7 Inspirational Examples of Product Launch Videos To Create Your Own

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June 12, 2024


Product is the core of any organization, and its launch is the most crucial moment. However, if creating and designing a product is stressful, launching the same is even more daunting. As a company, no matter how great they feel about their product, unless the audience likes it, it’s not a success.

Therefore, videos are essential in such scenarios, especially in SaaS products. Videos are the finest platform for their audiences to understand SaaS products easily. According to a survey by Content Beta, 50% of SaaS businesses have created animated demo videos which are being searched the most on YouTube. Since retaining written content is difficult, a product launch video will not only make your potential leads remember how to use the product but can also entertain them. Let’s read along to learn everything about creating a successful product launch.

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    What are Product Launch Videos?

    Product launch videos are used by the video production companies to market their product’s launch. In addition, businesses use product marketing videos to educate their potential customers about their product’s benefits and usage.

    You can use product launch videos:

    • To introduce a product to potential customers, demonstrate how the product works, and show the benefits of the product.
    • To generate interest before the launch.

    Product launch videos are an effective way to saas product marketing, as they can be shared across multiple platforms and can often be used to drive sales.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Why Should You Use Product Launch Videos?

    Product launch videos can be a great choice for businesses looking to introduce a new product or service to the market. Here are several key reasons why you should use product launch videos:

    1. Increased Engagement

    Videos are an excellent medium for storytelling and showcasing your product’s features, benefits, and differentiators.

    2. Better Explanation of Features

    A video allows you to demonstrate your product in action. This can help potential customers grasp the value of your product more clearly.

    3. Wider Reach

    Videos are easily shareable across various platforms. This can help increase the visibility of your product launch, reaching a broader audience.

    4. Enhanced Emotional Connection

    Through the use of visuals, sound, and storytelling, videos can create a stronger emotional connection with the viewer.

    5. SEO Benefits

    Search engines tend to favor content that interests viewers, and videos often lead to longer stay times. It can positively impact your site’s SEO ranking.

    6. Memorable Branding

    A well-produced product launch video can be an excellent tool for reinforcing your brand identity. Through consistent use of logos, colors, and messaging, you can strengthen brand recognition and recall.

    7. Conversion Increase

    Videos can effectively lead viewers to a call-to-action, whether that’s visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase. It can significantly improve conversion rates.

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    What are the 7 Inspirational Examples of Product Launch Videos that you can refer to create your own?

    Developing a new product is a joy to the company; there is a lot of responsibility for ensuring its launch is perfect. A perfect launch means audience engagement and, in turn, increases in sales and revenue. One of the finest ways of launching a product is using a product launch video.

    Though companies can create a video themselves, keeping in mind their product as an inspiration, below are seven examples of the finest product launch video ideas that can aid companies in creating a perfect video for their upcoming product. Below is a list of 7 examples of SaaS product launch videos:

    1. Ftrack

    The ftrack video is a perfect example of an app demo video. This b2b video marketing discusses the pain points and how they can solve; The value displays the application’s user interface and the different features. In short, a customer can see how the application will look and how to use it appropriately.

    Ftrack had very easily demonstrated through their product launch video that they understand their customer completely. They initiated the video by listening and reiterating the potential problems and why the app is essential.

    2. Buffer

    Buffer’s b2b product marketing video is entertaining and attractive. They have used every element of making a perfect video. They have used the audience as the hero for whom the video is created and displayed the product’s value by showcasing its features and benefits.

    In a short 80 seconds video, Buffer introduces its potential customers to its new landing page builder and explains what it is. Their primary focus in the entire video was on their audience and how they could benefit from it. Again, this a short b2b video marketing but made in such a fascinating and talented way that it showcased the benefits of all its interfaces while ensuring not to explain in detail. Still, the concepts are all clear.

    3. Grammarly

    Grammarly has focused on the pain point of every human being – the fear of typing incorrectly and losing something important. A present demo video displays the benefits of installing Grammarly on your smartphone, which would help them significantly in their daily work, such as WhatsApp messaging.

    Their product doesn’t need anyone talking; only the application does the wonder by correcting grammar errors. Their b2b video marketing shows what the customer wants to know about the hows of working with Grammarly.

    4. Spotify Ads

    Spotify has used an explainer video to launch their new concept, where podcast producers can share their content on the platform. In addition, they have used animation to introduce this new domain while displaying the perks of using Spotify ads.

