7 Successful Checklists To SaaS Users For Twitter Video Ads

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7 Successful Checklists To SaaS Users For Twitter Video Ads

The most effective social media marketing tactic today is video content. One-third of the time that most potential clients spend online is watching videos. Additionally, 82% of Twitter users consume video content. The product page receives a ton of traffic from these Twitter video ads.

A SaaS company’s marketing heavily influences its success. Therefore, it is easier for a business to build brand loyalty and increase sales if it has a solid social media following.

People want to know how a product or service can help them solve problems. Therefore, it’s crucial to have these responses ready before running a social video ad on any site, including Twitter. It is one way to ensure that customers are invested in the project for an extended time.

Twitter video ads can be incredibly profitable, but making them is time- and money-consuming. Knowing the outcomes of your digital marketing efforts is thus even more critical. Here, we’ll talk about the checklist that SaaS users should adhere to create the ideal product marketing video, particularly for Twitter.

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How to Measure the Efficacy of Your Twitter Video Ad Campaign?

The primary metrics to measure the efficacy of your Twitter video ad campaigns are as follows:

  • Engagement
  • Top tweets
  • Impressions
  • Hashtags
  • Contributors

What are the Checklists For SaaS Users For Twitter Video Ads?

1. Choose Advertising Options

Before continuing, it’s crucial to understand that Twitter provides a range of formats for advertisers to present their information. Many SaaS users will benefit from these tools as they develop social media marketing strategies for their products. A few examples of advertising choices are:

a. Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets, commonly referred to as broadcast advertising, can support a variety of media formats. You can utilize them for text, carousel, moment, image, and video advertising.

You can buy promoted tweets to reach a larger audience or encourage interaction from your current followers. When a SaaS user pays Twitter for the placement of their advertising or tweets, all of them will be identified as “sponsored” and have that designation.

b. Twitter Video Ads

It is a fantastic way to launch new products, engage with current events, connect with influential audiences, and encourage people to buy. SaaS users can take this as an opportunity, as there was an increase of 13% in the social shorts viewing context in 2022 Q1 compared to Q1 of 2021.

2. Select your Twitter Video Ads objective.

It is essential to select objective-based campaigns designed to serve each stage of the marketing funnel and assist SaaS users in achieving their marketing objectives.

a. Know your Audience

The Twitter audience is what drives the conversations that matter. Because of this, Twitter is now regarded as the most effective medium for advertising. These product marketing videos can assist you in leveraging the power of the audience, whether you are an influencer or a small business owner.

b. When Developing Material, Keep Followers' Interests and Wants in mind.

The primary objective of social shorts creation is to guarantee traffic generation. To achieve this, producing video content with the followers in mind is essential. You must do it as swiftly and clearly as possible when you have 15 seconds to get your point through to your audience. Your video’s main message should be that one.

c. Tell Users the Reason for Viewing Your Videos.

With so many vertical videos shared on Twitter today, why should a person watch yours? It would be best to show why your video is more significant than others, regardless of whether you choose sponsored tweets or Twitter video advertisements.

d. Create a Schedule for Sharing Information.

The most crucial step is to set up a program for information sharing. Sharing the content would not be helpful; sharing it at the appropriate moment would be. The content calendar helps you plan what kind of content to post when and breaks you out of the fatal loop of what to post today.

The workflow can be made effective, efficient, and organized by using a social media calendar to plan and strategize content in advance. Here is an example of Asana Calendar, where you can mark when to post the videos.


3. Have Unique Strategies

Twitter is a fantastic social media marketing platform that allows for more than just tweeting. Therefore, each campaign should have strategies to employ the videos. According to Content Beta analysis, almost 68% of demo videos had a call to action that was either a free trial, a demo, or both.

a. Create a Compelling Profile Bio

It’s time to review what’s correct and incorrect if you already have a Twitter account. It would help if you had a compelling bio that describes your company, its area of expertise, how it may benefit society, and any brands you are affiliated with.

b. Utilize Pictures and Videos - Make your Video Short and Sweet

You can use images for your brand that convey a message to millions of people. Use vertical videos to showcase who you are and what you do. Infographics are a great technique to simplify the explanation of complicated material.

