7 Essential Ingredients of Amazing Animated Product Demo Videos

Types of Animated Demo Videos and How SaaS Companies can use them to Drive Sales

7 Essential Ingredients of Amazing Animated Product Demo Videos

Animated product demo videos are one of the finest ways to introduce your SaaS product. It is one of the most visible ways to demonstrate the qualities and advantages of your product. Today, you can use animation in all business areas, including SaaS. Many market participants are choosing different types of product demo videos rather than writing lengthy articles.

According to a survey by Content Beta, 77% of the brands preferred animated videos, while only 22% preferred a hybrid video to share their story. However, the question remains of how to make your animated product demo video stand out from the competition and create a lasting impact on your potential customers’ thoughts. In the end, it’s not just about making a video; it’s about making an impactful video, in this case, an impactful B2B product demo video.

Your product deserves an amazing animated product demo video. It is necessary to ensure that the product is justified in the video and that people are keen to know more about it.

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What are Animated Product Demo Videos?

A brief video with animation highlighting a product’s features and benefits is known as an animated product demo video. Animated videos showcasing products are frequently used in marketing campaigns to increase sales and entice consumers to try new goods.

Offering animated product demonstration videos to your consumers or end users is one of the simplest ways to instruct or train them on utilizing your technology, product, or service. With an animated video, you can quickly lead viewers through the complete experience of using your product or service, explaining how it works screen by screen. Technology hardware and software companies benefit significantly from these animated demo videos.

Consider what will be truly helpful and relevant to your target audience while planning your video’s content. Some essential elements should be present in the majority of product demo movies, although the specifics will vary based on your product and your target audience:

  • Product Overview
  • Unique Features
  • Product Buying Benefits

Let’s look at the seven necessary elements or ingredients to make a powerful and beautiful animated product demo video. Using your imagination and ingenuity, you can make an excellent animated video that eventually brings in more revenue.


What are the Essential Ingredients of Amazing Animated Product Demo Videos?

Here is a list of the top seven essential ingredients of amazing animated product demo videos:

1. Focus on Issues

A top-notch B2B SaaS product demo video will highlight the main issue the general public or its target audience has and the product’s proposed solution. In these situations, it is best to begin the video by outlining the issue before continuing. The client will learn the best answer to his problem in this manner.

Making a long and drawn-out B2B product demo video is not something you can afford. It would be best if you enjoyed the animation for a short time, or it will lose its appeal. The most excellent strategy would be to let your animation work its magic by offering a solution that fully highlights the product. But the most important thing is to remember that the video must be brief and to the point.


2. Make a Clear and Concise Script

When you address the issue and its resolution, it is time to develop and construct a narrative for the audience. The report should be completely understandable, clear, and, most importantly, captivating. It is so simple to become distracted while watching a beautiful animated video and miss the entire point. There should be numerous reminders of your goal and appropriate instructions for getting there.

Write the script for your SaaS product demo video before you create it, and imagine yourself watching it from the other end. Showing the issue, outlining the solution, and finally outlining the advantages is the proper strategy. Permanently attach a benefit; otherwise, your potential customer won’t be encouraged to purchase your product.


3. Give the Best User Experience

The most crucial information to provide your customer is how to use your SaaS product, where to locate it, and how to install it. You should highlight the user experience. The film should also highlight the critical ways your SaaS solution differs from others on the market. Your product demo video should integrate all parts by including an optional character or inventing a make-believe scenario in which you use the product.

Animation is endlessly creative and has endless possibilities. To illustrate a tale about your SaaS product and how a customer may download and utilize it, you can employ a variety of animation styles and characters. In a B2B SaaS product demo video, it would be ideal if the primary symbol represented your brand and guided the users through the process.


4. Highlight the Key Features

If you look around today, you’ll see a lot of different brands promising to solve all of your problems and giving various answers. Do you believe that is the best course of action? It can end up being a liability rather than a benefit. The most excellent strategy in a business like SaaS is to concentrate on the primary issue or the major pain points that are bothering your customers and clients.

The ideal animated product demo videos should concentrate on the critical feature. It should be the centre of attention and contain the essential components of the product. Your SaaS product’s value proposition and additional features should evolve with the core concept. This strategy aids in maintaining the B2B SaaS product demo video’s clear, organized, and understandable information architecture.


5. Deliver Valuable Information to the Users

How can one tell the difference between an excellent SaaS solution and a good one? A good product should be usable, but a great product will offer more benefits than just usability. It should have a significant impact as well as aesthetic, intellectual, and conceptual significance. It should inspire customers to buy your goods or utilize your product to alter the world significantly.

How can you demonstrate to your customer the precise value of your product? The easy solution is that you must be creative to convey it in your B2B product demo video. Use amazing effects, narrative scenes, characters, and other available animations to communicate the concept effectively.


