing 100% customer success can be easy but to attain 100% response, you must target specific audiences via testimonial videos.

A testimonial should engage the audience in such a way that they not only believe in your service but also recommend it to others. This will help you to appeal to a larger audience that has similar interests.

Points that a customer success story should include –

  • Identification of the perfect customer.
  • A detailed overview of the situation
  • What is the challenge throughout?
  • The solution that you offer
  • The results that your product/service provides.

2. Publicizing testimonials in a reliable and authentic manner

According to a study by Vendasta, 92% of consumers go through the testimonial before making a purchase. So, the authenticity of the testimonial has to be on priority. Also, people tend to believe more in people than they do in brands. And people are getting smarter as well, so they spot fake endorsements accordingly.

Your testimonial might not have the impact they are capable of if it doesn’t sound genuine. When it comes to client beliefs, testimonials need to be verified. A way to generate leads is to make testimonials credible.

Authentic and reliable testimonials can prove to be a significant factor in marketing that gradually improves sales. To increase the credibility of your testimonial looks up to these points –

  • Use a detailed case study in your testimonial video.
  • Try to include those brands or consumers that are already popular.
  • Show appreciation of your product/service.
  • Try to build a relationship via testimonials with your consumers.

3. Utilize social media for most outreach by posting testimonial videos

Nowadays, social media has become a gigantic area of networking and an incredibly powerful avenue for promoting your brand. Even common people are capable of doing endorsements and branding products/services they like.

Posting testimonials on a social media platform is highly recommended. It will gain viewers that gradually help you to find leads and increase sales. If the product is genuinely helpful then it will receive acceptance on the social media platforms.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook highly promote products and services. Even LinkedIn will really help if you are coming up with a new product with a good idea to help people. Over 80% of lead generation comes through social media from LinkedIn.

Whenever you upload testimonials to social media, make sure the video quality is at its best. Your brand will appear more credible if the quality is good. Also, try to add some descriptions and details that describe your product and the testimonial at its best.

4. Feature testimonials to the B2B website’s main landing page

Featuring testimonials on your website are very important as it increases the credibility of the testimonial. The main landing page of your website creates the majority of your client’s impression of your product/service since consumers often visit the websites of the brands they admire.

A potential customer would probably find your testimonials to be trustworthy and might try your product after watching the testimonial. This will gradually increase sales in long run.

A B2B website featuring testimonials keeps your audience engaged. These engagements will increase the time of visitors to your website. The ranking of your website will gradually improve as a result.

SaaS Client Testimonial videos

5. Make testimonials as specific as possible

Try to make testimonials more specific which makes them more reliable. Superficial testimonials that are full of fluff or vague are not considered by the audience. Instead, try to make them more tangible and include more descriptive information about the benefits of your product or service.

When a consumer sees the positive impact of your product or service, they will recommend it to others, and it will gradually increase sales.


6. Promote brand awareness via testimonial video

Ideally, a testimonial video for a product or service will highlight all the details about the product or service you are offering to potential customers. Promote your brand throughout your video duration.

Testimonials can help your businesses to reach new audiences and will attract new viewers to your website as well as your social media posts.

Remote testimonial videos specifically help in building trust among consumers and make brands noticeable in the market.

If you have consumers like influencers or celebrities then try to create testimonials from their end. It will gradually grow the reach of your product and service.

An effective marketing technique is to feature a brand and happy customers.


7. Streamline the testimonial video creation process

Streamlining the entire process of video creation gives the customer an impactful performance that is easy to understand and use. Creating a testimonial is beneficial for us, so making the customers comfortable is what we should look for.

Like, providing a remote testimonial video kit is an option where customers can record and share the testimonial from their place only. This gives an impact of comfort from our end to our customers.


A Remote Testimonial Provider: Content Beta

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How to Optimize a B2B SaaS testimonial video?

How to Optimize a B2B SaaS testimonial video

A B2B SaaS Testimonial can be optimized when they are direct and to the point. Throughout the testimonial, the phrases and words must be carefully chosen. Sentences must be delivered simply so that customers can relate.

The optimization of a B2B SaaS Testimonial is not as easy as the way it sounds. The combination of logic and emotion is what a B2B SaaS testimonial takes. People are convinced to believe that buyers buy only as per their logic. But that’s not the thing at all.

To justify the statements above. Here are some stats given below that will help you to understand what clients look for in a B2B testimonial video.

Source Facts
Testimonial.com According to a study of 3000 B2B decision-makers in the year 2013, 62% of people rely on their gut feeling rather than logic to make a purchase.
In the same study, 88% of B2B decision-makers say that people have faith in recommendations in any purchase research phase. And testimonial videos have the potential to aid sales and lead generation by building an emotional connection with the buyers.
Inc.com In 84% of the cases, people are inclined to trust online reviews and testimonials like the way they trust personal recommendations.
Peppercontent.io In 2020, 60% of consumers regularly check online reviews. And in 2021, the number increased to 77%.

Customers’ testimonials are an excellent way to demonstrate the credibility of your business to prospective buyers and gain their trust.

Some main pointers that a B2B remote testimonial video should have are –

  • Remote testimonial videos for B2B companies should show the problem faced by a potential client.
  • In the remote testimonial video, the solution has to be your product or service.
  • It is important that you have a valid proof of your success.
  • Different remote testimonial videos for each type of consumer.

For example, Here is an example of our work –


Not only this, ContentBeta offers remote testimonial videos as well. Where they help their clients by providing a testimonial kit at their place. The testimonial kit includes all necessary equipment to record a testimonial, like – Webcam, Microphone, Lights, etc.


Generating leads and sales through testimonial videos requires you to understand the company goals and product acceptance in the market. Emphasizing the success of customers is one of the most important aspects of this process.

Gaining the trust of your customers is the only way to build the credibility of your business. For credibility, you need to demonstrate the results your customers have experienced. One of the easiest ways to portray the benefits of your product/service is testimonials.

Prospective customers are likely to read reviews of existing customers. This will encourage them to add your product to their purchasing list. This will help you to generate more leads and sales via testimonial videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To improve B2B customer experience using SaaS testimonial video try to bring an emotional connection with and for your customers. You will have to know who your real customers are. Then, you can start by working on regular customer feedback and capturing and understanding their data. Other than that, you can also try to create an omnichannel experience for your customers.

B2b testimonials are a fantastic way to generate leads. It helps showcase your plus points, such as your ability to deliver promises, your professional expertise, and your specialties. This way, your brand personality is highlighted, and the customers start to build their trust in you. Eventually, your credibility will increase, and the customers will find your company worth considering.

A B2B SaaS Testimonial video includes the thoughts and opinions of the customers regarding your brand and its products. If your product is very satisfactory according to the customers, then you can be sure that they will both recommend it to others and also do a testimonial video in which they promote your brand.

In sales, lead generation via B2B SaaS Testimonial is a process of converting potential customers into buying your products or services with their genuine interest. This way, a customer identifies his needs while you identify a potential customer. This process can be achieved in many ways, such as explaining your products via testimonial videos in such a manner that the customer can’t resist but stay focused on your catch, or you can simply target customers already in need of your products and services.

There is a high probability that a B2B business is run in an online mode, which is why the website plays such a vital part in showcasing your product or service to its fullest potential. On the main page of their website, people will often feature their best testimonial videos so that people can see the testimonials and gain confidence in their products

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