    Therefore, the company made deliberate attempts through its launch video to educate its clients on how and why podcast makers should use this platform to promote their content. People who love music would be okay with listening to some great content.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    5. Square

    Square’s product launch video is to cater to a large audience, making the need to understand different customer profiles. Hence, they used a lot of use cases and examples so that people from other professions would co-relate to the video.

    In a single-colored background, they explained the multiple features of using Square’s product. Then, a short video explains how their product can help the buyers navigate the screens, choose the product, and reach the checkout page with simple clicks.

    6. Digital Ocean

    Digital Ocean’s video has everything that a customer wants. A great animation attracts the viewer’s attention, and the voiceover tells the story, which helps explain what the product is and how it can benefit the audience.

    Not only does the animation do wonders, but it can also let the viewers imagine a future with the product. Digital Ocean has also tried to anticipate why clients may prefer to use their services less. Through this launch video, they answered those questions and doubts very engagingly.

    7. Slack

    Unlike others, Slack has not created a short version of its product launch; instead, it is a lengthy 4+ minute video explaining every detail of its product. In addition, they have used animation to promote their next-generation product, which is for everyone – developers and non-developers.

    Slack, in its launch video, has explained its entire platform with the help of an example. Through that example, they demonstrated how their platform could save time which otherwise would take a lot of time. With this product launch video, they also showcased how, through their platform, clients can easily interact within and outside the medium.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    How to create the best Product Launch Videos?

    Here are six ways a company can craft exciting stories to keep their audiences hooked until their b2b product marketing video ends.

    1. A Sympathetic Attitude

    Understanding your customer’s perspective is essential since they would not know the product. As a business owner, it is elementary to understand your product; hence, keeping an empathetic approach while you design your product launch video is essential.

    2. Making fictional people who use the product

    People like to hear stories and relate to them if they have a character to relate to them. You will always listen to people talking about a celeb or an artist who promoted a product. So, the best way to tell a story is by building a hero.

    As a business owner, you should do complete profiling of your customer and create a character that shares their pain which your product can address. Here is a B2B product video by AppToPlay where the company has focused on a character-led explainer video.

    3. Promote product knowledge

    People must remember that a product is about designing, developing, launching, and explaining it to potential customers. Therefore, the product marketing video should cover all the essential information and knowledge to convince end users to buy their product. A great product launch video should answer all the customer’s doubts by just watching the video.

    4. Show value

    A b2b product marketing video is only successful if it demonstrates the actual value of your product. But, of course, you are not the only company selling that product; other companies could also design the same effect, so what would be the difference, and why should people buy yours? The answer could be simple – creating a video displaying your unique benefits could be a case study, reviews, or any specific guaranteed offer.

    A B2B product video by headspace displayed why people should choose them over others for meditation services. Through the video, they could show their unique features and the importance of meditation.

    5. Create Curiosity and Interest

    The key to building excitement around your product is making people learn more about it. So don’t display the complete product at once to create curiosity. A few leading companies in the world, for instance, Apple, have always launched their new phone by just giving a glimpse of it and not showing it in one go.

    6. Strong Closing

    Your saas product marketing video would only have accomplishment if you let your customers know what they need to do after watching the B2B product video. For example, it could go for pre-booking, a call for a demo, or enrolling for more updates. The CTA can be something that is your ultimate requirement, but it should be firm and impactful.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.


    As the product owner, you can choose to use any one type of the different kinds of product launch videos. However, the essential factor to consider is always keeping the product in mind.

    • As a SaaS owner, you should include a product demo video for one of your products and an explainer video for the other. Only sometimes the same video will work for all the product launches. So always be inspired by your product and the potential audience before creating your product launch video.
    • Additionally, always show the value of your product while building on the excitement and curiosity levels during the product launch. As important as educating your customer about the product, it is equally important to respect and accept the customer’s choices.

    The secret to a perfect product launch video is the script and how well the company did the customer profiling. It will succeed if the product launch video aligns with its end user’s objectives.Ultimately, it is always what the customer wants of that product rather than what the company wants to promote.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A product launch video for a SaaS product should be a short explainer video with the intent of helping users get used to the product’s features and decreasing the learning curve.

    As a company, you should focus on telling the story behind the product, use explainer videos to describe how to use the product, and create your video keeping in mind the targeted audience.

    A great product launch video should introduce the viewer’s problems, explain how the product can solve their problem, list the benefits, and tell the viewers what their following action should be.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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