6. Use Captivating Images

All things creative and visually appealing are important in animation. But how will you engage your audience if you don’t include compelling images in your animations? Nevertheless, you should create a B2B SaaS product demo video to showcase and outline the use of your product.

Pay attention to voice modulation, characters, colors, visuals, fonts, and effects. Engaging visuals will keep your viewers engaged and may even persuade them to share your animated product demo videos with a friend. These visuals can include smooth transitions, quirky title screens, and even icons and characters.


7. Include a Direct Call to Action (CTA)

Any video you make nowadays, whether it’s an animated product demo video or a descriptive or explanatory video, should have a clear call to action at the end. You spent the time, energy, and money necessary to produce an animated product demo video for a reason. The main goal of forcing your users to watch this video is to ensure they do the following: purchase your product, subscribe, share, or comment on it.

Whatever the reason, it should be evident at the end of the video what you want the viewers to do. You can use small subtitles like “Download now,” “Subscribe for more information,” “Learn more,” “Sign up for free,” “Visit our website,” etc. Without a call to action, the film would be ineffective and end up on the internet as just another advertisement for a product.


Top 5 Examples of Animated Product Demo Videos

It is well-known that individuals tend to turn to videos more frequently when they need to learn how to complete a specific task, mainly if it involves using new software. In a recent Wyzowl poll, 94% of respondents claimed that videos increased consumer understanding of their goods and services. You can find inspiration from these five animated product demo videos for B2B SaaS companies.

1. Airtable

A software platform, Airtable aids users in creating the solutions they require to run their businesses. They have made an animated explainer video demonstrating how companies can use their airtable software to start, build, and even launch their marketing campaigns. The animation demonstration showed how to organize everything in a single location. Along with many other things, the program can approve and distribute projects.

With a clear call to action for viewers to check out their products, Airtable made their video for project management tasks. This video’s main goal was to demonstrate how to use several tabs without much hassle.


2. Survey Monkey

Another excellent example of a SaaS animated product demo video is Survey Monkey. The company’s business is to provide millions of individuals with the tools they need to turn feedback into actions that promote development and innovation. They produced a flawless animated product demo video of the survey monkey industry tracker to aid strategy, research, marketing, and finance professionals in gathering confidential data and identifying market trends. They do this to assist those professionals in making a wise investment and strategy decisions.

By employing unique characters, animation, and vibrant representation, Survey Monkey made it extremely clear what it wanted customers to do—book a demo.


3. Google Fi

Here is an example of a great animated product demonstration video from Google Fi, an MVNO telephone company. Google Fi offers mobile broadband, calls, and SMS using Wi-Fi and cellular networks. In the animated product demo, the company concentrated on presenting the unique aspects of its products, such as connectivity, data consumption, privacy, and security.

Users will be captivated by its vibrant animation and varied background music and want to learn more about the proposal. Google Fi concluded by encouraging viewers to check out its product.



Zoom, a well-known brand in the business sector, created an animated hybrid model video for DTEN ME’s home office solution for video meetings, phone calls, and interactive whiteboarding. They produced a hybrid animated product demo movie highlighting how fantastic their product is with the aid of actual humans and animation. The Zoom video demonstrates how simple it is to communicate with individuals worldwide using a single platform.

Zoom has invited all users to check out their software, explicitly launched for remote working. The one-minute video, composed only of music and energetic, joyful faces, created a lasting impression.


5. Zendesk

Another software business that creates software specifically to meet the needs of its customers is Zendesk. They demonstrated how their solution could help a team be ready for success and keep its business in sync with their nearly two-minute animated video.

It is abundantly evident in the animated demo video how Zendesk Connect manages proactive customer communication across channels to deliver better customer experiences at scale.



An animated product demo video will allow your SaaS business to visually showcase what your company can do. Also, in some cases, it can make your product more accessible and engaging to viewers. After all, people nowadays believe in what they see.

  • It’s not that you should not write about your product, but focus more on creating animated product demo videos which will be the best way anyone could learn about the how and why of your product.
  • Ensure your video has a lot of creativity, making it stand out from the rest.
  • Your animated video should showcase your desire to offer your potential customers the best solutions and alternatives.

You can seek the advice of a reputable video agency company, Content Beta, renowned for its proficiency in producing technically sound animation product demo videos. With clients worldwide, their team can help you tailor your video to meet your unique requirements and make the biggest impression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Animated Product Demo Videos highlight the product or service’s performance, how it can help the client, and why that is the best course of action. More excellent message retention and Better ROI are the two key factors.

The best companies for doing Animated Product Demo Videos are Content Beta, Studiotale, Creamy Animation, Vidico, and Wyzowl.

Animated Product Demo Videos should contain a clear storyline, a solution to problems, vital elements, helpful information, eye-catching graphics, and a clear call to action.

The price of an animated product demo video relies on several factors, including the style of animation, techniques, character count, length of the video, revisions, and edits.

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