How to Write a 60 second Video Script?

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June 13, 2024


A short video can deliver high-impact messaging. That too, sometimes without any heavy production. But, how to write a 60 second video script that holds viewer attention within the tight runtime?

One way to do it is with a dip-in, dip-out technique.

Don’t know what that is?

A “dip in and out” format chunks videos into ultra-concise clips. Each delivers a stand-alone bite around one narrow topic.

This framework empowers viewers. They enjoy total freedom to handpick sections per individual requirements. Jumping between relevant soundbites, viewers pick up vital knowledge rapidly. Precious seconds are not wasted on fluff.

The great versatility of 60 second spots makes them a vital tool for video marketing collateral. According to HubSpot, 39% marketers think short-form videos generate ROI.

A 60 second script is applicable to – intros, promotional videos, and even short-form explainers, customer onboarding, and how-to videos.

Read on for more insights.

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    How to Write a 60 Second Video Script?

    To make a video campaign successful, viewer attention is captured in the first few seconds. A joint survey by Facebook and Nielsen found out that up to 47% of the value of a video campaign is delivered in the initial 3 seconds.

    There are several tactics for writing a persuasive 60 second video script. Some use open-ended questions that act as narrative cliffhangers. Others focus on 1-2 core customer challenges.

    At the same time, content is kept real simple. If you are wondering how many words in a 60 second script, it is only 120-150 words! Voiceover narration is often timed with on-screen text. The videos close by directing viewers to a clear call to action.

    Here is how to write a 60 second script:

    1. Craft a Core Message

    A 60 second video script example anchors the script on one defining part of the product or brand. Identify that singular angle in the unique solutions the product offers.

    For example – myCOI explainer video mentioned below anchors the script on ‘automation’.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    2. Know Your Audience

    Analyze the search intents of your ICP(s) when writing a script. Outline possible viewer needs as pointed questions. These questions will become your hooks. Use animation or effect to further maximize interest.

    3. Open Strong

    Come up with thought-provoking questions for a strong opening. Challenge assumptions by backing up ideas with powerful statistics.

    4. Purposeful Ending

    Close a 60 second video by recirculating back to the lead message or problem addressed. Finish with a clear value-driven CTA statement. Like, a ‘special offer’ sign-up call.

    5. Mix Visual and Audio Elements

    Balance crisp narration with kinetic text and minimalist motion graphics. A 60 second video script converts easily into subtitles of narration. On-screen texts timed with voiceovers help retention and accessibility.

    6. Edit Out Fluff

    60 second commercial script examples maintain brevity in the script. This comes with heavy editing. Make sure every word adds value. Avoid extra asides. Apply the same judgment call for editing visuals lacking purpose.

    7. Calibrate Pacing

    Draft the narration by timing it. Fit words into 10-second slots of a 60 second video script template. Keep on refining until the script clocks in close to the recommended runtime.

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    3 Best 60 Second Video Script Templates

    We have curated three 60 second commercial script examples for creative references.

    Note: The contents of the templates are approximations and not specifics. These may vary depending on your product and video type.

    Sample 1

    This template follows a problem-solution format. It is a customer onboarding video to inform about product offerings.

    Time Scene Audio Narration Video
    4-5 sec Opening Slide [Music] Logo + Topic of video
    8-10 sec Problem Scenario As a [name profession of your ICP], it is challenging to overcome [define a core challenge relatable for your audience].
    Give an additional sentence to build more context.
    Up close talking head shot.
    Whiteboard presentation relevant for the domain.
    18-20 sec Product Introduction Thankfully with [Name Product], the solution is available by [state a method, framework, or a particular product functionality].
    In other words, it shows you how to [name the broad function].
    Instructional visuals with graphs, tables and charts, and graphic icons for tools.
    Key points as text on screen, user interface of the product program.
    8-10 sec Product Description Continued Presently, [name 2-3 related professions of your ICPs] say - [give a statement that touches a general customer pain point]. Supporting visuals expressing the negative impact of the problem on users.
    8-10 sec Product Offering So, what you can do is, [state the process of using the product in a few words].
    And that too by [include a phrase to express how incredibly easy the process is]!
    Screen recording showing app user interface
    Microinteraction captures
    Text on screen timed with narration
    4-5 sec Final Scene You can see how [previously mentioned problem] is now solved.
    Get in touch with us! [Contact Details & Logo]
    A visible outcome
    Logo and reappearance of the video topic as in the Opening Slide