Also, the recorded assessment can virtually never be faked, which is a benefit of video. Customers truly happy with your product will readily agree to talk about it and permit you to utilize their video testimonials.

c. Make sure your Videos are Mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly videos are essential. Everything is on people’s smartphones because they don’t have time to log in to their desktop computers to obtain information. As a result, your films must be completely mobile-compatible.

d. Use Highly Engaging types of Product Marketing Videos

As a SaaS user, you want to display your products in and out. In the end, you want more traffic, preferably organic traffic. Therefore, making vertical videos that involve your fans and viewers becomes essential.

e. Specify Keywords in your Twitter Video Ads

You can specify keywords in the targeting area of your campaign setup. Ensure “keywords” are selected after clicking all in the audience feature section. You can include and exclude as many keywords as possible in your video ads.

f. Utilize Hashtags

Although you can use hashtags on any social media platform, Twitter threads are where they are most frequently employed. Users use many hashtags to search for their material. SaaS users can capitalize on this trend by adding one or more hashtags to their video advertising to expand their brands’ social media reach and engagement.

4. Engage with your Audience

Twitter is all about establishing a two-way dialogue with your followers. Producing material that motivates readers to interact with your tweets is crucial. Make sure someone is accountable for answering their message promptly if someone promotes your business or replies to a Tweet.

a. Product Awareness Content

If your social shorts have the correct information to raise awareness, they will be successful. Understanding your customer, their interests, and your brand’s unique selling proposition are essential.


b. Establish a Twitter Campaign

You can launch a Twitter campaign as a SaaS user using your Twitter profiles. Select engagements from the list of campaign goals. Fill out the information to begin communicating with your followers. For most B2B SaaS businesses on Twitter, an engagement rate of 2% or above is usually considered satisfactory.

5. Optimize your Twitter Video Ads

Including at least one video ad in every campaign is one of the best ideas. Additionally, since videos shorter than 60 seconds can loop, keeping them at 15 seconds or fewer is advised. Get people’s attention in the first few seconds and brand your product within the first three seconds.

Make sure your video is simple to follow. Include captions to ensure that your viewers understand what they are watching and why it matters to them because not everyone watches internet videos with their sound on.

6. Bottom Funnel Content

The final stage, “Bottom Funnel Content” (BoFU), is when the customer purchases the product based only on the content. BoFU content promotes sales and includes value whenever possible.

As opposed to the top of the funnel, where content focuses on addressing audience issues and problems, the bottom is where you need to persuade your target audience that your product is the best option.

Depending on the circumstances, BoFu content can take on a variety of formats, including case studies, user reviews, and use cases. Therefore, you should pick the appropriate form based on your business strategy.


7. Observe your Analytics

Doing everything, though, would only be helpful if you kept track of what was right and wrong. Regular adjustments at the appropriate point will also help boost sales and revenue. Your social marketing and content strategy can be influenced by knowing the themes and material kinds that your audience members find most interesting.

Twitter reaches how many people can view a tweet, whereas impressions show how many times a tweet has been established on someone’s timeline.

How do you make Twitter Video Ads work for B2B Saas?

Promoting unrestricted tweets and threads, making good use of the content at the top of the sales funnel, and leveraging profile-spying technologies are some of the most excellent methods to make your social video ads successful.

Twitter Video Ads Examples

Even if it’s not a sophisticated marketing strategy, every SaaS company must currently release a demo. You must include the initial phase of the sales funnel, which is this one. You can only be sure that some users will be able to utilize your service effectively after the first interaction, even if your target audience is made up primarily of tech-savvy individuals.

An example of a Success story from Hubspot:

An example of a Customer Testimonial Video from Content Beta:

An example of a Storytelling Video from Asana:


Twitter ads may be an efficient medium to reach prospects for SaaS users with the appropriate plan and execution.

Twitter ads can drive traffic to your website:

  • raise brand awareness
  • engage your audience
  • forge close bonds with your fans and clients
  • increase conversions
  • boost sales

But the only thing to remember is to use the platform consistently and post frequently. Both quantity and quality are required on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With the help of Twitter ads, you may exhibit your company, products, or services.

Promoted ads, Twitter Amplify, Twitter takeover, follower ads, Twitter live, dynamic product ads, and Twitter ad features are a few of the best Twitter advertisements.

Yes, they aid in creating organic traffic, and you can significantly benefit from the promoted tweets for your video ads.

It is a fantastic way to launch new products, engage with current events, connect with influential audiences, and encourage people to buy.

Doing it well helps you grow revenue, establish loyal communities, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your SaaS product, among many other things.

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