    Key Highlights:

    • Mentions a target group by their profession.
    • Lets the ICP connect instantly.
    • Shows value of product offerings in real-world terms
    • Uses testimonials to build reliability

    We used it to create a 60 second spot for Newsela –

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Sample 2

    This format condenses product features into actionable insights.

    Time Scene Audio Narration Video
    8-10 sec Industry Context [Name Domain/ Industry your brand belongs to] are evolving fast. What is the best route to [name business target]? Brand/ Product Name
    10-13 sec What is the Product? [Product Name] is a simple and easy way to resolve [Problem]
    You can use it to [discuss 3 features of the product]
    Key product features visualized.
    Text on screen times with narration
    13-15 sec Who is the Product for? [The Product] caters to [name 2-3 customer profiles]
    [The Product] helps to avoid hazards/ mistakes like [name common pain points of your ICP].
    Visualized customer profiles
    Pain points defined in text on-screen, timed with narration
    13-15 sec What is the Solution? [Product Name] solves your problem by [name three of its offerings]. Text timed with narration
    Visual icons of the main offerings
    8-10 sec Product Recap Let us help you by -
    [name three general outcomes].
    Supporting visuals to summarize the benefits.
    4-5 sec Final Scene [Product Name] - helps you make a better impact.
    Contact Details.
    Brand slogan visualized.
    Text on screen timed with narration.

    Key Highlights:

    • The script cues to fast transitions to show motion
    • Features only actionable highlights in each category
    • Brand slogan in CTA

    We used this 60 second video script template to make an explainer video for Actabl:

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    Sample 3

    This template focuses on product functions while supporting each claim with data.

    Time Scene Audio Narration Video
    15 sec Introduction Slide Let [Product Name] do the thinking/ worrying for you. Bold typography
    Background in a highlight color to make the text appear dramatic
    18-20 sec Solvable Problems Listing So, you don’t have to [enter task names that your product simplifies] Staccato texts on screen
    Strikethrough to indicate the problems will not occur anymore
    Tickbox showing new advantages
    18-20 sec App UI Newly gained advantages:
    • Automation
    • Increased Profitability
    • Minimized Risks
    Screen recording of the app in action
    Highlighted features in app UI
    5-8 sec End Slide: Branding Sum up gained advantages in 2-3 concise phrases
    Include a short [brand slogan].
    Fast-moving typography elements of the summary phrases
    Logo + Slogan

    Key Highlights:

    • This 60 second video opens strong with a powerful claim
    • Energetic drum beats as background score heighten the mood

    Content Beta used this 60 second video script template in this video ad for INGENIOUS.BUILD:

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

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    Use 60-second spots to skillfully captivate and convert. Remember, short videos fit modern consumption patterns. They meet shrinking attention spans and can be shared easily on social media.

    A 60 second video script must be written specifically to hook viewers in under 10 seconds. Explain one core challenge clearly by distilling complexity into simple messages. The success of short-form videos focus on emotional connection over functional claims.

    Use a 60 second script template to rethink one-way education videos:

    • Make interactive micro-tutorials.
    • Let users dip in and out of modular sections.
    • Enable personalized pathways catered to specific roles.
    • Embed comprehension quizzes.

    It facilitates just-in-time learning through ultra-concise delivery.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A 60-second script should typically contain 125-150 words, matching the average speaking rate of 125 to 150 words per minute.

    Start with a bold statement, question, or surprising fact to grab attention quickly.

    Develop a concise yet complete narrative. Keep a clear beginning, middle, and end. Present points logically for informational content. Match text on-screen with voiceovers to give clarity to your presentation.

    Keep up to three features for each category to maintain a crisp narrative for a dynamic video flow.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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